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535746 Sealed bid for Water Main Replacement in the Area of State Line Road,Missouri.
...City,Missouri.Underground Facilities - All pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels or other such facilities or attachments,...
Missouri 05-30-2020
534710 Sealed bid for 11th Street W Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project, Montana.
...main. Also included in the project is; sanitary sewer manholes, sanitary sewer service connections, paved surface restoration, concrete flatwork...
Montana 05-25-2020
534684 Sealed bid for 2020 Sanitary Sewer & manhole Improvements Project, Pennsylvania.
... 2020 Sanitary Sewer & manhole Improvements Project, Southern Delaware County Authority, Boothwyn, Pennsylvania. Sealed bids...
Pennsylvania 06-01-2020
534620 Sealed bid for Utility Improvements, Minnesota.
...Description:    Construction of a lift station, gravity collection lines, manholes, water main extensions, fire hydrants and appurtenances. A complete...
Minnesota 05-29-2020
534540 Sealed bid for Summit Street and North Street, Illinois.
...HMA Surface Course, Curb & Gutter Repairs, Sidewalk Repairs, manholes to be Adjusted, Water Valves to be Adjusted, and...
Illinois 06-01-2020
534477 Sealed bid for manhole Repairs, Minnesota.
... Sealed bid for manhole Repairs, City of Duluth, Minnesota.Repair ten steam manholes at...
Minnesota 06-01-2020
534381 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation TXDBG No. 7219179 Project, Texas. service lines and cleanouts. Remove and replace 11 manholes. Bonds required. Prevailing wages apply.Estimate: $278,000.Closing Date: May 28,...
Texas 05-28-2020
534191 Sealed bid for 2020 Asphalt Road Resurfacing, Ontario.
...with a slope of 10:1 around the frames of manholes and catch basins protruding from the base course asphalt,...
Ontario 06-01-2020
534186 Sealed bid for 42580 On I-65 At The West Street Interchange, Indiana.
...15 In. 1.00 EachOutlet Protector, 1 2.00EachInlet, R13 1.00 Eachmanhole, C4 1.00 EachInlet, R13 Modified 2.00 Each.Closing Date:- May...
Indiana 05-28-2020
534182 Sealed bid for 39731 On I-65 At Various Locations, Indiana.
...2A 6011.00 SysAggregate For Underdrains 677.00 CysInlet, E7 1.00 Eachmanhole, C4 3.00 Each.Closing Date:- May 28, 2020 at 10:00...
Indiana 05-28-2020
534152 Sealed bid for Pacific Electric Trail Storm Drain and Slope Improvements, California.
...placement of flowable lightweight concrete, constructing a storm drain manhole, and planting new trees.Closing Date:- May 26, 2020 at...
California 05-26-2020
534046 Sealed bid for 12th Street Jump Start Impvts, Arkansas.
...163 L.F.18.02 Fencing 6' Chain LinkSp-1 4' Dia Sanitary manhole 2 EaSp-2 8" Sdr-35 Sewer Main 49 L.F.Sp-3 Sanitary...
Arkansas 05-27-2020
533864 Sealed bid for State Street Sanitary Sewer Repairs, Illinois.
...SDR 26 8 EA3 Sewer Main Connection to Existing manhole 2 EA4 CLSM Trench Backfill 1,000 CY5 Stormwater Pollution...
Illinois 05-26-2020
533837 Sealed bid for 2020 Street Program, Kentucky.
...for 2020 Street Program, City of Alexandria, Kentucky.Storm sewer manholes, inlets and catch basins shall be constructed as per...
Kentucky 05-28-2020
533836 Sealed bid for Wm. Blatt & East Walnut Alley Reconstruction Project, Kentucky.
...thereto.The Contractor shall supply separate bid items for raising manholes using manhole adjustment rings and for using brick and...
Kentucky 05-28-2020
533830 Sealed bid for Electrical Improvements Pump Station No. 2,Texas.
...will provide for lowering the new pumps in the manhole if necessary due to rails being misaligned or damaged.Estimate:...
Texas 06-01-2020
533829 Sealed bid for Pavement Improvements, Wyoming.
...tack coat, 6 water valve grade rings, 14 sewer manhole grade rings, 46,666 SY Chip Seal and pavement re-striping.Work...
Wyoming 05-28-2020
533823 Sealed bid for Fm 156 Water & Wastewater Main Extension, Texas.
...of 10” SDR 26 PVC sanitary sewer main, 6 manholes and other associated items. A Bid Security in the...
Texas 05-21-2020
533763 Sealed bid for 2020 Sanitary & Storm Sewer Inspection & Cleaning Services,Colorado.
...feet of storm sewer piping 18-inches in diameter, including manholes and line connections. The inspection is to be conducted...
Colorado 05-28-2020
533752 Sealed bid for Piney View Collection System Improvements, West Virginia.
...Crossing Steel Casing Pipe, install 16 Eccentric Cone Top manholes (material furnished), 1 Eccentric Cone Top manholes (complete), 8...
West Virginia 05-28-2020