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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
473631 Sealed bid for 155254 Storm Drain Maintenance,Virginia.
Virginia 04-18-2019
473625 Sealed bid for Item #8: Water Instrumentation Maintenance/Calibration, Massachusetts.
Massachusetts 04-18-2019
473506 Sealed bid for Surface Transportation Program, Missouri.
Missouri 04-17-2019
473498 Sealed bid for 2019 Ground Maintenance, Massachusetts.
Massachusetts 04-17-2019
473343 Sealed bid for Electrical Parts Pump#1,Hawaii
Hawaii 04-17-2019
473247 Sealed bid for Badger E55 1” Water Meters, North Carolina.
North Carolina 04-18-2019
473191 Sealed bid for Storm Sewer System (MS4), Florida.
Florida 04-15-2019
473175 Sealed bid for Fremont Avenue Bridge Replacement, Minnesota.
Minnesota 04-16-2019
473161 Sealed bid for 2019 CIP-Contract C Street & Utility Improvements, Illinois.
Illinois 04-17-2019
473159 Sealed bid for 2019 CIP-Contract B Street & Utility Improvements, Illinois.
Illinois 04-15-2019
473148 Sealed bid for Water System Materials, Missouri.
Missouri 04-17-2019
473146 Sealed bid for SCADA Controls Upgrades – PRV’s 22 31 & 32, Idaho.
Idaho 04-17-2019
473131 Sealed bid for St. Louis Rock Road Water Main Transfer, Missouri.
Missouri 04-18-2019
473055 Sealed bid for Ready-Mixed Concrete , Kentucky.
Kentucky 04-16-2019
473051 Sealed bid for Pound Hill Road Sewer Pump Station-Pump Rebuild, Rhode Island.
Rhode Island 04-16-2019
473021 Sealed bid for UV Disinfection System Equipment, California.
California 04-14-2019
473005 Sealed bid for Delivery of Chlorine, Muriatic Acid, and Other Chemicals, California .
California 04-16-2019
472988 Sealed bid for Purchase of Enamel Paint, Texas.
Texas 04-18-2019
472986 Sealed bid for Purchase of Isolator Ring, Texas.
Texas 04-18-2019
472984 Sealed bid for Purchase of T Stopper for Vitrified Clay Barrel, Texas.
Texas 04-18-2019