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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
490198 Sealed bid for Utilities Large On Call Contracts Procurement Process, Washington.
...of pipes, pump stations, and reservoirs, seismic mitigation projects, stormwater management facilities, and stream restoration projects.Closing Date: August 16,...
Washington 08-16-2019
489646 Sealed bid for Non-Potable Pond Rehabilitation Project,Colorado.
...submitted to the City for reviewDevelopment of a Storm water management Plan and an Erosion and Sediment Control PlanConstruction...
Colorado 08-16-2019
489519 Sealed bid for 2019 Stormwater management Facility - Sediment Removal, Ontario.
... Sealed bid for 2019 Stormwater management Facility - Sediment Removal, City of Woodstock, Ontario.Scope...
Ontario 08-15-2019
489193 Sealed bid for ReBid Floodwater Dewatering Pump Rental, North Carolina.
...emergency requirements and performed in accordance with the Towns Floodwater management Discharge Plan. The dewatering pumps, support equipment and...
North Carolina 08-13-2019
489097 Sealed bid for Rebid - Stormwater management BMP Control Measures Roychester Park - Evergreen, Pennsylvania.
... Sealed bid for Rebid - Stormwater management BMP Control Measures Roychester Park - Evergreen, Abington...
Pennsylvania 08-15-2019
488880 Sealed bid for Drainage Improvements, Pennsylvania.
...County, Pennsylvania. In general, the work includes erosion and stormwater management improvements.Closing Date: August 05, 2019 at 11:00 AM...
Pennsylvania 08-05-2019
488678 Sealed bid for Parking and Overlook Improvements, Florida.
...the construction of a parking lot and site driveway, stormwater management system, an observation deck, location to be coordinated...
Florida 08-15-2019
488670 Sealed bid for Weather Shelter - River Lakes, Florida.
... Weather Shelter - River Lakes, St. Johns River water management District, Palatka, Florida.The St. Johns River water management...
Florida 08-08-2019
488560 Sealed bid for Professional Consulting Services for Sediment and Stormwater Inspections, Delaware. rain event evaluations, compliance investigations, and verify proper stormwater management, storm sewer and private road installations. The services...
Delaware 08-14-2019
488496 Sealed bid for Stormwater Best Management Practices Recertification, Wisconsin.
...the ponds? Standard Stormwater BMP Compliance form1. Trinity Creek Stormwater management Facility (ID: 2003213501WP)2. East Side Fire Station (ID:...
Wisconsin 08-06-2019
488051 Sealed bid for Mechanical Vegetation Services L75 & Fellsmere East Levee, Florida.
...Services L75 & Fellsmere East Levee, St. Johns River water management District, Palatka, Florida. The St. Johns River Water...
Florida 08-08-2019
487980 Sealed bid for CONTRACT SER-26-19 Provide Laboratory Services, New Jersey.
...Testing for the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority Wastewater management Program Proposal Forms, Instructions to Bidders.Closing Date: August...
New Jersey 08-08-2019
487735 Sealed bid for Stormwater management Pond Clean Out, Ontario.
... Sealed bid for Stormwater management Pond Clean Out, City of Vaughan, Ontario.The City...
Ontario 08-07-2019
487625 Sealed bid for Engineering Services for the Canal Road Improvements Project, Georgia.
...Water Resources Protection Ordinance and informed by the Georgia Stormwater management Manual.There will be a non-mandatory pre-bid conference at...
Georgia 08-09-2019
487564 Sealed bid for #2819 As-Needed Inspection and Testing Services- Bay City,Michigan.
...Have a thorough working knowledge of the Department’s Storm water management Plan. Perform inspection of the construction site to...
Michigan 08-12-2019
487559 Sealed bid for 2820 As-Needed Inspection and Testing Services-Gaylord,Michigan.
...As-Needed Inspection and Testing Services-Gaylord,Michigan Department of Transportation,Lansing,Michigan. Storm water management: Have a thorough working knowledge of the Department’s...
Michigan 08-12-2019
487545 Sealed bid for Group Health Insurance, Florida.
...Group Term Life and Voluntary Life Insurance, Suwannee River water management District, Live Oak, Florida.The Suwannee River water management...
Florida 08-12-2019
487479 Sealed bid for 6316-91-001 Work Consisting of Repair/Replace Culverts Stephens County,Texas.
...the plans and specifications, and as directed. Coordinate storm water management with all other work on the project. Develop...
Texas 08-06-2019
487456 Sealed bid for 1 and 2 ADA and “State Streets” Sidewalk Improvements , California.
...compliance with the State and Federal regulations regarding storm water managementduring construction, the Contractor shall not allow any debris,...
California 08-01-2019
487449 Sealed bid for 1014258: Ancillary Sewer Construction - Central Area, Illinois.
... 1014258: Ancillary Sewer Construction - Central Area, Department Of water management, Chicago, Illinois.1 Item Number 1A: Small Sub Order...
Illinois 08-02-2019