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430830 Sealed bid for Drifting Ridge Pump Station New Installation, New York.
...station in the Drifting Ridge Subdivision. The existing duplex pumps and level transducer will be removed from the existing...
Pumps New York United States 07-19-2018
430655 Sealed bid for Submersible Chopper Pump, Pennsylvania.
...60 hz 15hp 1750 rpm motor, 464 impeller Hydraulic pumps, Hand and Motor Driven.Closing Date: July 17, 2018 at...
Pumps Pennsylvania United States 07-17-2018
430599 Sealed bid for Parker P2 series Axial Piston Varial Displacement pumps, Oklahoma.
...Parker P2 series Axial Piston Varial Displacement pumps, Grand River Dam Authority, Vinita, Oklahoma.Pump, variable displacement, axial...
Pumps Oklahoma United States 07-19-2018
430312 Sealed bid for Barnes Sithe Chopper Pump, North Carolina.
...Barnes Sithe Chopper Pump Model 4XSCDI-75N6 Explosion-Proof 7.5HP Chopper pumps for Parkwood Pumping Station.Barnes Sithe Chopper Pump Model 4XSCDI-75N6...
Pumps North Carolina United States 07-16-2018
430132 Sealed bid for Parkers Crossroads Rv Campground Wastewater Pumping Station, Tennessee.
...submersible 60-inch diameter duplex wastewater pumping station, including submersible pumps, controls,\ fiberglass basin assembly, site work, fencing, entrance, soil...
Contractors/Construction Tennessee United States 07-19-2018
430098 Sealed bid for Kingfield Wastewater Pump Station Upgrades, Maine.
...Residential Pump Station Upgrade. Work Will Generally Include: New pumps, Slide Rails, Controls, Outlet Piping, Access Hatches, And Safety...
Pumps Maine United States 07-16-2018
429914 Sealed bid for Lift Station Rehab Project Phase I,South Dakota.
...I,Lake Poinsett Sanitary  District,Arlington,South Dakota.    Removal of existing submersible pumps, rails, controls, piping and appurtenances. (5 Duplex Lift Stations)...
Contractors/Construction South Dakota United States 07-18-2018
429861 Sealed bid for OPN2116051B2 - pumps, Various Brands,Florida.
...Sealed bid for OPN2116051B2 - pumps, Various Brands,Broward County ,Fort Lauderdale,Florida.A. Scope: Vendors are invited...
Pumps Florida United States 07-20-2018
429859 Sealed bid for Booster Water pumps and Variable Frequency Drives, Alabama.
...Sealed bid for Booster Water pumps and Variable Frequency Drives, Huntsville Utilities, Huntsville, Alabama. You are...
Pumps Alabama United States 07-17-2018
429793 Sealed bid for La Costa Golf Course Line / Quebrada Line Realignment, California.
...water pollution control measures, provide sewer bypass including all pumps, piping and emergency backup pumps and/or generators, remove and...
Contractors/Construction California United States 07-19-2018
429725 Sealed bid for pumps & Electric Motors, New York.
...B 18-551A pumps & Electric Motors - Purchase, Repair, Service & Parts,...
Contractors/Construction New York United States 07-17-2018
429695 Sealed bid for Lift Station & Force Main Improvements, Louisiana.
...force main improvements. Installation of 3 EA sanitary sewerage pumps at the Phoenix square lift station #8, installation of...
Contractors/Construction Louisiana United States 07-20-2018
429657 Bid invited for WWTP Lift Station Pump Replacement, Texas.
...includes removal and replacement of the existing lift station pumps with four (4) submersible pumps including lift chains, power...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 07-20-2018
429654 Sealed proposal for Pump and Motor Maintenance Service - Little Bow Headworks System, Alberta.
...contractor to service four (4) PACO model 6095-1 LF pumps, and four (4) Siemens RGZP 40 HP electric motors...
Pumps Alberta Canada 07-20-2018
429621 Sealed bid for 4-Inch Flygt Sump pumps, New Jersey.
...for the supply and delivery of 4-Inch Flygt Sump pumps 2018-2020, Middlesex County Utilities Authority, Sayreville, New Jersey.The Goods...
Pumps New Jersey United States 07-20-2018
429463 Invitation to bid for Purchase Of A Final Clarifier Scum Chopping Pump, Alabama
...of the City of Mobile, Alabama New vertical pedestal chopper pumps shall be provided in the locations noted. The pumps shall...
Treatment Plant Equipment Alabama United States 07-19-2018
429352 Sealed bid for Water Service and Pump Project, New Hampshire.
...bids for installing a new water service and booster pumps at Raymond High School, located at 45 Harriman Hill...
Pumps New Hampshire United States 07-19-2018
429291 Sealed bid for Multiple Water And Wastewater Facility Proejcts, North Carolina.
...• Demolition and removal of 3 existing raw water pumps including associated piping and electrical components; • Purchase and...
Water / Wastewater North Carolina United States 07-18-2018
429277 Sealed bid for Installation of Observation Wells, New Jersey.
...disinfection of new wells. Geophysical Logs. Installation of well pumps, controls and electric service Pump testing of wells. Restoration...
Well Systems & Equipment New Jersey United States 07-17-2018
429258 Sealed bid for Hog pumps, Texas.
...IFS : B3181019 3" x 4' Hog pumps, Dallas Water Utilities, Dallas, Texas.Sealed bid for Water Utilities...
Pumps Texas United States 07-10-2018

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