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H2bid helps us win multiple contracts every year, resulting in multiple millions of dollars of work for us each year.

- Barry Howell, Long-Term Customer

I am a business development specialist in the constuction and public works sector. My job is to track and discover new projects that could lead to revenue for my company. I have used H2bid for the last 5 years for this purpose. H2bid helps us win multiple contracts every year, resulting in multiple millions of dollars of work for us each year. I find this product easy to use and easy to tailor my needs. Its "look" is clear, concise, and accurate. I also like the "at a glance" feature H2bid provides with my daily email alerts. There is not a lot of wasted time sorting through endless project lists. Because of my search criteria, I get the project information in the states I want in an easy, quick-to-review format. If I want to drill down on a a project, it's as simple as point and click. How great is that? If you or your company are looking for a great project tracking platform that is easy to use and competitively priced, you can't go wrong with H2bid!

Recent Bids and Tenders By Region

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  • Alabama 34
  • Alaska 13
  • Arizona 35
  • Arkansas 30
  • California 347
  • Colorado 79
  • Connecticut 26
  • Delaware 16
  • District of Columbia 7
  • Florida 222
  • Georgia 78
  • Hawaii 6
  • Idaho 19
  • Illinois 102
  • Indiana 47
  • Iowa 20
  • Kansas 20
  • Kentucky 16
  • Louisiana 52
  • Maine 17
  • Maryland 69
  • Massachusetts 56
  • Michigan 76
  • Minnesota 58
  • Mississippi 16
  • Missouri 84
  • Montana 13
  • Nebraska 14
  • Nevada 23
  • New Hampshire 12
  • New Jersey 122
  • New Mexico 32
  • New York 121
  • North Carolina 85
  • North Dakota 9
  • Ohio 133
  • Oklahoma 41
  • Oregon 41
  • Pennsylvania 90
  • Rhode Island 10
  • South Carolina 49
  • South Dakota 2
  • Tennessee 25
  • Texas 229
  • Utah 56
  • Vermont 17
  • Virginia 103
  • Washington 52
  • West Virginia 8
  • Wisconsin 52
  • Wyoming 2
  • Alberta 28
  • British Columbia 53
  • Manitoba 11
  • New Brunswick 3
  • Nova Scotia 11
  • Nunavut 1
  • Ontario 85
  • Quebec 1
  • Saskatchewan 16
  • Yukon 1
No bids are available currrently.
  • Sealed bid for Mulberry Street Drainage Improvements, Kansas.
  • Sealed bid for 19-39 Supply and Deliver Type K Copper Tubing, Massachusetts.
  • Sealed bid for Mt. Vernon Street Bridge over Jordan Creek,Missouri.
  • Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements , Indiana.
  • Sealed bid for Avenue Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation,Kentucky.
  • Sealed bid for East Main Interceptor Rehabilitation Project,Kentucky.
  • Sealed bid for Human Services Sanitary Sewer, Pennsylvania.
  • Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer System – Asset Management Program, Alabama.
  • Sealed bid for Habitat and Summit Med Lift Station and Force Main Replacement, Ohio.
  • Sealed bid for Stillwater Lift Station and Force Main Replacement, Ohio.
  • Sealed bid for North Harbor Ami Project, Alaska.
  • Sealed bid for Installation of Water Meters At Various, Louisiana.
  • Sealed bid for 0306-19 (Grading Construction for Dent Road 138kv Switching Station),Texas
  • Sealed bid for Storm Sewer Project, Illinois.
  • Sealed bid for Replace the Superstructure, Illinois.
  • Sealed bid for construction of Wastewater Facilities Improvements, Louisiana.
  • Sealed bid for A. Scott Emmons Water Reclamation Facility at the Little River, Georgia.
  • Sealed bid for Pavement Reconstruction, Construction of a Shared Use Path, Illinois.
  • Sealed bid for Plumbing Inspection Services, Illinois.
  • Sealed bid for Standby Generator for Water Plant, Louisiana.
  • Sealed bid for Cedar Gap Elevated Water Storage Tank,Texas.
  • Sealed bid for South Rawson Bridge Road, Illinois.
  • Sealed bid for 2019 Water Main Replacement, Illinois.
  • Sealed bid for Henson Ground Storage Tank,Texas.
  • Sealed bid for Bloomingbank Road at Riverside Road, Illinois.
  • Sealed bid for Resurface Barrypoint Road, Illinois.
  • Sealed bid for Van Dam Road, Illinois.
  • Sealed bid for E161(115) Improving Various Sections,Ohio.
  • Sealed bid for Pavement Widening, Illinois.
  • Sealed bid for WTP Improvements/Expansion Projects, Florida.