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457326 Sealed bid for D263868 Milling & Resurfacing of Approx. 7.2 Miles of I-81, New York.
...Inch Diameter 190.000 LfAltering Drainage Structures, Leaching Basins And manholes 1.000 EachNderdrain Filter Type 2 250.000 CyCleaning Drainage Structures...
New York 01-10-2019
457151 Sealed bid for D263869 Route 28 Rehabilitation, New York.
...Culvert Pipe 82.000 EachAltering Drainage Structures, Leaching Basins And manholes 2.000 EachRectangular Drainage Structure Type F For #11 Welded...
New York 01-10-2019
456567 Sealed bid for South Tower Street Mill and Overlay 17-10016.200, Wisconsin.
...L.F. 12 inch storm sewer, 2 storm inlets, storm manhole.Closing Date:  January 14, 2019, at 10:00 AM CST.Please see...
Wisconsin 01-14-2019
456533 Sealed bid for Brainerd Golf Course Pump Station Safety Improvements, Tennessee.
...of the existing pump station; a new receiving discharge manhole at the force main sewer discharge; power to the...
Tennessee 01-10-2019
456531 Sealed bid for (PH 1A & 1B) Dry Weather Diversion & Salinas Treatment Facility Storage & Recovery Projects,California.
...Projects,City of Monterey, California. Construction of new packaged metering manhole to measure stormwater flows diverted cast in place concrete...
California 01-08-2019
456489 Sealed bid for 2018 Transmission Main Improvements,Iowa.
...iron or steel: lined or  unlined  pipes  and  fittings,  manhole  covers  and  other  municipal  castings,  hydrants,  tanks,  flanges,  pipe ...
Iowa 01-14-2019
456425 Sealed bid for Multiple Buildings Demolition - 2018 Project, Georgia.
...and plugged at the property line or at the manhole at the lower side of the property line. All...
Georgia 01-09-2019
456417 Sealed bid for 0018-05-095 Work Consisting of Resurface of Existing Highway Webb County,Texas.
...shafts, bridge columns, bridge abutments, wingwalls, approach slabs, inlets, manholes, junction boxes, ground boxes and all concrete riprap.   Please...
Texas 01-09-2019
456399 Sealed bid for Water, Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drainage Improvements for Heartland Phase 12B, Texas. place at 50-foot stations plus PC’s, PT’s, inlets, manholes and other structures. Lot corners will be provided for...
Texas 01-15-2019
456396 Sealed bid for Intersection Improvements at Main St. & Maple Ave. Virginia.
...of Purcellville, Virginia.All underground pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels, or other such facilities or attachments,...
Virginia 01-08-2019
456376 Sealed bid for Sewer Mains and Lateral Rehabilitation Lining, Iowa.
...inspection and quality assurance field sampling and testing from manhole to manhole.9. Defect repair/replacement.10. Contract closeout.Closing Date:- January 24,...
Iowa 01-14-2019
456374 Sealed bid for manhole Rehabilitation by a Lining Process, Iowa.
...Sealed bid for manhole Rehabilitation by a Lining Process, City of Indianola, Iowa....
Iowa 01-14-2019
456361 Sealed bid for 0186-04-032 Work Consisting of Landscape And Aesthetics Development Burleson County,Texas.
...driveways, paved parking areas, miscellaneous stone, sidewalks, drainage structures, manholes, inlets, abandoned railroad tracks, scrap iron, and debris, whether...
Texas 01-09-2019
456359 Sealed bid for 0128-04-038 Work Consisting of Reconstruct Roadway Mcculloch County,Texas.
...Separate Storm Sewer System.  474 Linear Drains465 Junction Boxes, manholes, And Inlets464 Reinforced Concrete Pipe462 Concrete Box Culverts And...
Texas 01-09-2019
456352 Sealed bid for 0015-08-142 Work Consisting Of Grading, Base, Hmacp, Pvmrk & Signs Williamson County,Texas.
...Strengths ForItem 247 Are Waived.Item 465 – Junction Boxes, manholes And InletsMaintain Drainage At Curb Inlets Until The Final...
Texas 01-09-2019
456337 Sealed bid for Grass Hill Ground Storage Tank Painting & Rehabilitation, Texas.
...companies for preserving and adjusting the various valves and manholes on the project. The City shall adjust all water...
Texas 01-15-2019
456317 Sealed bid for 0089-07-146 Work Consisting of Construct Frontage Roads Wharton County,Texas.
...They Will Be Subsidiary To The Pertinent ItemsJunction Boxes, manholes, And InletsProvide Cast Holes For Interim Drainage In Inlets...
Texas 01-08-2019
456284 Sealed bid for B6190449, Purchase of Sewer Brick, Texas .
...5?Brick 3,000 (2,500) 2,500 (17,235) 17 Size And Type manhole Brick Shall Be Stiff?Mud Production, 2 1/4 In. (5.7...
Texas 01-04-2019
456239 Sealed bid for 0241-02-054 Work Consisting of Construct Sidewalks Matagorda County,Texas.
...of Construct Sidewalks Matagorda County,Texas Department of Transportation,Austin,Texas.Junction Boxes, manholes, And InletsProvide Cast Holes For Interim Drainage In Inlets...
Texas 01-08-2019
456060 Sealed bid for 0581-01-137 Work Consisting of Replace Bridge And Approaches Dallas County,Texas.
...the various storm drain pipes.Tackweld all inlet grates and manhole covers to the frame with two 1-inch welds. Supply...
Texas 01-08-2019