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439632 Sealed proposal for Monitor Well Drilling, Vermont. drill and install up to fourteen shallow monitoring wells at seven sites to enable groundwater sampling.  Due date...
Well Systems & Equipment Vermont United States 09-17-2018
439578 Sealed bid for Rehabilitation of Transit Shed Floor At Wharf 46 At Turning Basin Terminal,Texas.
...the Work Particularly avoid pollution of "on-site" streams, sewers, wells, or other water sources. Please download the specification and plans...
Sewer Misc Texas United States 09-19-2018
439320 Sealed bid for Leak Detection Surveys,Ontario.
...the distribution sys . a r from Wal er’s wells is disinfected and pumped to the Milton Surge Wk,...
Leak Detection Ontario Canada 09-20-2018
439031 Sealed bid for Water wells And Substation Generator Equipment And Start-Up,Utah.
...Sealed bid for Water wells And Substation Generator Equipment And Start-Up,City of Brigham City,Utah.The...
Well Systems & Equipment Utah United States 09-18-2018
439026 Sealed bid for Sewer Grease, Maryland.
...evaluation. Shall be equally effective in pumping stations, wet wells, manholes as well as sewer pipe lines.Closing Date: September...
Chemicals Maryland United States 09-20-2018
438975 Sealed bid for Groundwater Monitoring-Hunting Island, South Carolina.
...of providing quarterly groundwater monitoring services for three monitoring wells at Hunting Island State Park as per the attached...
Process Control & Data Management Systems South Carolina United States 09-13-2018
438936 Sealed bid for Burdick Cooling Water System Engineering Services,Nebraska. services would include evaluating the existing system of wells, pumps, and piping and determining the best system for...
Water / Wastewater Nebraska United States 09-18-2018
438876 Sealed bid for Municipal Supply Well Construction and Testing, ASR Stage 1B Expansion, ASR Wellfield, Ontario.
...performance testing for two (2) new 12-inch test production wells in support of the Stage 1B expansion of the...
Well Systems & Equipment Ontario Canada 09-20-2018
438855 Sealed bid for Eagle Lakes Artificial Turf Converrsion Project, Florida.
...all materials, labor, and equipment and construct manholes, wet wells, valve pits, meter pits, and accessory items, consisting of...
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 09-13-2018
438420 Sealed bid for 2018-060, Copper Corrosion Pipe Loop Study, Ontario.
...Ingersoll. The system is comprised of seven (7) groundwater wells, each with a separate water treatment facility; five (5)...
Pipe Ontario Canada 09-17-2018
437993 Sealed bid for Analytical Services, Texas.
...well drilling contractor for on-call maintenance on Zone 7 wells. This contract is to establish a schedule of costs...
Analytical Services & Testing Labs Texas United States 09-20-2018
437945 Sealed bid for Storm Sewer Rehabilitation - Oakland Levee , Kansas.
...on Shunga Creek. All outlets have flap gates. All gatewells have sluice gates.B. The rehabilitation shall be performed using...
Sewer Misc Kansas United States 09-11-2018
437695 Sealed bid for Contract No. 1 Water Treatment Plant No. 2,Louisiana .
...of a new 500 gpm water treatment plant, water wells, ground storage tank and other miscellaneous work.Bids will be...
Treatment Plant Systems Louisiana United States 09-20-2018
437669 Sealed bid for Laboratory Analysis Services,Delaware.
...and effluent samples, analysis of samples from onsite test wells and biosolids product testing samples, drinking water samples, solid...
Laboratory & Field Testing Equipment Delaware United States 09-07-2018
437533 Sealed bid for (Re-Bid) 2018 Dixon Well Sites D10 and D11 - Phase 2,North Carolina.
...ONWASA’s Dixon well sites D10 and D11 using existing wells D10 and D11. Bids by FAX transmission are not...
Well Systems & Equipment North Carolina United States 09-05-2018
437432 Sealed bid for Edgewood Water System Upgrades, British Columbia
...of 150 mm PVC Watermain·Tie-in of 2 Existing Groundwater wells·Yard piping and Earthworks; and·Associated mechanical and electrical systems necessary...
Contractors/Construction British Columbia Canada 09-20-2018
437394 Sealed bid for Well No. 3 and Wellfield,Massachusetts.
...No. 5 when they are removed to clean the wells.Closing Date:- September 12, 2018 at 10:00 A.M.CDT.Please see the...
Well Systems & Equipment Massachusetts United States 09-12-2018
437353 Sealed bid for Vista Irrigation District 12 Flow Control Facility, California.
...excess materials from interim grading. abandon existing groundwater monitoring wells within the interim grading area. For Specification- Date: September 19,...
Contractors/Construction California United States 09-19-2018
437208 Sealed bid for Availability Analysis, Massachusetts.
...wells No 3 & Wellfield No. 5 Cleaning and Redevelopment,...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 09-12-2018
437128 Sealed bid for Water Supply wells Upgrade, Illinois.
...Water Supply wells Upgrade, Village of Payson, Illinois. Replacement of two submersible vertical...
Well Systems & Equipment Illinois United States 09-11-2018