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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
490729 Sealed bid for Vacuum Liquid Chemical Feeder, New York.
...The Westchester County, Pumping Equipment And Accessories 72055 Proportioning pumps: Chemical Feed, Metering, Positive Displacement, And Injector pumps, JCS...
New York 08-15-2019
490228 Sealed bid for Creekside Ranch Lift Station Expansion Project, Texas. mobilization, bonds and insurance; demolition of 2 submersible pumps, riser piping and valves; installation of 2 submersible pumps,...
Texas 08-16-2019
490006 Sealed bid for Lakeview Mobile Village Wastewater Connection To The City Of Sebring Project, Florida.
...of the lift station with new lining, new sewage pumps, valve box, panel box, junction box, meter can and...
Florida 08-13-2019
489911 Sealed bid for MV Lift Station Replacement, Arizona.
...Dewater site for lift station installation;• Install lift station, pumps guide rails, plumbing tree, valves and related appurtenances;• Install...
Arizona 08-08-2019
489720 Sealed bid for 19 02, Municipal Well Pump Maintenance and Repair, Minnesota.
...the following estimated quantities: 5 submersible type municipal well pumps.A bid bond for five (5%) percent of the amount...
Minnesota 08-15-2019
489693 Sealed bid for Sewer Pump Replacement, South Carolina.
...Kershaw County, Camden, South Carolina.The replacement of submersible sewage pumps in two (2) duplex sewage pumping stations, including the...
South Carolina 08-08-2019
489672 Sealed bid for Toshiba Variable Frequency Drive , California.
...foul air blowers, digester gas flares, return activated sludge pumps, tertiary feed pumps, primary sludge pumps and raw influent...
California 08-13-2019
489603 Sealed bid for Electric Motors & pumps Services, Tennessee.
... Electric Motors & pumps Services, City of Chattanooga, Tennessee.Sealed Bids in duplicate will...
Tennessee 08-14-2019
489600 Sealed bid for River Intake pumps - 2019, Oregon.
... Sealed bid for River Intake pumps - 2019, City of Pendleton, Oregon.The City herein referred...
Oregon 08-13-2019
489567 Sealed bid for Mission Road Well Site - Well #8 Well Maintenance, Michigan.
...should be included in each detailed proposal:o Mobilization/Demobilizationo Pull pumpso Replace Drop Pipes (Certa Lok Drop Pipe shall be...
Michigan 08-07-2019
489554 Sealed bid for Valve Services, Massachusetts.
...Butterfly Valves Regulators Actuators Hydrometers Pump Governors Vacuum Regulators/Breakers pumps (Industrial).A Pre-bid meeting will be August 5th, 2019 at...
Massachusetts 08-14-2019
489543 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Lift Station and Force Main to serve Hoover Industrial Park 2nd Addition, Kansas.
...a duplex lift station: Low level alarm, Stop all pumps level, Start lead pump, start lag pump & high...
Kansas 08-16-2019
489366 Sealed bid for Sewer and Grinder Parts, Texas.
...5hp, 230 volt, 3 phase, grinder pump w/50' sump pumps: submersible and non-submersible hpgh300m4-2; hydromatic 3hp, 460volt, 3 phase...
Texas 08-08-2019
489345 Sealed bid for Basement Flood Remdiation, Kansas.
...storm sewerage system and related work.A. Sump casings.B. Sump pumps, piping, and electrical.C. Underground pipe and fittings.D. Manhole access...
Kansas 08-15-2019
489299 Sealed bid for Remove & Replace CHW & HHW Piping Project, Texas.
...ChW supply and return pipes, FCUs, exhaust fans, ChW pumps, and add HHW pump. Location Heaton Hall, 444 Ross...
Texas 08-13-2019
489262 Sealed bid for Supply and Delivery of Chemical Feed pumps, Ontario.
... Sealed bid for Supply and Delivery of Chemical Feed pumps, City of Cornwall, Ontario.Project Description:This project involves the supply...
Ontario 08-08-2019
489252 Sealed bid for West Plant Dissolved Air Flotation Tanks Rehabilitation Project, Pennsylvania.
...the Owner through hoses or piping, or by using pumps if hydraulic conditions so require them. The Contractor shall...
Pennsylvania 08-14-2019
489218 Sealed bid for Lift Station No. 1 Improvements,Michigan.
...lift station; including wet well, valve chamber, meter chamber, pumps, valves, piping, electrical, instrumentation and controls. Station shall include...
Michigan 08-14-2019
489193 Sealed bid for ReBid Floodwater Dewatering Pump Rental, North Carolina.
...with the Towns Floodwater Management Discharge Plan. The dewatering pumps, support equipment and technicians will be employed for emergency...
North Carolina 08-13-2019
489105 Sealed bid for On-Call Bypass Pumping Services, Rhode Island.
...the WSA requirement.2.  Equipment:• Vendor will supply portable sewerage pumps that must have a minimum transport capacity of 50...
Rhode Island 08-16-2019