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407334 Sealed bid for Liquid Oxygen Supply and Maintenance, California.
...64591. Examples include, but are not limited to, valves, pumps, flow meters, protective materials (coatings, linings, liners), joining and...
Chemicals California United States 02-21-2018
407255 Sealed bid for Lakeview Retreat Water Plant No.1 – Phase I,Texas.
...hydropneumatics tank, three (3) 1,100 gallon per minute booster pumps, one (1) CMU control buildings, one (1) emergency diesel...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 02-21-2018
407217 Sealed bid for Twin Mountain Formation Potable Water Supply Well Project ,Texas. Twin Mountain Formation potable water supply well, well pumps, and required appurtenances and TCEQ approved closure of an...
Well Systems & Equipment Texas United States 02-22-2018
407177 Sealed bid for Misc. Pump Parts (Fairbanks Morse), Texas.
...annual supply of miscellaneous pump parts for Fairbanks Morse pumps. Closing Date: February 21, 2018 at 12:00 PM CST.Please see...
Pumps Texas United States 02-21-2018
407131 Bid invited for South Columbus Water Resource Facility Improvements, Georgia
...Installation of three new dry pit, extended shaft influent pumps and associated piping and valves.• Replacement of existing valves...
Contractors/Construction Georgia United States 02-22-2018
407043 Sealed bid for Watson Marlow Bredel Loadsure, Texas.
...With Pp 3/4" Connections For Eswtp Liquid Ferric Sulfate pumps. Mfg: Watson Marlow Part : 902.0170.Ppc All Products Must...
Chemicals Texas United States 02-12-2018
406875 Sealed bid for Drain Maintenance Chemicals, Kansas.
...available for delivery in 55-gallon drums with manual dispenser pumps being used for dispensing. Pricing should be for both...
Chemicals Kansas United States 02-21-2018
406802 Bid invited for DWSRF Pump Station Improvements (TWDB Project No.62616), Texas
...building, site piping, a chlorination system, and all associated pumps, valves, piping, electrical improvements and appurtenances at well site...
Pumps Texas United States 02-22-2018
406769 Sealed bid for Graves Reservoir Replacement Project, California.
...the demolition and removal of the existing Graves Reservoir, pumps, piping and associated facilities and construction of new Graves...
Contractors/Construction California United States 02-13-2018
406767 Sealed bid for Well Water Pump Repair and Maintain Services Northern, California.
...provides an on-call, task order to repair and maintain pumps, filtration and machinery equipment for the wells and lift...
Pumps California United States 02-08-2018
406748 Bid invited for Copeland Lane Booster Pump Replacements, Texas
...Lane Booster Pump Replacements, Porter, Texas Removal of existing booster pumps and replacement with two (2) 1000 GPM booster pumps...
Pumps Texas United States 02-20-2018
406685 Sealed bid for Contract # 5240, Repair of Three (3) Large Horizontal Drainage pumps (C,D & E) At Drainage, Louisiana . for Repair of Three (3) Large Horizontal Drainage pumps (C,D & E) At Drainage, Sewerage and Water Board...
Contractors/Construction Louisiana United States 02-23-2018
406665 Sealed bid for 1625.6 Gore Hill pumpstation Pump Replacement, Montana .
...Sealed bid for 1625.6 Gore Hill pumpstation Pump Replacement, City of Great Falls, Montana.The project consists...
Pumps Montana United States 02-21-2018
406627 Sealed bid for Lift Station Improvements , South Dakota.
...and fascia.2. Remove and replace building sill plate.3. Remove pumps, piping, fittings, valves and related items.4. Furnish and install...
Contractors/Construction South Dakota United States 02-20-2018
406608 Sealed bid for Wastewater Treatment Plant HVAC Rehabilitation , Alaska.
...metal duct work and hoods; glycol piping, tanks and pumps; domestic cold and hot water piping; vents and thermostats’;...
Treatment Plant Equipment Alaska United States 02-22-2018
406584 Sealed bid for 320001 - ARDEC Water Supply System Upgrade,Colorado.
...Probes), 100 FeetLabor/ServiceVendor To Provide Startup For Skid With pumps, Holding Tank, Valves & Integrated Controls.Exclusions:Demo/Removal Of Existing UnitControlsInstallation...
Water / Wastewater Colorado United States 02-09-2018
406542 Sealed bid for Pump Station Rehabilitation Phase IVA , Virginia .
...replacement of all major mechanical and electrical equipment including pumps, piping, HVAC, ductwork, plumbing, wiring, conduit, and control panels....
Pumps Virginia United States 02-22-2018
406540 Sealed bid for Waste Hauling, Alberta.
...and provide some cleaning of the tanks and spill pumps. The Proponents must follow the sanitary sewer disposal requirements...
Contractors/Construction Alberta Canada 02-23-2018
406468 Sealed bid for 18-0087: Pump Repair, Parts And Replacement, Texas .
...Attachment E, attached separately, is a partial listing of pumps currently in use. Pump size will range from but...
Pumps Texas United States 02-22-2018
406447 Sealed bid for 18-006 Sewer Grinder pumps , Arkansas.
...Sealed bid for 18-006 Sewer Grinder pumps ,City of Hot Springs Arkansas. 2HP new sewer Grinder...
Pumps Arkansas United States 02-12-2018

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