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482013 Sealed bid for Storage Project J17-00-111,North Dakota.
...service pump house, installing a generator and two (2) pumps able to achieve 550 gallons per minute. To include...
North Dakota 06-11-2019
481817 Sealed bid for Re-Bid: Tallulah Creek Water Treatment Plant Improvements Project, North Carolina.
...filters, and clearwell, the replacement of the raw water pumps, the installation of a new pack tower air stripper,...
North Carolina 06-13-2019
481132 Sealed bid for Replacement of Washwater pumps, Motors and Control Valves at Belmont WTP, Pennsylvania.
... Sealed bid for Replacement of Washwater pumps, Motors and Control Valves at Belmont WTP, City of...
Pennsylvania 06-11-2019
480901 Sealed bid for Lift Station No. 9 Rehabilitation, Minnesota.
...the following: Temporary Conveyance Directional Drill Forcemain Replacement Submersible pumps, Guide Rails, and Chain Replacement Check and Plug Valve...
Minnesota 06-13-2019
480768 Sealed bid for Project B: Collection System Pump Stations, Indiana.
...(6) wastewater collection system pump stations, including replacement of pumps, guide rails, floats and controls, valves, fittings, and hatches;...
Indiana 06-14-2019
480746 Sealed bid for Purchase Of A 12" X 12" Horizontal Sewage Portable Pump, Louisiana.
...FOLLOWING: Auto start/stop control panel -electronic adder Please have pumps shipped to: Jefferson Parish Sewerage Department Attention: Morris Sapia...
Louisiana 06-06-2019
480655 Sealed bid for Water Well Services, Oklahoma.
...not be limited to, extraction of existing submersible turbine pumps and motors, bailing sediment from the bottom of the...
Oklahoma 06-13-2019
480639 Sealed bid for Maintenance and Repairs for Submersible pumps, Texas.
... ITB 4019000103 Preventive Maintenance and Repairs for Submersible pumps, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Houston, Texas.This Work...
Texas 06-05-2019
480153 Sealed bid for Lift Stations No 8 Improvements, Texas. as follows: Remove and Replace Existing three (3) pumps, Install new control panel with variable drive controls, Install...
Texas 06-06-2019
480129 Sealed bid for Calcium Hydroxide, Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Georgia.
...lime that contain significant abrasive solids that will clog pumps and lines. Magnesium hydroxide is manufacturedfrom high purity magnesium...
Georgia 05-28-2019
480046 Sealed bid for Rural Water West Pump Station Upgrades, British Columbia.
...arrangements; - supply and installation of two multi-stage inline pumps and electric motors at each station; - supply and...
British Columbia 06-13-2019
479962 Sealed bid for Purge Drain Pump Station, California.
...Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles, California.naics: 221310 pumps bidder to state manufacturer and part naics: 221310 motors...
California 06-06-2019
479854 Sealed bid for Sewage Pump Station , Illinois.
...Qualified Sewage Pump Station Representatives to retrofit new submersible pumps, electric controls, piping, valves, guide poles, etc. in the...
Illinois 05-31-2019
479832 Sealed bid for Jones Lift Station Upgrade And Force Main Extension, Arkansas.
...wastewater wet well with two (2) 50-HP Fairbanks Morse pumps, 7-foot by 7-foot pipe gallery, modifications to the existing...
Arkansas 06-12-2019
479831 Sealed bid for Installation Of Replacement Dewatered Sludge pumps Contract, New Jersey.
... Installation Of Replacement Dewatered Sludge pumps Contract NO. C-19-1, Somerset Raritan Valley Sewerage Authority, Bridgewater...
New Jersey 06-14-2019
479787 Sealed bid for Water Reservoir Pump Station Emergency Generator, Vermont.
...outages when our two (2) primary electric motor driven pumps (150 HP each) are inoperable. The attached design is...
Vermont 06-14-2019
479743 Sealed bid for Sullivan pumps Station Custom Parts Fabrication And Test, Oregon.
... Sealed bid for Sullivan pumps Station Custom Parts Fabrication And Test, City of Portland,...
Oregon 05-27-2019
479734 Sealed bid for Maloney Pumping Plant, Greenridge Pumping Plant And Sobrante WTP Improvements, California.
...furnish and install three 1.5MGD, 75HP motors on existing pumps at the Greenridge PP, and electrical equipment and controls,...
California 06-12-2019
479675 Sealed bid for Jordan Station Sump Pump/Foundation Drain Disconnection Pilot Program Development, Ontario.
...necessary to complete the identification of properties with sump pumps/foundation drains connected to the sanitary sewer system, and the...
Ontario 06-11-2019
479644 Sealed bid for Capital Needs Assessment for Three (3) Wastewater Pumping Stations, Ontario.
...facilities will be provided to the Consultant.? All the pumps should be visually inspected for conditions such as appearance,...
Ontario 06-13-2019