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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
427067 Sealed bid for Automated Meter Infrastructure, Tennessee. for Automated Meter Infrastructure,Woodlawn Utility Dist,Woodlawn, Tennessee.Installation of water meters and automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) equipment for its...
Meters Tennessee United States 06-18-2018
425057 Sealed bid for Removal And Properly Dispose Of Scarp water meters, New Jersey
... Removal And Properly Dispose Of Scarp water meters, Trenton, New Jersey Bidders shall furnish unit prices...
Meters New Jersey United States 06-15-2018
424974 Sealed bid for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System, Louisiana.
...Water System. This includes the replacement of the existing water meters with new data transmitting meters, and the installation...
Meters Louisiana United States 06-15-2018
424962 Sealed bid for Supply Contract for the Purchase of AMI/AMR Water Meter,Texas. soliciting electronic bids for the Purchase of AMI/AMR water meters.The city Public Utility reserves the right to refuse...
Meters Texas United States 06-14-2018
424957 Sealed bid for Lead Service Line Replacement Project , Massachusetts.
...service lines at approximately 300 locations, installing Owner furnished water meters and MTUs at approximately 170 locations, and inspecting...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 06-14-2018
424653 Sealed bid for Scrap water meters, Massachusetts.
...Scrap water meters, Town of North Attleboro, Massachusetts.The Town of North...
Meters Massachusetts United States 06-14-2018
424524 Sealed bid for 1906 for water meters, Meter Boxes, and Fire Hydrants , Oklahoma .
...Sealed bid for 1906 for water meters, Meter Boxes, and Fire Hydrants ,City of Del...
Meters Oklahoma United States 06-06-2018
424280 Sealed bid for Water Service Line Replacement, Indiana.
...include coordinating with the property owners to provide new water meters and connections inside the buildings, "as needed" and...
Contractors/Construction Indiana United States 06-15-2018
424273 Sealed bid for North Street Water Line Improvements , California.
...gutter, and sidewalk, striping, and water line service. All water meters, water valves, fire hydrants, electrical utility vaults, telephone...
Contractors/Construction California United States 06-14-2018
424135 Sealed bid for 2017/2018 On-Call Potable Water And Sanitary Sewer Repair Services,California.
...stations, manual and automatic control valves, fire hydrants, and water meters located throughout the various individual pressure zones. SBMWD...
Sewer System Construction and Repair California United States 06-04-2018
423907 Sealed bid for Item 2 water meters and Reading Equipment, Massachusetts.
...Sealed bid for Item 2    water meters and Reading Equipment,Town of Hanover,Massachusetts.1. The Town of...
Meters Massachusetts United States 06-12-2018
423523 Sealed bid for New water meters ,Tennessee.
...Sealed bid for New water meters,City of Cookeville,Tennessee.Department of Water Quality Control will receive...
Meters Tennessee United States 05-31-2018
423445 Sealed bid for water meters, British Columbia.
...T 18/18 water meters and Accessories, Corporation of the District of Saanich,...
Meters British Columbia Canada 06-07-2018
423285 Sealed bid for Electronic water meters, North Carolina.
...274-2018-24 Electronic water meters, Accessories, and Supplies, City of Raleigh, North Carolina.The...
Meters North Carolina United States 05-25-2018
423281 Sealed bid for Supply and Deliver Cold Water Meter, Massachusetts.
...the following item or items: Supply And Deliver Cold water meters.Closing Date: May 31, 2018 at 10:00 AM EDT.Please...
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 05-31-2018
423143 Sealed bid for Large Cold water meters,California.
...Sealed bid for Large Cold water meters,City of Pomona,California.• 5/8 X 3/4-Inch Meters; • 1-Inch...
Meters California United States 05-30-2018
423111 Sealed bid for Demolition and Clearance, Michigan.
...gain entry prior to the demolition to remove any water meters. The City will have the gas and electric...
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 05-29-2018
423109 Sealed bid for Water Meter Hardware Solicitation,Oregon.
...Bend,Oregon. Sealed bids for Water Meter related equipment including, water meters, double check valve assemblies, and loops that will...
Meters Oregon United States 06-04-2018
423007 Sealed bid for Backflow Prevention Improvements 2018, Nevada.
...Plans. Work Includes Removal And Replacement Of Miscellaneous Equipment, water meters, And The Installation Of Backflow Prevention Devices With...
Backflow Prevention Nevada United States 06-07-2018
422867 Sealed bid for Water Meter Installations And Radio Frequency Modules, Massachusetts .
...performed under this contract includes installation of approximately 2,200 water meters, ranging in size from 5/8-inch through 10-inch water...
Meters Massachusetts United States 05-31-2018

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