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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
488241 Sealed bid for water filters, Michigan.
... water filters, Detroit Public Schools Community District, Detroit, Michigan.The Detroit...
Michigan 07-29-2019
484096 Sealed bid for Water Treatment Facility Improvements Project, Florida.
...System: The installation of air scour equipment for the water filters at the City’s Water Treatment Facility to improve...
Florida 07-30-2019
484006 Sealed bid for water filters,California.
...Sealed bid for water filters,California Department of General Services,Pasadena,California.B. Minimum Scope of Insurance.Coverage...
California 07-28-2019
484005 Sealed bid for water filters,California.
... Sealed bid for water filters,Purchasing & Payables Division,Pasadena,California.13 Water Pollution ControlReplace The First...
California 07-28-2019
475977 Sealed bid for Media Filter, Texas.
...(3) three anthracite media filters for the Water Department. water filters and Filter Elements Anthracite Media Filter- South Holly.Closing...
Texas 05-23-2019
475543 Sealed bid for Filters and Media Replacement, Florida.
... Dyal Groundwater filters #1 and #4 IMS Cap and Media Replacement,...
Florida 05-30-2019
474588 Sealed bid for Drinking Water Well Filter, Louisiana.
...and any incidentals needed to restore park facility drinking water filters and sand filters as stated in attached specificationsClosing...
Louisiana 05-07-2019
469147 Sealed bid for water filters, Michigan.
... Sealed bid for water filters, City of Kalamazoo, Michigan. 1. PUR basic faucet Water...
Michigan 04-16-2019
460414 Sealed bid for water filters, Tennessee.
... 32801-0000010900 TWRA Raw water filters, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agenc, Nashville, Tennessee.This event is...
Tennessee 01-28-2019
455997 Sealed bid for Filtered Water Dispensers, Washington .
...the vendor for the term of the contract. Dispenser water filters will be replaced at least annually or as...
Washington 01-11-2019
451359 Sealed bid for Purchase of water filters, Texas.
...IFS : B6190205 Purchase of water filters, Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, Texas.Sealed bid for will...
Texas 12-03-2018
448894 Sealed bid for ADA Accessibility Improvements, 6th and Holloway, Project 448, Missouri.
...installation of expansion and discharge valves, air filters, and water filters. 4. Stormwater Requirements, and order the taking of,...
Missouri 12-05-2018
447192 Sealed bid for Construction of Clanton Water Treatment Plant Improvements Phase II, Alabama.
...Board, Clanton, Alabama.Project includes two (2) new sand bed water filters and associated piping, replacement of piping in pipe...
Alabama 12-04-2018
444643 Sealed bid for Water Valve Replacement, Louisiana.
...BIDS for the construction of Water Treatment Plant Improvements water filters No. 1, 3 & 4 Repairs will be...
Louisiana 11-08-2018
444638 Sealed bid for Water Treatment Plant Improvements, Louisiana.
...BIDS for the construction of Water Treatment Plant Improvements water filters No. 1, 3 & 4 Repairs will be...
Louisiana 11-07-2018
438425 Sealed bid for Mounted water filters, Ontario.
...4202-18-0269 NSF/ANSI-53 Certified Faucet Mounted water filters, City of Toronto, Ontario.The Work Supply and Delivery...
Ontario 10-01-2018
434957 Sealed bid for Buckeye Water Treatment Plant Filter #2 And #3 Repair Project ,California.
...other items of work necessary to rebuild existing gravity water filters #2 and #3 at the buckeye Water Treatment...
California 09-13-2018
430219 Invitation to bid for Lead Removal water filters, Saskatchewan
... Lead Removal water filters, Regina, Saskatchewan Sealed Tenders marked "COR4314 - Lead...
Saskatchewan 07-26-2018
430183 Sealed bid for Air and water filters,New York.
...Sealed bid for Air and water filters,State University of New York,Syracuse, New York. Sealed bid...
New York 08-01-2018
428383 Sealed bid for water filters & Filter Pitchers,Ohio.
...Sealed bid for water filters & Filter Pitchers,Columbus Public Utilities Dept,Columbus, Ohio.Purchase of...
Ohio 07-02-2018