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481554 Sealed bid for Concrete Installation & Repair Services, Michigan.
...And Expansion Joints On An As-Needed Basis For The water pollution Control Facilities In Accordance With The Attached Specifications....
Michigan 06-13-2019
481160 Sealed bid for Storm water pollution, Alaska.
... RFP Number 25192067 Storm water pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Review and Compliance Monitoring, Alaska...
Alaska 06-14-2019
480868 Sealed bid for 2226 - Return Sludge Line FST 2 at Northeast WPCP (ELEC), Pennsylvania.
...Sedimentation Tanks RAS Pumping and Piping Modifications at Northeast water pollution ControlPlant, Bids 2225 and 2226.The State has indicated...
Pennsylvania 06-13-2019
480866 Sealed bid for 2225 - Return Sludge Line FST 2 at Northeast WPCP (GENL), Pennsylvania .
...Sedimentation Tanks RAS Pumping and Piping Modifications at Northeast water pollution ControlPlant, Bids 2225 and 2226.The State has indicated...
Pennsylvania 06-13-2019
480776 Sealed bid for Liquid Polymer, North Carolina.
...County of Moore, Carthage, North Carolina.  The Moore County water pollution Control Plant requests quotes for the purchase of...
North Carolina 06-11-2019
480353 Sealed bid for Switchgear Maintenance & Repair Services @ WPC/WTP , Michigan.
...@ WPC/WTP, City of Flint, Michigan.The City of Flint water pollution Control Facilities (WPCF) and Water Treatment Plant (WTP)...
Michigan 06-06-2019
480258 Sealed bid for Wastewater Sludge Hauling and Disposal, Massachusetts.
...Greenfield, Massachusetts.Removal of sludge form the City of Greenfield's water pollution Control Plant and transporting it to a legal...
Massachusetts 06-11-2019
480164 Sealed bid for Portable Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) for Pipe Inspections ,Missouri.
...for a portable closed circuit television (CCTV) for the water pollution Control Department. Specifications are provided in spreadsheet format...
Missouri 05-31-2019
479801 Sealed bid for Mondhank Road Culvert Replacement, Ohio.
...June 4, 2019, at 1:00, pm, local time, at water pollution Control Annex, 800 Lawrence Street Lancaster, Ohio 43130Closing...
Ohio 06-14-2019
479727 Sealed bid for Hauling - Street Sweepings & Catch Basin Waste / DPWP, Massachusetts.
...sweepings and catch basin cleanings at the Upper Blackstone water pollution Abatement District. It is estimated that the annual...
Massachusetts 06-12-2019
479725 Sealed bid for 6339-01-001 Work Consisting Of Cross Drain Structure Repair/Replacement,Texas.
...the discharge of pollutants in accordance with the Storm water pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) or as directed. Ensure the...
Texas 06-11-2019
479335 Sealed bid for Reconstruction of A Street and Second (2nd) Avenue,California.
...Avenue,County of San Mateo, Redwood City,California.3 11-1 1 LS water pollution Control5 15-1 5 EA Adjust Sanitary Sewer Manholes...
California 06-06-2019
479038 Sealed bid for CCTV Inspection Services, California.
...first step of RFSQ 9049. As part of the water pollution control work, a water pollution Control Program Water...
California 06-06-2019
478944 Sealed bid for Aten Blvd. and Cross Rd. Intersection Improvements,California.
...Concrete Ring. $ $23 1 LS Erosion Control and water pollution ControA Pre- Bid meeting will be conducted at...
California 06-04-2019
478483 Sealed bid for WPCF Effluent Return Pipeline Replacement, Iowa.
...Dewatering Building. The work will be located at the water pollution Control Facility, 7525 Bertram Road SE, The Engineer’s...
Iowa 06-12-2019
478456 Sealed bid for Variable Frequency Drives, California.
... Variable Frequency Drives At Joint water pollution Control Plant, Sanitation District No. 2 of Los...
California 05-21-2019
478336 Sealed bid for Ferric Chloride, Massachusetts.
... 19/23 Ferric Chloride As Needed for Chicopee water pollution Control Facility, City of Chicopee, Massachusetts.Sealed Bids for...
Massachusetts 05-30-2019
478080 Sealed bid for Janitorial Services, California.
...District and Buena Sanitation District. EWA operates the Encina water pollution Control Facility (EWPCF) in Carlsbad, California. The services...
California 05-30-2019
478056 Sealed bid for Lift Station Odor Control Improvements, California.
...existing lift station building, traffic control and public safety, water pollution control program, utility adjustments, and other miscellaneous improvements...
California 06-06-2019
477984 Sealed bid for Chemical Sodium Aluminate, Ohio .
...and full instructions may be obtained at the Defiance water pollution Control Division Office at 26273 State Route 281...
Ohio 06-03-2019