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424642 Sealed bid for Reconstruction of Potable Water and Irrigation System, Hawaii.
...sleeves; reconstruction of improvements @ pipe crossings; disinfection of water pipes, fittings and laterals; accessible drinking fountains with concrete...
Treatment Plant Equipment Hawaii United States 06-15-2018
424522 Sealed bid for Underground Sewer & water pipes, Fittings, Florida.
...IFB18-0412 Underground Sewer & water pipes, Fittings, Couplings and Supplies, City of Orlando, Florida.The...
Pipe Florida United States 06-14-2018
423377 Sealed bid for Road Resurfacing and Related Work 2018, Massachusetts.
...responsible for maintenance of flow in all water courses, water pipes, drains and other pipes in the flow way...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 06-04-2018
422679 Sealed bid for Demolition Services At 850 Nw 36 Terrace,Florida .
...Nw 36 Terrace,City of Lauderhill ,Florida .    ? All water pipes, storm drains, force mains, gas or other piping,...
Sewer Misc Florida United States 06-11-2018
422397 Sealed bid for Water Distribution System Improvements Program,Rhode Island. to buildings, utilities in the street, gas pipes, water pipes, hydrants, sewers, drains, and electric and telephone cables,...
Distribution Rhode Island United States 06-14-2018
418594 Sealed bid for 3609-5673 Water Mains Replacement,California. not limited to, furnishing and installing of all water pipes, valves, blow-offs, bends, couplings, mechanical restraints, fire hydrants,...
Contractors/Construction California United States 05-16-2018
418334 Sealed bid for Watson Hollow Slope Stabilization , New York.
...all iron and steel work and reinforcement.l) lay all water pipes, sewers, drains and conduits and make all connections...
Water / Wastewater New York United States 05-10-2018
417355 Sealed bid for Lighting & Energy Upgrades, Connecticut.
...feet insulated pipe insulation for hot water heating and water pipes.Closing Date: May 11, 2018 at 10:00 AM CDT.Please...
Contractors/Construction Connecticut United States 05-11-2018
417123 Sealed bid for 1803-004 - Commercial Diving Services for the Repair of Underwater pipes and Structures,Florida.
...1803-004 - Commercial Diving Services for the Repair of Underwater pipes and Structures,City of Fort Lauderdale,Florida.•The City has approximately...
Pipe Florida United States 04-19-2018
415883 Sealed bid for Storm Sewer Improvements & Expansion, Wisconsin. maintain and protect all buildings, walls, fences, trees, water pipes, conduits, sewers, railings, railways and other structures, and...
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 04-18-2018
415767 Sealed bid for Containing Materials (ACM) on water pipes, Washington.
...#5063 Containing Materials (ACM) on water pipes, Seattle, Washington.The Work construction to perform abatement of...
Contractors/Construction Washington United States 04-26-2018
415600 Sealed bid for West Main Street Extension - Phase 1 , Virginia.
...inspectors or those otherwise in charge of property, streets, water pipes, gas pipes, sewer pipes, telephone cables, electric cables,...
Pipe Virginia United States 05-09-2018
414962 Sealed bid for Normalview Drive Roadway Improvements, Kentucky.
...replace or repair at his own expense any damaged water pipes, power and communication lines, or other public utilities,...
Contractors/Construction Kentucky United States 04-09-2018
414894 Sealed bid for 2018 Road Reconstruction – Various Roads,New Jersey.
...The Contractor shall be responsible for all injury to water pipes, fire hydrants, gas pipes, electrical wire conduits, sewers...
Contractors/Construction New Jersey United States 04-19-2018
413931 Sealed bid for 18-460, Storm Pipes and Structure Rehabilitation , Florida.
...necessary labor, material, equipment and supervision to rehabilitate storm water pipes and structures throughout Polk County.Bidders must submit a...
Pipe Florida United States 04-11-2018
413178 Sealed bid for Snee Farm Drainage Improvements, South Carolina.
...Snee Farm neighborhood. Improvements include replacing and upgrading compromised stormwater pipes, installing new stormwater pipes, rehabilitating existing pipes, channel...
Contractors/Construction South Carolina United States 04-18-2018
411295 Sealed bid for Los Ojos Hatchery Effluent Modification Construction, New Mexico.
...(4), a new effluent water out-fall structure, various effluent water pipes, removal of various water management structures, construction of...
Contractors/Construction New Mexico United States 03-30-2018
410684 Bid invited for Wastewater Main Rehabilitation Program, California
...linear feet of existing6-inch, 8-inch,12-inch, 18-inch and 21-inch diameter wastewater pipes; internally reinstatingapproximately 600 wastewater laterals and the rehabilitation...
Water / Wastewater California United States 03-21-2018
409824 Sealed bid for 2018-151P, Rehabilitation of Sanitary Trunk Sewers and Appurtenances, Ontario.
...BoothWastewater Treatment Plant. There are over 3,600 km of wastewater pipes ranging from 200mm to 3,150mm in diameter in...
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 03-23-2018
408953 Bid invited for Drainage Improvements Cresson Avenue, Northfield, New Jersey
...expanding a stormwater system with stormwater catch basins and stormwater pipes that will inter-connect with an existing stormwater system....
Contractors/Construction New Jersey United States 03-19-2018

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