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471996 Sealed bid for Dura Slope Plastic Trench Drain Grate, Michigan.
...Michigan, United States, 4803 Concrete And Metal Culverts, Pilings, septic tanks, Accessories And Supplies 485 Janitorial Supplies, General Line...
Michigan 04-11-2019
471468 Sealed bid for Septic Tank & Vault Toilet Cleaning, Colorado.
...and servicing of portable restrooms as well as cleaning septic tanks and vault toilets. Interested vendors are invited to...
Colorado 04-17-2019
469405 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Connection Program - Phase 2 - Group 9 , Georgia.
...sewer main tap, the abandonment and demolition of existing septic tanks in accordance with the Georgia Rules of the...
Georgia 04-04-2019
469285 Sealed bid for Bannock Peak Septic System Replacement, Idaho.
...and pressure piping, drainfield, all appurtenances, abandon two existing septic tanks, all onsite earthwork and grading, and surface restoration...
Idaho 04-02-2019
469049 Sealed bid for Pumping and cleaning services for grease traps, Virginia.
...and cleaning services for grease traps, lift stations and septic tanks, and respond to High Water Alarms and Pump...
Virginia 04-04-2019
468289 Sealed bid for E. Longwood Septic Tank Abatement Project, Florida.
...Drawings. 3. Abandonment and demolition of approximately 120 existing septic tanks on private property.Pre/Bid Proposal Conference: Non-Mandatory March 28,...
Florida 04-11-2019
467227 Sealed bid for Lift Stations - Grease Traps - septic tanks and Drain Fields, Florida.
... Lift Stations - Grease Traps - septic tanks and Drain Fields -Acid Neutralization Tanks, Miami Dade...
Florida 03-28-2019
465861 Sealed bid for Rockport State Park Septic Tank, Utah.
...and dispose of all waste products removed from the septic tanks and vault toilets at Rockport State Park, in...
Utah 03-12-2019
465333 Sealed bid for Mesquite-Brazito Wastewater System Improvements, New Mexico.
...infrastructure.  Approximately 200 sewer services will be installed and septic tanks decommissioned. A non-mandatory pre-bid conference will be held...
New Mexico 03-27-2019
464767 Sealed bid for Tanks & Toilet Pumping, New York.
...for County owned permanent vault toilets, holding tanks and septic tanks, Toilet pumping for County owned portable toilet units...
New York 03-13-2019
464240 Sealed bid for Wastewater Collection & Treatment Improvements 2018, New York.
...grade • Install water tight risers and covers for septic tanks • Rebuild or upgrade cleanouts • Rebuild three...
New York 03-18-2019
464076 Sealed bid for Septic Tank Installation Project, Arizona. to the installation of ten (10) 1,500-gallon polyurethane septic tanks to include engineering, design, and all work accordingly....
Arizona 03-18-2019
462439 Sealed bid for Septic Tank Pumping Project, California.
...Contractor(s) to provide on-call Pumping & Disposal Services for septic tanks, Tunnels, Lift Stations, Area Drains, Grease, and/or Sand...
California 02-28-2019
462423 Sealed bid for Septic Tank Pumping, Cleaning & Maintenance Services Project, California. to perform pumping, hydrojetting, cleaning, and maintenance of septic tanks, grease interceptors, clarifiers and sewers for stoppage removal...
California 02-20-2019
461416 Sealed bid for 896 Berkley Road, Florida.
...for example, ceiling and floor tiles, wallboard, and cement pipe.septic tanks must be crushed and filled; lift stations and...
Florida 02-12-2019
458144 Sealed bid for Pumping Of Up To 22 - 1,000 Gallon septic tanks, New York.
...Pumping Of Up To 22 - 1,000 Gallon septic tanks, Town of Northumberland, New York.The Northumberland Town Board...
New York 02-11-2019
457144 Sealed bid for D263866 Overhead Sign Structure Replacement, New York.
...entering. * Sewage and Drainage Systems - Effluent from septic tanks, cesspools, leaching basins, drainage basins and related piping...
New York 01-24-2019
456429 Sealed bid for 3125 Ralph Road, Florida.
...notified so that they may disconnect the power source.2. septic tanks must be crushed and filled; lift stations and...
Florida 01-18-2019
456370 Sealed bid for Rabbit Ears Tank Replacement,Colorado.
...Transportation,Denver,Colorado.The existing 4-inch diameter piping, north of the existing septic tanks, must be field located and a new 4-...
Colorado 01-17-2019
453316 Sealed bid for Septic & Holding Tank Pumping Services Project, California.
...tank pumping and cleaning services of vaults, pit toilets, septic tanks and portable restrooms at State Parks located within...
California 01-08-2019