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532560 Sealed bid for Culverts, Texas. invitation, Culverts, Concrete and Metal Products, Culverts, Pilings, septic tanks, Accessories, and Supplies. These materials are generally used...
Texas 05-21-2020
532269 Sealed tender for Halalt Ir#2 Wastewater Step Collection System/Watermain Replace, British Columbia.
...PVC watermain. The supply and installation of new fiberglass septic tanks including house connections and service lines.Closing Date: May...
British Columbia 05-25-2020
530882 Sealed bid for 223782-1 Pump and Haul Services,Virginia.
...under this contract shall consist of pumping waste from septic tanks, grease traps, and oil/water separators, and hauling and...
Virginia 05-22-2020
530098 Sealed bid for Furnish And Apply Anionic Polymer Rubberized Emulsified Asphalt Rs-2P, New Jersey.
...Northumberland is soliciting sealed bids for the pumping of septic tanks in Sewer District #1 and various municipal buildings...
New Jersey 05-07-2020
530093 Sealed bid for Pumping of septic tanks in Sewer District #1, New York.
... pumping of septic tanks in Sewer District #1,  Town of Northumberland, Gansevoort,...
New York 05-07-2020
528872 Sealed bid for Wastewater Collection and Treatment Project,Texas.
...Spoil Material (Approved Tceq Disposal Site) And Decommissioning Existing septic tanks And/Or Cesspools; Connecting Sdr 35 Pvc To Existing...
Texas 04-27-2020
528739 Sealed bid for Wastewater System – Mason Area, Michigan.
...400 LF of force main, two duplex lift stations, septic tanks and drain field, and associated restoration.Closing Date:- May...
Michigan 05-06-2020
527683 Sealed bid for Sewer Connections Project,Florida.
...labor, materials, equipment, supervision and permitting to replace existing septic tanks and drainfields with a package lift station, force...
Florida 04-28-2020
527641 Sealed bid for 2020-B08 Culverts, Texas.
...of San Marcos, Texas.Concrete and Metal Products, Culverts, Pilings, septic tanks, Accessories, and SuppliesTxDot Item #460 Galvanized Corrugated Steel...
Texas 04-16-2020
525441 Sealed bid for Waterworks Snowden Community Sewer Phase 2 Division II, South Carolina.
...2) houses from septic service; abandoning in place the septic tanks, installing PVC sewer service pipe from the cleanout...
South Carolina 04-07-2020
524055 Sealed bid for Item 4 : Removal & Disposal of Liquid Sewage Sludge, New York.
...New York.Emergency removal of wastewater (septic waste) from Town septic tanks and holding tanks on an “on Call” BasisThirty...
New York 03-26-2020
523397 Sealed bid for Demolition Services, British Columbia.
...Manual. This will include pumping out sewage from all septic tanks, chambers, treatment plants or other vessels and decommissioning...
British Columbia 03-24-2020
522149 Sealed bid for East State Street Sanitary Sewer, Illinois.
...also involves sanitary sewer lateral construction, mitigation of existing septic tanks, site restoration and all miscellaneous items necessary to...
Illinois 03-17-2020
521801 Sealed bid for 36-20KS-1 Septic Tank Services,Virginia.
... Sealed bid for 36-20KS-1 Septic Tank Services,Fauquier County,Warrenton,Virginia.2.1. Inspection-septic tanks-Annually Prior to pumping tank, the Contractor shall inspect:2.1.1...
Virginia 03-09-2020
521606 Sealed bid for Phase 1 Sewer Project, Florida.
...sewer project converting residential, commercial and institutional users from septic tanks to gravity sewer collection system. The new gravity...
Florida 04-08-2020
520697 Sealed bid for Sludge Removal - Conquerall Bank Waste Water Treatment Plant,Nova Scotia.
...Rd 24.6 m3 (5400 Imp. gal) Once per yearResidential septic tanks 160 to 212 Shore Drive5 tanks at 4.5...
Nova Scotia 03-05-2020
520346 Sealed bid for Septic Tank Cleaning, Pennsylvania. pumping and hauling septage from 290+/- 1,000-gallon capacity septic tanks primarily in the Avalon Road section of Logan...
Pennsylvania 03-06-2020
519959 Sealed bid for PW2020-08 West 5Th Street Sewer Extension, Florida.
...phases will include work on private property to abandon septic tanks, reconfigure private plumbing, and connect residents to the...
Florida 03-10-2020
519049 Sealed bid for SRSSD System Maintenance, Utah.
...monitoring, reporting and repair of sewage lift pumps and septic tanks for recreational cabin subdivisions in the Pleasant Valley...
Utah 02-18-2020
518027 Sealed bid for Oleta River State Park – Sewer Connections, Florida.
...labor, materials, equipment, supervision and permitting to replace existing septic tanks and drainfields with a package lift station, force...
Florida 02-20-2020