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407891 Sealed bid for 71280 2017 CIP Water pipeline Replacement Project,California.
...Sealed bid for 71280 2017 CIP Water pipeline Replacement Project,City of Redlands,California.Sewer & Storm Drain Facilities section,...
Contractors/Construction California United States 02-22-2018
407675 Sealed bid for On Call - Utility Tradesmen On Call,Colorado.
...expose an existing 8-inch diameter ductile iron water main pipeline; Saw cut a 4-foot section out of the existing...
Contractors/Construction Colorado United States 02-22-2018
407458 Sealed bid for 18171, Kanab Water Project, Utah.
...Pipe needs to be made from 4710 resin. ( pipelines have been engineered for 4710 pipe pressure ratings)• Pipe...
Pipe Utah United States 02-15-2018
407416 Sealed bid for Epoxy, Brush Grade, California.
...For Use As A Corrsion Protection Coating On Steel pipeline Joints And Fittings. Shore D Hardness = 85 Min,...
Misc. Services California United States 02-14-2018
407235 Sealed bid for Bishop Ranch Transmission Main pipeline Vault Upgrade, California.
...Bishop Ranch Transmission Main pipeline Vault Upgrade, Goleta, California.The District seeks a qualified licensed...
Pipe California United States 02-23-2018
407219 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Trenchless Rehabilitation Project,Utah .
...Project,City of Springville,Utah .Rehabilitate sanitary sewer manholes and main pipelines by the trenchless methodology selected (CIPP-cured in place pipe,...
Contractors/Construction Utah United States 02-21-2018
406994 Sealed bid for 17-0060 Olive Street Water Main Imporvements, Michigan.
...years of experience in construction of potable water main pipelines.(2) Pipe Bursting Water Main installation of at least 10,000...
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 02-21-2018
406940 Sealed bid for Roberto R. Bustamante Wastewater Treatment Plant - Alternatives to Expansion, Texas.
...of facilities which includes approximately 990 miles of collection pipelines and 34 lift stations. The five primary interceptors with...
Water / Wastewater Texas United States 02-20-2018
406817 Sealed bid for Assess Storm Sewer Systems, Michigan.
...materials necessary to complete the work including storm sewer pipeline and drainage structure cleaning, defect identification and condition assessment...
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 02-20-2018
406759 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment 2017-2018 Pkg. III Project, California
...Sewer Condition Assessment 2017-2018 Pkg. III Project, San Jose, California pipeline Cleaning, Documenting the type, severity and total volume of...
Contractors/Construction California United States 02-22-2018
406757 Sealed bid for 2018 Waterline Project, Utah
...consists of the construction of five different drinking water pipeline replacement projects throughout Midvale, Utah. The 7200 South Street...
Contractors/Construction Utah United States 02-22-2018
406621 Sealed bid for 17-18 Street Improvements,California.
...the host pipeUtility - Tracks, overhead or underground wires, pipeline, conduits, ducts, structures, sewers, or storm drains owned, operated,...
Contractors/Construction California United States 02-19-2018
406422 Sealed bid for North Hollywood Ammonia Station Combined Flow Meter, California.
...must fit on the existing hardware already on the pipeline.Closing Date: February 08, 2018 at 02:00 PM PST.Please see...
Meters California United States 02-08-2018
406411 Sealed bid for Club Storm Drain Rehabilitation Project , California.
...existing 24” storm drain pipe, install 24” Cured-In Place pipeliner and associated incidental work.A The Drawings may indicate existing...
Contractors/Construction California United States 02-21-2018
406299 Sealed bid for 2018 Neighborhood Street Project,Texas
...Public Works Construction 2,000 LF 8" PVC SDR-35 sewer pipeline installed in existing trench line400 LF 4" PVC SDR-35...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 02-20-2018
406117 Sealed bid for On-Call Maintenance for The Irrigation Distribution System, California.
...These appurtenances may include, but are not limitied to, pipelines, valves, meters, baffle stands, or the repair of leaks,...
Contractors/Construction California United States 02-20-2018
405960 Sealed bid for Well No. 15 pipeline Segment & Sampling Station Project, California
... Well No. 15 pipeline Segment & Sampling Station Project, Lindsay, California The City of...
Well Systems & Equipment California United States 02-21-2018
405947 Sealed bid for 16-18, On-Call Geotechnical Services 2018, Texas .
...and Buried)- Booster Stations- Lift Stations- Water and Sewer pipelines and Plants- Utility Tunneling Projects- Stormwater Collection, Conveyance, and...
Water / Wastewater Texas United States 02-14-2018
405945 Bid invited for CN 1864 Riviera Circle pipeline Replacement Project - D17035, California
... CN 1864 Riviera Circle pipeline Replacement Project - D17035, Marin Municipal Water District, Corte...
Pipe California United States 02-13-2018
405920 Bid invited for 14-18 Emergency Underwater 12" Water Main Repair, Florida
...side of the North Causeway Bridge due to suspected pipeline failure. Divers utilizing surface supplied air diving equipment with...
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 02-15-2018

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