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457754 Sealed bid for Provide Construction of Contract 1 - Camillus Force Main Rehabilitation, Phase 1,New York.
...29, 2019 at 10:00 am at the Metropolitan Syracuse wastewater Treatment Plant, 3rd Floor, Administration Building, 650 Hiawatha Boulevard...
New York 01-15-2019
457162 Sealed bid for McCulloch Utility Rehabilitation, Texas.
...Station, Texas.This project includes the rehabilitation of water and wastewater lines in the Southgate area, in the vicinity generally...
Texas 01-11-2019
456654 Sealed bid for Engineering Service, Hawaii.
...order to make sure that we can consistently treat wastewater at the /UKXµH WWTP to R-1 recycled water standards....
Hawaii 01-09-2019
456611 Sealed bid for Grundfos Pump Model S1.30.A50 .420 . 4. 58H. C.307.G.EX.D.611,Florida.
...S1.30.A50 .420 . 4. 58H. C.307.G.EX.D.611,City of Palm Coast, Florida.wastewater Pumping Stations and two (2) wastewater Treatment Facilities that...
Florida 01-11-2019
456606 Sealed bid for Data Highway/Building Wiring Modification, Colorado.
...Data Highway/Building Wiring Modification, Metro wastewater Reclamation District, Denver, Colorado.The Metro wastewater Reclamation District (Metro...
Colorado 01-10-2019
456539 Sealed bid for Repair and Calibration of Flow Meters & Related Devices, Florida.
...other related devices within the City of Plantation Regional wastewater Treatment Plant and Central & East Water Treatment Plants.Closing...
Florida 01-15-2019
456463 Sealed bid for North End wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Vault Repair, Washington.
...Sealed bid for North End wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Vault Repair, City of Tacoma, Washington.North...
Washington 01-09-2019
456396 Sealed bid for Intersection Improvements at Main St. & Maple Ave. Virginia.
...or other communications, fiber optic transmissions, cable television, water, wastewater, storm water, other liquids or chemicals, or traffic or...
Virginia 01-08-2019
456257 Sealed bid for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services Work Order, Washington.
...region by providing high quality and effective treatment of wastewater collected from local sewer agencies. The County's wastewater Treatment...
Washington 01-14-2019
456217 Sealed bid for Engineering Services, Texas.
...contract, if awarded, to support the following: water and/or wastewater system improvements in the City of Natalia.Closing Date: January...
Texas 01-03-2019
456187 Sealed bid for Skid Steer Loader, Florida.
...or Approved Equal for the Broward County Water and wastewater Operations Division. Closing Date: January 14, 2019 at 12:00...
Florida 01-14-2019
456086 Sealed bid for Kennebec River Sanitary Sewer Siphon, Maine.
...interceptor to the west side influent line to the wastewater treatment plant.1 Mobilization & Demobilization L.S. 1 $ $2...
Maine 01-15-2019
456074 Sealed bid for Purchase Of Well Column Pipes, Florida.
...the purchase of Well Column Pipes for Water & wastewater Services in accordance with the Specifications and Requirements. Please...
Florida 01-09-2019
456057 Sealed bid for Monitoring System for Biological wastewater Treatment, University of Manitoba.
...Sealed bid for Monitoring System for Biological wastewater Treatment, Winnipeg ,University of Manitoba.For this RFQ, we are...
Manitoba 01-11-2019
455962 Sealed bid for Water and Sewer Rate Study, Ohio
...4 booster stations? 5,461 manholes? 3,258 fire hydrants? 1 wastewater lift stationWhile the City is responsible for the installation...
Ohio 01-01-2019
455955 Sealed bid for wastewater System Improvements-Sewer Service Connections,Minnesota,
...Sealed bid for wastewater System Improvements-Sewer Service Connections,City of Northrop, Minnesota.Cured in Place...
Minnesota 01-10-2019
455874 Sealed bid for Contractual Services wastewater,Sludge And Water Sample Tests, California.
...Contractual Services wastewater, Sludge And Water Sample Tests, City of Chico, California.The...
California 01-15-2019
455837 Sealed bid for Truck Bids, Wisconsin.
...p.m., on Friday, January 4, 2019. The Water & wastewater Utility Commission will consider bid awards at the January...
Wisconsin 01-04-2019
455813 Sealed bid for Iws Local Limit Sampling External Analysis, Colorado.
...Iws Local Limit Sampling External Analysis, Metro wastewater Reclamation District, Denver, Colorado.It is the intention of the...
Colorado 01-09-2019
455764 Sealed bid for New auxiliary Generator Set for Phillips Road Pump Station BID #19-08 , Arkansas.
...for Phillips Road Pump Station BID #19-08, Pine Bluff wastewater Utility, Pine Bluff, Arkansas.Sealed bids via electronically, regular mail...
Arkansas 01-14-2019