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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
473765 Sealed bid for Demolition and Clearance Services, California.
...Services, and Water Pollution Control Program (WPCP) Services Water well drilling contractor at several properties located in Browns Valley,...
California 05-01-2019
465690 Sealed bid for Class Iii Monitoring Well, Tennessee.
...County Finance Department is requesting proposals from Groundwater Monitoring well drilling contractors to install three bedrock monitoring wells and...
Tennessee 03-11-2019
462132 Sealed bid for On-Call Water Well Maintenance Services, California. as-needed basis. The Contractor shall be licensed (C-57) well drilling contractor in the State of California. Through this...
California 03-15-2019
441036 Sealed bid for Schedule A, Well 4A Rehabilitation, California .
...Well 4A Rehabilitation: $45,000 which includes an active C-57 well drilling contractor License with the California Contractors State License...
California 10-08-2018
437993 Sealed bid for Analytical Services, Texas.
...This project is basically to have a California licensed well drilling contractor for on-call maintenance on Zone 7 wells....
Texas 09-20-2018
437984 Sealed bid for Well And Pump Repair Services, California.
...This project is basically to have a California licensed well drilling contractor for on-call maintenance on Zone 7 wells....
California 09-25-2018
429740 Sealed bid for Well Drilling Construction, Florida.
...Contract. The County may select one Florida State licensed well drilling contractor who will satisfactory perform all work embraced...
Florida 07-31-2018
418675 Sealed bid for 2018017-LGds for Twin Rivers Ground Loop Decommissioning,California.
...and Trenching.Interested “A” - General Engineering and/or C-57 Water well drilling contractors should plan to attend the Pre-Bid Conference...
California 05-10-2018
416288 Sealed bid for 54-18, Municipal Water Supply Well Construction Oversight Services , Texas.
...EPWater Resources Management staff ? Conduct field supervision of well drilling contractor to verify compliance with technical specifications and...
Texas 04-17-2018
411804 Sealed bid for Installation Of Two (2) Wells At The Southwest Water Treatment Facility, Florida.
...Board Of County Commissioners Is Soliciting Swfwmd Certified Florida well drilling contractors That Are Active In The Installation Of...
Florida 04-04-2018
409532 Sealed bid for Well Drilling, Abandonment, Parts & Service, Florida.
...Utilities Department is seeking the services of a qualified well drilling contractor for pump repair and replacement, well drilling...
Florida 03-12-2018
405160 Sealed bid for Mocho 2 Well Repair Project, California .
...Project, Livermore , California. This project is to have a well drilling contractor for the Removal/Replacement of a 250 HP,...
California 02-06-2018
397303 Sealed bid for DPW- Well Plugging & Bldg Demo - Well Plugging and Building Demo, Michigan.
...Location from record, exact location to be determined by well drilling contractor. It is estimated that the well depths...
Michigan 12-19-2017
386445 Sealed bid for Reservoir Well Drilling Project,Utah.
...production wells, if directed by the City.  Only pre-qualified well drilling contractors will be eligible to bid on the...
Utah 10-03-2017
382722 Sealed bid for Jordan Hills and New Bingham Reservoir Well Drilling Project, Utah
...production wells if directed by the City. Only pre-qualified well drilling contractors will be eligible to bid on the...
Utah 09-07-2017
379470 Sealed bid for 8751, Water Well Drilling and Development, British Columbia.
...water system. The District of Mackenzie seeks a qualified well drilling contractor to drill and develop a new 16...
British Columbia 08-10-2017
379338 Sealed bid for Contractors CWP Wells 8, 9 & 10 Well Drilling Project,Utah.
...PROPOSALS DUE: Prequalification proposals must be submitted by interested well drilling contractors Closing Date:- August 25, 2017 at 4:00...
Utah 08-25-2017
377456 Sealed bid for 2017 Landfill Gas Cololection And Control System Expansion, New Jersey.
...County, New Jersey.The scope of work services of a well drilling contractor which has experience with drilling and installing...
New Jersey 08-29-2017
369422 Sealed bid for 17-49; Northwest Wells NW-5 and NW-6 Construction Project, Florida.
...proposed grade to provide a suitable area for the well drilling contractor. The wells shall be drilled near the...
Florida 06-28-2017
338505 Sealed bid for Well Rehabilitation And Capacity Expansion Project , California.
...A – General Engineering Contractor or Class C-57 – well drilling contractor to undertake well rehabilitation work and capacity...
California 09-20-2016