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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
457893 Sealed bid for valve Actuators, Missouri.
...0000058485 Limitorque Electric Drain valve Actuators, City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri.The Work Cost to...
Missouri 01-15-2019
457644 Sealed bid for Abel Pump Parts, California.
...Manufacturing 326199: All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing 332911: Industrial valve Manufacturing 332912: Fluid Power valve and Hose Fitting Manufacturing...
California 01-15-2019
457576 Sealed bid for WC195013 Pump Parts, New York.
...York, United States, 10566 Each 24 2 P-Chmbrvalv-1097 Chamber valve-All Models Revision HClosing Date: January 14, 2019 at 02:00...
New York 01-14-2019
457405 Sealed bid for Flgyt Products Submersible Pump, California.
...Air-Conditioning Contractors 238290: Other Building Equipment Contractors 332911: Industrial valve Manufacturing 332912: Fluid Power valve and Hose Fitting Manufacturing...
California 01-15-2019
457302 Sealed bid for D263846 Preventative Maintenance Bridge Repair on Multiple Locations, New York.
...other structures within the roadway:1. Set frames, covers or valve boxes to ¼”below finished grade and encased in concrete...
New York 01-10-2019
457107 Sealed bid for Butterfly valves, Arkansas.
...Inch Diameter Butterfly valves, Central Arkansas Water, Little Rock, Arkansas.Sealed Bids will be...
Arkansas 01-15-2019
456783 Sealed bid for Centennial Tower & W. Lookout Drive valve Improvement, Texas.
...Centennial Tower & W. Lookout Drive valve Improvement, City of Richardson, Texas.Sealed bids shall be addressed...
Texas 01-15-2019
456777 Sealed bid for Plumbing Supplies (Stock), Washington.
...Kit# 80 32947 1 Ea M&H 129, #11 Upper valve Rod, 5-1/4In M.& H. Hydrant, Traffic Model 129, 5...
Washington 01-10-2019
456497 Sealed bid for Mooreland Road Stabilization, Alabama. provided for each socket opening on pipe fittings.5. valves: Shall be in accordance with AWWA Specifications C 515...
Alabama 01-08-2019
456489 Sealed bid for 2018 Transmission Main Improvements,Iowa.
...municipal  castings,  hydrants,  tanks,  flanges,  pipe  clamps and restraints, valves, structural steel, reinforced precast concrete, and construction materials. No ...
Iowa 01-14-2019
456463 Sealed bid for North End Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Vault Repair, Washington.
...of the outfall vault concrete lid and air vacuum valve at the North End Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Vault.Closing...
Washington 01-09-2019
456399 Sealed bid for Water, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drainage Improvements for Heartland Phase 12B, Texas.
...EA 22. 8" P.V.C. Waterline LF 2,0073. 8" Gate valve & Box EA 74. Fire Hydrant Assembly with Gate...
Texas 01-15-2019
456384 Sealed bid for North System Air valve Improvements Project 101-0442-17, Texas.
...Sealed bid for North System Air valve Improvements Project 101-0442-17, North Texas Municipal Water District, Wylie,...
Texas 01-15-2019
456337 Sealed bid for Grass Hill Ground Storage Tank Painting & Rehabilitation, Texas.
...Owner. The Contractor shall make all necessary connections, including valves and shall transport all water at his expense. If...
Texas 01-15-2019
456211 Sealed bid for 448-90864 WDS; Cherese Woods Addition ,Kansas.
...(Ductile Iron)Pipe, WL 4"Pipe, WL 4" (Ductile Iron)Fire Hydrant Assemblyvalve Assembly, 8"valve Assembly, 4"valve Assembly, BlowoffBMP, Silt FenceBMP, Construction...
Kansas 01-11-2019
456204 Sealed bid for 448-90906 WDS; Sierra Hills 2nd Addition ,Kansas.
...Wl 8"Pipe, Connect to ExistingPipe, WL 8" (Ductile Iron)    valve Assembly, 8"valve Assembly, Anchored 8" Special    Fire Hydrant Assemblyvalve...
Kansas 01-11-2019
456082 Sealed bid for Underground Steam Pipeline Repairs, Maryland.
...leak at the Jessup Correctional Institution.Steam Specialties: Air Vent valves, Main Vent valves, Radiator valves, Radiator Traps, etc. Maintenance...
Maryland 01-08-2019
456060 Sealed bid for 0581-01-137 Work Consisting of Replace Bridge And Approaches Dallas County,Texas.
...methods of handling phased construction at manholes and water valves.Concrete pavement removed as a result of removing the inlets...
Texas 01-08-2019
456033 Sealed bid for Purchase of 4-Way Key, Texas.
...Key, 4-Way, Heat Treated Steel For Stopcocks, Silcocks, And valves, Fits 1/4 X 9/32 5/16 X 11/32 . Grainger...
Texas 01-03-2019
456029 Sealed bid for Camp Ranch Pump Station Improvements, Texas.
...pump station, including motor, concrete work, pump canister, check valve, air relief valve, piping, and incidentals. All yard piping,...
Texas 01-14-2019