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532738 Sealed bid for SCADA At 8 Zone Break Pressure Regulation Stations,California.
...pipe.Pressure Gauge and Transmitter for Tanks Pressure gauge for water tanks. Capable of sending 4-20 mA signals to SCADA...
California 05-18-2020
531163 Sealed bid for Inspection and Cleaning of Potable water tanks, Oregon.
... Inspection and Cleaning of Potable water tanks, City of Grants Pass, Oregon. The following items shall...
Oregon 05-14-2020
529973 Sealed bid for Water Tower Inspections, Ontario.
...comprised of the following types: two (2) elevated composite water tanks, one (1) multi-legged elevated tank and six (6)...
Ontario 05-14-2020
529548 Sealed bid for SCADA Master Planning Support and Implementation Services, North Carolina.
...Raw Water Quarry, Sewage Pumping Stations, Ground And Elevated water tanks, Water Booster Pump Stations, And Finished Water Interconnections...
North Carolina 05-14-2020
527668 Sealed bid for Demolition of Structures by Nomilo Pond, Hawaii.
...Hawaii.The work shall consist of demolition of structures including water tanks, shower, concrete pads, out house, tent frame and...
Hawaii 04-30-2020
527426 Sealed bid for water tanks Demolition Project, New York.
... water tanks Demolition Project, Town of East Greenbush, Rensselaer, New...
New York 05-07-2020
526241 Sealed bid for Soft water tanks, California.
... IFB #20-64025 Exchange of Soft water tanks, California Department of State Hospitals, Sacramento, California.    The...
California 04-15-2020
525692 Sealed bid for Cleaning and Inspection of four (4) water tanks, New York.
... Sealed bid for Cleaning and Inspection of four (4) water tanks, Mohawk Valley Water Authority , Utica, New York.The...
New York 04-02-2020
525606 Sealed bid for Lower & Upper Spring Creek Tanks Rehabilitation, Utah.
...Coatings For The Lower And Upper Spring Creek Municipal water tanks. Both Tanks Are To Be Blasted To Provide...
Utah 04-10-2020
524198 Sealed bid for Domestic Water Tank Cleaning, Yukon.
...(YHC) is requesting bids for the  cleaning of domestic water tanks in Teslin as per  seventeen (17) residential domestic...
Yukon 03-31-2020
523389 Sealed bid for Contract IV Painting Two water tanks, Mississippi.
... Project #SWI-L820014-01/PSC-W-6440 Contract IV Painting Two water tanks, Public Service Commission of Yazoo City, Yazoo City,...
Mississippi 04-07-2020
523132 Sealed bid for Tuolumne Camp Project, California.
...paths, driveways and parking lots, 2 propane tanks, 2 water tanks, 2 power utility service entry points, generator, waste...
California 03-12-2020
522847 Sealed bid for 527-1 #20-0316 Inspection and Cleaning-water tanks,Virginia.
...Sealed bid for 527-1 #20-0316 Inspection and Cleaning-water tanks,Clarke County Sanitary Authority,Berryville,Virginia.    2. Rov Shall Be Dedicated...
Virginia 03-16-2020
522063 Sealed bid for Supply and Delivery of Bulk Water, Ontario.
...of homes. Halton Region has agreed to install temporary water tanks and provide residents with potable water until access...
Ontario 03-31-2020
521163 Sealed bid for Supply & Deliver Bulk Water Facilities, Nova Scotia.
...when required.- Successful contractor must exercise proper cleanliness of water tanks.The contractor shall take all necessary precautions to ensure...
Nova Scotia 03-06-2020
520389 Sealed bid for water tanks Rehabilitation, Massachusetts.
... Sealed bid for  water tanks Rehabilitation , Franklin Regional Council of Governments, Greenfield,...
Massachusetts 03-26-2020
520379 Sealed bid for Tank Maintenance Program for Water Storage Tanks, South Carolina.
...and repair services, and painting services for the Town’s water tanks.The proposal shall address all of the information outlined...
South Carolina 03-24-2020
519854 Sealed bid for Tank Rehabilitations , Alabama.
...system, containment and repair of (2) potable water elevated water tanks and (1) standpipe, including related appurtenances.Bids will be...
Alabama 03-19-2020
519736 Sealed bid for Pioneer Water Rehabilitation Phase 2 and 3 Projects, California. tanks with 2 one million-gallon welded steel potable water tanks, construction of onsite piping and appurtenances, and construction...
California 03-10-2020
519506 Sealed bid for Water Tank Inspection Services, Maryland.
...for Inspection Services for ground storage and elevated potable water tanks. There are two types of inspections required under...
Maryland 02-18-2020