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480544 Sealed bid for Television & Video Condition Assessment of Gravity Sewer Mains ,Rhode Island.
...detailed inspection of the interceptor to determine condition of pipeline. This includes identifying all deficiencies such as cracks, joint...
Rhode Island 06-12-2019
480438 Sealed bid for 2019 Cured-In-Place Water Main Rehabilitation, Illinois.
...NSF/ANSI Standard 61 certification for use in potable water pipelines are acceptable.A Pre/Bid Proposal Conference: MANDATORY PRE-BID Wednesday, June...
Illinois 06-14-2019
480348 Sealed bid for Bower Ponds – Force Main and Lift Station Replacement – Phase 1, Alberta.
...the installation of 145 m of 75 mm HDPE pipeline and abandonment of existing force main.Closing Date:- June 10,...
Alberta 06-10-2019
480110 Sealed bid for Grass Hill Generator Ground Storage Tank and Pump Station, Texas.
...the drawings and the Technical Specifications providedUnderground Facilities--All underground pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels, or...
Texas 06-11-2019
480017 Sealed bid for Engineering Services for a Wastewater System Master Plan and Hydraulic Model Update,California.
...collection system consists of approximately 72 miles of sewer pipelines, ranging from small 6-inch sewer lines to large 42-inch...
California 06-06-2019
479954 Sealed bid for CCTV Camera System, British Columbia.
...9:00 a.m., at the Coquitlam Watershed, located at 2050 pipeline Road, Coquitlam, BC.Closing Date: June 06, 2019 at 07:00...
British Columbia 06-06-2019
479672 Sealed bid for 9060 - Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment,California.
...for 9060 - Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment,City of San Jose,California.pipeline CleaningDocumenting the type, severity and total volume of material...
California 06-13-2019
479662 Sealed bid for (Rebid) Alviso Storm Sewer Condition Assessment Repairs,California. new and existing storm sewer main and lateral pipelines, new frames and covers.Payment will be made under:Concentric Manhole,...
California 06-13-2019
479540 Sealed bid for WTP 48-in Hinkle Bypass pipeline Improvements Project, California.
... WTP 48-in Hinkle Bypass pipeline Improvements Project, San Juan Water District, Granite Bay, California.The...
California 06-06-2019
479451 Sealed bid for Owens Lake Butterfly Valves 16", 18", & 20", California.
...Department will install the valve in a horizontalor vertical pipeline. The valve shall be designed for fully open and...
California 06-11-2019
479404 Sealed bid for 2nd Ave NW (CSAH 5) Watermain Improvements, Minnesota.
...road or street), utility and street construction, water transmission pipelines.Closing Date:- June 6, 2019 at 2:00 P.M. CDT.Please see...
Minnesota 06-06-2019
479338 Sealed bid for pipeline Rehabilitation AV-1, California.
... Sealed bid for pipeline Rehabilitation AV-1, City of San Diego, California. Scope of Work:...
California 06-13-2019
479270 Sealed bid for Phase 1 – Improvements,Nebraska.
...Install External Frame Seal 6.00 Ea114 706.000 Perform Cctv pipeline Inspection (Post 30 Days) 4,163.00 Lf115 706.000 Perform Cctv...
Nebraska 06-03-2019
478959 Sealed bid for East Main Street Improvements Southside, Ohio. any damage that may be done to them.A. pipelines, Sewers and Conduits1. All pipe shall have bedding extending...
Ohio 05-24-2019
478914 Sealed bid for Water Transmission Line Replacement, New Mexico.
...Mexico.The Project consists of replacing the Town’s water transmission pipeline with new pipe. The transmission line connects the Town’s...
New Mexico 06-06-2019
478824 Sealed bid for Cross Valley and Calero pipeline Inspection and Rehabilitation Project, California.
... Cross Valley and Calero pipeline Inspection and Rehabilitation Project, Santa Clara Valley Water District,...
California 05-26-2019
478817 Sealed bid for RFQ Berth 2 Storm Sewer Realignment Project, Washington.
...Berth 2 Storm Sewer Realignment project abandons a stormwater pipeline and installs a new pipeline to circumvent a shred...
Washington 05-30-2019
478663 Sealed bid for 2019 Cipp Sewer Rehabilitation Project , California.
...of 8", 12", 15" , and 18" diameter sewer pipelines by installation of cured-in-place-pipe liners including reinstatement of sewer...
California 06-12-2019
478543 Sealed bid for pipeline Contractor's Pre-Qualification Project, Georgia.
... pipeline Contractor's Pre-Qualification Project, Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority, Marietta, Georgia.The...
Georgia 06-13-2019
478483 Sealed bid for WPCF Effluent Return pipeline Replacement, Iowa.
... Sealed bid for WPCF Effluent Return pipeline Replacement, City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.Description of WorkThe Work...
Iowa 06-12-2019