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430986 Sealed bid for Chlorine, Ammonia, Fittings, California.
...Department of Water and Power, Sylmar, California.Naics: 423840 Chlorine valves, Fittings, Tools And Accessories, From "Sherwood" Price List Bidder...
Pipe California United States 07-19-2018
430841 Sealed bid for Water Treatment Plant Improvement, New York.
...of Virgil, Cortland , New York.Specifications:Flomatic: Model C401/CA401/CS401 Control valve or equal.6” Bronze Water Meter Strainer.Transition to PVC after...
Water / Wastewater New York United States 07-20-2018
430830 Sealed bid for Drifting Ridge Pump Station New Installation, New York.
...Fort Edward, New York.Install new pump station and separate valve vault as a replacement of an existing pump station...
Pumps New York United States 07-19-2018
430627 Sealed bid for Corporation Stops(Yearly), Alabama. no smaller than the nominal size of the valve. The ball to stem connection shall be of solid...
Contractors/Construction Alabama United States 07-18-2018
430140 Sealed bid for Check valves,New York.
...Sealed bid for Check valves,County of Westchester,White Plains, New  York.USA BLUEBOOK Item: 34905Flomatic Air-Cushioned...
Valves New York United States 07-13-2018
430136 Sealed bid for Swing Check valve,New York.
...Sealed bid for Swing Check valve,County of Westchester,White Plains, New York.Val-Matic Swing Check valves Are...
Valves New York United States 07-13-2018
430080 Sealed bid for furnishing all materials and doing all work 448-90745 WDS: Southern Ridge 3rd Addn, Kansas.
...QUANTITY BID ITEMS Pipe, WL 8", Fire Hydrant Assembly, valve Assembly, Blowoff 2"valve Assembly, Anchored 8", Special BMP, Construction...
Contractors/Construction Kansas United States 07-13-2018
429958 Sealed bid for Ozone System valves, Nebraska.
...Sealed bid for Ozone System valves, City of Lincoln, Nebraska.Material Specifications2.1 Solenoid valves shall be...
Valves Nebraska United States 07-12-2018
429941 Sealed bid for Mission Gorge Road Median Installation,California
...- Location, number of stations, identifying call-out.5. Master Control valve6. Flow Sensor7. Pressure Regulator valve8. Isolation valves9. Remote Control...
Contractors/Construction California United States 07-17-2018
429928 Sealed bid for Lower Pressure Plane Water Line,Texas.
...Manway (Type B MH) 1 LF7 4” Combination Air valve Assembly & Manhole (Type B MH) 1 EA8 12”...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 07-19-2018
429922 Sealed bid for Prosper Road Improvement Project,Texas.
...1 LS8 Adjust Wastewater Manhole 1 EA9 Adjust Water valve Complete 1 EA10 Adjust Storm Water Manhole Complete 1...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 07-20-2018
429920 Sealed bid for Mesquite Pass Water Main Extension, Texas.
...responsible for repair and clean-up of broken manholes, buried valve boxes, broken sewer pipe, and all other damage to...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 07-16-2018
429912 Sealed bid for Bourbon Street Infrastructure Repairs - Phase II,Louisiana.
...New Orleans ,Louisiana.Section 3.01 Traffic Control PlanSection 3.02 Inserta valve® Or Approved EqualSection 3.03 New 4” Water Meter Vault...
Contractors/Construction Louisiana United States 07-17-2018
429890 Sealed bid for Emerson Fisher Bypass valve, California.
...34094 Emerson Fisher Bypass valve, City of Los Angeles, California.Naics: 332911 cage, cvx, size:...
Valves California United States 07-17-2018
429875 Sealed bid for Barton Creek Section N Water Quality Pond Make-Up Water And Well Pump System, Texas.
...electrical controls and control system, and all required piping, valves, and appurtenances.A non-refundable fee of $50.00 will be charged...
Analyzers Texas United States 07-12-2018
429834 Sealed bid for 2018 Water Main Improvements,Illinois.
...of ductile iron water main with associated fire hydrants, valves, valve vaults, and services.Proposals must be submitted on the...
Contractors/Construction Illinois United States 07-17-2018
429829 Sealed bid for Contract 2018-1, to provide Excavation and related construction equipment with skilled operators,Pennsylvania.
...or abandonment of water mains, water services, fire hydrants, valves, sewer mains, sewer laterals, manholes and related appurtenances for...
Contractors/Construction Pennsylvania United States 07-18-2018
429815 Sealed bid for Post Canyon Water Line - 2018, Oregon.
...along Post Canyon Drive and install a fire hydrant, valves, and fittings as required at the locations shown on...
Contractors/Construction Oregon United States 07-19-2018
429695 Sealed bid for Lift Station & Force Main Improvements, Louisiana.
...lift station #13, demolition of existing yard piping (piping valves, ttings, etc.), installation of new yard piping (piping, valves,...
Contractors/Construction Louisiana United States 07-20-2018
429688 Sealed bid for New and Unused Sludge Pump, New York.
...shall be duplex 9-inch plunger pump, with single ball valves on suction and discharge. The pump connections shall be...
Treatment Plant Equipment New York United States 07-12-2018

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