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738655 Crushing Rubble Concrete , Minnesota.
...slabs).2. Large to small reinforced traffic signal foundations.3. Precast manhole sections/bottoms/tops, and reinforced concrete pipe(various diameters).into MNDOT Class 5...
Minnesota 11-28-2023
738619 2024 Sewer Repair Contract 1 , Iowa.
...Moines, Iowa.The improvement includes the construction of storm sewer, manholes, intakes, Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavement, Hot Mix Asphalt...
Iowa 11-28-2023
738568 Hook,Cover,manhole - Hardware Non-Electrical (Stock), Washington.
... Hook,Cover,manhole - Hardware Non-Electrical (Stock), City of Tacoma, Washington.The City...
Washington 11-29-2023
737988 Part A-2 : Infrastructure Improvements - Sterling East Addition Phase 1 , Kansas.
...1,009 LF 8" Sanitary Sewer Pipe12 4 EA Standard manhole (4' Diameter)13 1 LS Temporary Seeding14 1 LS Seeding...
Kansas 11-28-2023
737987 Part A-1 : Infrastructure Improvements - Sterling East Addition Phase 1 , Kansas.
...8,392 LF 8" Sanitary Sewer Pipe2 30 EA Standard manhole (4' Diameter)3 5 EA Shallow manhole (4' Diameter)4 79...
Kansas 11-28-2023
737392 Sewer Lagoons Maintenance Project,Utah.
...and 200 lf of 18” PVC sewer pipe and manholes/boxes to divert the sewer to different lagoons, install 2,206...
Utah 11-28-2023
737040 French Creek Church Road Pump Station Upgrade, Alberta.
...and modification of select underground pipingInstallation of a new manholeInstallation of piping, valves and fittings connecting existing reservoirs to...
Alberta 11-29-2023
737006 Corporate Drive Segments 2 & 3 , Texas.
...utility poles, guy lines, gas lines and meters, sewer manholes, cleanouts, etc.) which requires the contractor to plan work...
Texas 11-15-2023
736996 Sewer Ahead of Paving, Kline Avenue , Texas .
...8-inch gravity sewer pipe.(2) Installation of seven sanitary sewer manholes.C. The Contractor shall furnish all labor, equipment, and materials...
Texas 11-16-2023
736680 Downtown Sewer manhole Rehabilitation Phases 2,California.
... Downtown Sewer manhole Rehabilitation Phases 2,City of Bakersfield,California.The work to be performed...
California 11-28-2023
736679 Downtown Sewer manhole Rehabilitation Phases 1,California.
... Downtown Sewer manhole Rehabilitation Phases 1,City of Bakersfield,California.The work to be performed...
California 11-28-2023
736583 Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements,Iowa.
...& vault structure, wooden shed and flow meter readout, manhole and sewer line replacement, site restoration, and other miscellaneous...
Iowa 11-29-2023
736574 10JL - Dellrose Avenue Pipe Culvert Replacement,Virginia.
...sanitary sewer work, including replacing an existing sanitary sewer manhole with a precast sanitary sewer manhole with a vandal...
Virginia 11-20-2023
736312 Savannah Green Subdivision Streets and Alleys , Illinois.
...alley pavement reconstruction, street PCC patching, alley underdrain installation, manhole and inlet replacement, curb & gutter replacement, and all...
Illinois 11-16-2023
736142 T -42329-B on 62Nd Street, Indiana.
...For Pipe 1531.00 LftPipe End Section, Diameter 15 In. 1.00Eachmanhole, Type C15 2.00Eachmanhole, Type K8 1.00EachCasting, manhole, Adjust To...
Indiana 11-15-2023
736139 R -41877-B 0.43 Mile West of Sr 57, Indiana.
...West of Sr 57, Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, Indiana.manhole, Remove 1.00Eachmanhole, Remove 26.00EachPipe, Remove 3473.00 LftPipe, Remove 2949.00...
Indiana 11-15-2023
736138 41614-A On Us 136 From 1.53 Miles West of Us 41 To Us 41, Indiana.
...Adjust To Grade 1.00EachCasting, Inlet, Adjust To Grade 5.00EachCasting, manhole, Adjust To Grade 2.00EachClosing Date:- November 15, 2023 at...
Indiana 11-15-2023
736134 41299-A - Road Reconstruction, Indiana.
...Reconstruction, Indiana Department of Transportation, Indianapolis, Indiana.Inlet, Remove 7.00 Eachmanhole, Remove 5.00 EachPipe, Remove 773.00 LftExcavation, Common CysStormwater Management...
Indiana 11-15-2023
736129 Sanitary Sewer Improvements,Texas.
...1,271 LF of existing 8” sanitary sewer line, 6 manhole replacements, installation of 3 new manholes, and related appurtenances...
Texas 11-28-2023
735877 Boberg Diversion Structure manhole Replacement,Oregon.
... Boberg Diversion Structure manhole Replacement,City of Wilsonville,Oregon.Furnishing all materials, labor, equipment, and supervision...
Oregon 11-29-2023