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430713 Sealed bid for Generator and Transfer Switch, Tennessee.
...bids for a Generator and Transfer Switch for the wastewater treatment Plant. Sealed bids are due in City Hall...
Water / Wastewater Tennessee United States 07-20-2018
430349 Sealed bid for Control Panels for three Sewer Pump Station Renovations, Kentucky.
...shall include all freight and delivery costs to BGMU wastewater treatment Plant.Closing Date: July 20, 2018 at 3:00 PM...
Pumps Kentucky United States 07-20-2018
429891 Sealed bid for Chemicals – Water and wastewater treatment Plants and Systems, Texas.
...    Chemicals – Water and wastewater treatment Plants and Systems, Gallatin Public Utilities, Gallatin, Tennessee.Sodium...
Chemicals Tennessee United States 07-19-2018
429827 Sealed bid for SCADA System Upgrade, South Carolina.
...and control of forty-one (42) locations all together: (2) wastewater treatment facilities, (1) water treatment facility with (2) wells...
Process Control & Data Management Systems South Carolina United States 07-19-2018
429810 Sealed bid for Reed Bed Sludge Removal, New York.
...removal of sludge from reed beds located at the wastewater treatment Plant.pre-bid conference will take place at the Town...
Treatment Plant Equipment New York United States 07-11-2018
429657 Bid invited for WWTP Lift Station Pump Replacement, Texas.
... WWTP Lift Station Pump Replacement, Bellaire, Texas The wastewater treatment Plant No. 1 Lift Station Pump replacement project...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 07-20-2018
429554 Sealed bid for wastewater treatment Plant #2 - 6 inch Portable Godwin Pump, Illinois.
...wastewater treatment Plant #2 - 6 inch Portable Godwin Pump,...
Water / Wastewater Illinois United States 07-17-2018
429477 Sealed bid for Condition Assessment of Wastewater Plants, Kansas.
...critical assets at both the Oakland and North Topeka wastewater treatment Plants.The Oakland wastewater treatment Plant and North Topeka...
Computer Hardware & Software Kansas United States 07-11-2018
429444 Sealed bid for wastewater treatment Plant Improvements,Iowa.
...Sealed bid for wastewater treatment Plant Improvements,City of  Woodward, Iowa.Construct improvements including all...
Water / Wastewater Iowa United States 07-19-2018
429363 Sealed bid for wastewater treatment Facility Sludge Composting Operations , Texas.
...Sealed bid for wastewater treatment Facility Sludge Composting Operations, City of Round Rock,...
Treatment Plant Equipment Texas United States 07-18-2018
429357 Sealed bid for Primary Clarifier Equipment, Pennsylvania.
...foot diameter new primary clarifier equipment to the MWAA wastewater treatment Plant. The manufacturer is to measure the existing...
Treatment Plant Equipment Pennsylvania United States 07-18-2018
429304 Sealed bid for Purchase of various new & unused gray cast iron castings, New York. the Buffalo Sewer Authority at its Purchasing Office, wastewater treatment Plant, Sewer Maintenance Bldg., Ft. of W. Ferry...
Distribution New York United States 07-12-2018
429273 Sealed bid for 38% Sodium Bi-Sulfite,Kentucky.
...Sodium Bi-Sulfite to be delivered to the Dry Creek wastewater treatment Plant in Villa Hills The successful Bidder must...
Chemicals Kentucky United States 07-19-2018
429251 Sealed bid for Wastewater Telehandler, Idaho.
...for the purchase of one (1) Telehandler for the wastewater treatment Department. Closing Date: July 10, 2018 at 1:00...
Water / Wastewater Idaho United States 07-10-2018
429073 Sealed bid for Lagoon Desludging Project, Oregon
...1. Removal of wastewater sludge for the City's north wastewater treatment Pond. This work will include removal of sludge...
Treatment Plant Equipment Oregon United States 07-12-2018
429054 Sealed bid for Transportation of Liquid Sludge, New Jersey.
...the transportation of liquid sludge from both the Belvidere wastewater treatment Plant and the Oxford wastewater treatment Plant.Closing Date:...
Treatment Plant Equipment New Jersey United States 07-17-2018
429032 Sealed bid for Clear Creek wastewater treatment Plant 2018 Sludge Haul, California.
...Sealed bid for Clear Creek wastewater treatment Plant 2018 Sludge Haul, City of Redding, California.Furnish...
Water / Wastewater California United States 07-12-2018
429005 Sealed bid for old Wwtp Biosolids Removal And Lagoon Closure,Washington.
...of the Lake Stevens Sewer District's abandoned old lagoon wastewater treatment plant. In addition, the work to be per-formed...
Water / Wastewater Washington United States 07-17-2018
428765 Invitation to bid for wastewater treatment Plant Upgrades, Saskatchewan.
... wastewater treatment Plant Upgrades, Town of Lumsden, Saskatchewan The Town of...
Water / Wastewater Saskatchewan Canada 07-18-2018
428763 Sealed bid for Annual Price Agreement for Liquid Chlorine, Texas.
...chlorine for use as a disinfectant for water and wastewater treatment. The chlorine shall be 99.5% pure by volume...
Chemicals Texas United States 07-17-2018

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