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409242 Sealed bid for 448016 Meter fittings - Coupling, Lead Pak, Michigan.
...Meter fittings - Coupling, Lead Pak, Detroit Water & sewerage Department, Michigan. Coupling, Lead Pak: Lead Free; 2" Lead Pak...
Meters Michigan United States 02-23-2018
409237 Sealed bid for Plumbing parts and hand tools, Michigan.
...Plumbing parts and hand tools, Detroit Water & sewerage Department, Michigan. Iron, yarning: 1/8" oil finished and seal, gate...
Treatment Plant Equipment Michigan United States 02-23-2018
408803 Sealed bid for Flowmeter Inspection and Calibration Services, New York.
...Calibration Services, County of Rockland, Pomona, New York. Rockland County sewer District #1 is seeking firm prices for the duration...
Contractors/Construction New York United States 02-23-2018
408677 Sealed bid for Filter Envirex Equipment, Ohio.
...the intent of the City of Columbus, Division of sewerage and Drainage to enter into a contract for the...
Equipment Distributors Ohio United States 02-22-2018
408540 Sealed bid for Pipe, Copper: Soft Type K 1" X 60 Ft And 3/4" X 60 Ft, Michigan.
...Ft And 3/4" X 60 Ft, Detroit Water & sewerage Department, Michigan. Pipe,Copper Pipe Copper Soft Type K 1" X...
Pipe Michigan United States 02-21-2018
408503 Sealed bid for 18-021 Installation of Front Street sewer Upgrade, British Columbia.
...18-021 Installation of Front Street sewer Upgrade, Burnaby, British Columbia.The work consists of the construction...
Sewer Misc British Columbia Canada 02-23-2018
408424 Sealed bid for Repair 24 Inch Brick sewer at 416 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd, Kentucky.
...Repair 24 Inch Brick sewer at 416 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd, Louisville, Kentucky.    Description...
Sewer Misc Kentucky United States 02-22-2018
408404 Sealed bid for Utility Relocation, Mississippi.
...City of Vicksburg - Utility Relocation Frontage Road Sanitary sewer, Water, and Gas Project, City of Vicksburg, Mississippi.The project...
Contractors/Construction Mississippi United States 02-19-2018
408389 Sealed bid for Blackthorn Drive Improvements, Illinois.
...Of Water Main Installation, Approximately 635 Feet Of Storm sewer Improvements, Miscellaneous Sanitary sewer Repairs, Removal Of Existing Dual...
Sewer Misc Illinois United States 02-22-2018
408324 Sealed bid for 5543133 Road Gateway Corridor Improvements,Wisconsin.
...20 TON Trench Backfill-Water, 16 EA Connect existing Storm sewer, 11 EA 2x3 Inlet, 10 EA Storm MH (4’),...
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 02-22-2018
408299 Sealed bid for 3rd Floor Restroom Remodel project sewer, Illinois.
...Sealed bid for 3rd Floor Restroom Remodel project sewer,Kankakee Community College District No. 520 ,Kankakee, Illinois.The project consists...
Sewer Misc Illinois United States 02-23-2018
408195 Sealed bid for CCTV Inspection- Sanitary sewer Mainline/Laterals/Services, British Columbia
... CCTV Inspection- Sanitary sewer Mainline/Laterals/Services, Rossland, British Columbia Provide all necessary labour, equipment, materials and...
Contractors/Construction British Columbia Canada 02-23-2018
408030 Sealed bid for Ruth St Water Main Replacement , Ohio.
...8-inch water main, services, and fire hydrants, along with stormsewer inlet repairs and replacement of curb.Each bid must include...
Contractors/Construction Ohio United States 02-22-2018
408011 Sealed bid for 1805-18 General Contractor/Constr. Mgr. for Detention Facility Kitchen sewer Repairs,Colorado.
...for 1805-18 General Contractor/Constr. Mgr. for Detention Facility Kitchen sewer Repairs,County of Mesa,Grand Junction, Colorado. To accomplish, the existing...
Contractors/Construction Colorado United States 02-23-2018
407912 Bid invited for 919/18 sewer Spot Repairs, Virginia
... 919/18  sewer Spot Repairs, City of Portsmouth, Virginia The City of Portsmouth...
Contractors/Construction Virginia United States 02-23-2018
407891 Sealed bid for 71280 2017 CIP Water Pipeline Replacement Project,California.
...for 71280 2017 CIP Water Pipeline Replacement Project,City of Redlands,California.sewer & Storm Drain Facilities section, Sidehill Surface Drainage Facilities...
Contractors/Construction California United States 02-22-2018
407889 Sealed bid for chemicalsused at the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants., Kentucky.
...Wastewater Treatment Plants, Shelbyville, Kentucky.The Shelbyville Municipal Water & sewer Commission shall receive bids for chemicals used at the...
Chemicals Kentucky United States 02-19-2018
407838 Sealed bid for Water Main Relocation For Spanish Trail Ct Contract No. 448903,Alabama.
...Spanish Trail Ct Contract No. 448903, Mobile County Water, sewer And Fire Protection Authority ,Theodore,Alabama.Then publicly opened and read...
Contractors/Construction Alabama United States 02-21-2018
407829 Sealed bid for Rotary Drum Thickeners for Mason Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant, North Carolina.
...Farm Wastewater Treatment Plant, Raleigh,  North Carolina.Orange Water and sewer Authority (the “Owner”) requests proposals for the purpose of...
Water / Wastewater North Carolina United States 02-22-2018
407789 Sealed bid for 111th Street West Signal Removal, Kansas
...SY concrete ditch lining. 50 LF of fence Sanitary sewer manhole adjustment 235 LF of 30 * 19" entrance...
Contractors/Construction Kansas United States 02-23-2018

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