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467653 Sealed bid for 44464 Master Contract - Sanitary - Sewer Repair Supplies, Ohio.
...of Public Works is requesting the following - for sanitary sewer Repair Supplies, as part of the Master Contract,...
Ohio 03-11-2019
467557 Sealed bid for Main Street Utility and Street Reconstruction, Wisconsin.
...10 Hydrant Installations 410 Lin. Ft. of 8 Inch sanitary sewer 1 sanitary sewer Manholes 9 Sanitary Lateral Installations...
Wisconsin 03-15-2019
467010 Sealed bid for 13800 South Widening Project Phase 2, Utah.
...waterline, as well as removal and replacement of failing sanitary sewer trench material as described in the project plans...
Utah 03-18-2019
466830 Sealed bid for Storm Sewer & Water Improvements Project, Texas.
...Willis, Texas.The project is the construction of Storm Sewer, sanitary sewer & Water Improvements to serve a single-family subdivision...
Texas 03-14-2019
466783 Sealed bid for Installation of Watermain - George Street North (Harriston), Ontario.
...Main Items Are As Follows:Watermain Including Restoration - 163.5 Msanitary sewer Including Restoration - 12 MWater Service Including Restoration...
Ontario 03-14-2019
466772 Sealed bid for 2019 sanitary sewer Extension, Wisconsin.
... 2019 sanitary sewer Extension, City of Hartford, Wisconsin.The work contractors for...
Wisconsin 03-12-2019
466750 Sealed bid for Summit Avenue Utility And Street Improvements And Area 7 Flood Mitigation,Wisconsin.
...16 Storm Sewer Inlet Repairs 3,450 Lin Ft. of sanitary sewer Lining 15 Sanitary Lateral Replacements 7,200 Sq. Yds....
Wisconsin 03-15-2019
466739 Sealed bid for Utility and Street Improvements, Wisconsin.
...16 Storm Sewer Inlet Repairs 3,450 Lin Ft. of sanitary sewer Lining 15 Sanitary Lateral Replacements 7,200 Sq. Yds....
Wisconsin 03-15-2019
466554 Sealed bid for HDPE Pipe Replacement, Florida.
...Order based contract to Contract intended to replace gravity sanitary sewer mains slip-lined with failing or sub-standard HDPE (high...
Florida 03-07-2019
466453 Sealed bid for Reconstruction 18-10016.200, Wisconsin.
...L.F. of 8-inch water main and appurtenances,  L.F. 8-inch sanitary sewer manhole, concrete driveway approaches,  ton of asphaltic pavement.Closing...
Wisconsin 03-14-2019
466442 Sealed bid for Roadway & Sidewalk Construction Services 2019, New Hampshire.
...shimming and surfacing of sidewalks and handwork, installation of sanitary sewer piping, liners, and manholes, installation of drainage piping,...
New Hampshire 03-15-2019
466439 Sealed bid for Sewer Master Plan & Conceptual Design Engineering Services, New Hampshire.
...firms interested in submitting proposals for studying the existing sanitary sewer infrastructure in the Elm Street/Lakeport area and developing...
New Hampshire 03-07-2019
466438 Sealed bid for Dalewood Drive (75 Dalewood Drive to Rosewood Drive) and Queens Boulevard (Kelly Drive to Warren Road) Infrastructure Replacement, Ontario.
...on Dalewood Drive includes the replacement of the existing sanitary sewer, water supply system, partial roadway, and municipal water...
Ontario 03-14-2019
466292 Sealed bid for Project 2019-101, 2019 Street and Utility Improvements, Minnesota.
...Valley, Minnesota.100 EA Clear and Grub Tree5,500 LF Remove sanitary sewer6,050 LF Remove Water Main1,400 LF Remove Storm Sewer11,500...
Minnesota 03-12-2019
466286 Sealed bid for 2019 Utility Improvements, Wisconsin. the dwelling. New curb stops will be added. sanitary sewer will be replaced on Fourth Street as part...
Wisconsin 03-14-2019
466266 Sealed bid for Rural Road Resurfacing ,Ontario.
...Haldimand County, Caledonia, Ontario. Drawings for Roads, Barriers, Drainage, sanitary sewers, Watermains and Structures Standards forRoads and Municipal ServicesFor ...
Ontario 03-12-2019
466260 Sealed bid for Coronation Sewer Separation ,Ontario.
...Street to Sherk Street, including road, sidewalks, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, watermain and street lights.The work to be carried...
Ontario 03-11-2019
466217 Sealed bid for 468-85393 sanitary sewer Casa Bella Addn, Kansas.
... FB190040 furnishing all materials and doing all work sanitary sewer Casa Bella Addn, City of Wichita, Kansas.Sealed Proposals...
Kansas 03-15-2019
466166 Sealed bid for Phase 7 Sewer System Expansion, Contract No. 2, Massachusetts. of approximately 4,400 liner feet of 8-inch PVC gravitysanitary sewer pipe, 1,300 linear feet of 2-inch HDPE sewer...
Massachusetts 03-15-2019
466159 Sealed bid for sanitary sewer Pump Station Improvements, New Jersey.
... sanitary sewer Pump Station Improvements, Township Of Stafford, Manahawkin, New...
New Jersey 03-12-2019