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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
386829 Sealed bid for Received Pump Station # 1 Pump Replacements,Oregon.
...of 6.25 feet (on average) is maintained to promote groundwater seepage and keep the slough cooler to support watershed...
Pumps Oregon United States 09-25-2017
386357 Sealed bid for Nature Trail ADA Improvements,Pennsylvania.
...pitched to prevent water from running into excavated areas.Control groundwater and surface water during construction in order to maintain...
Sewer Misc Pennsylvania United States 09-18-2017
385914 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Video Inspection , Georgia .
...and other problematic areas that hinder flow or allow groundwater intrusion.  A written report with distances and documented deficiencies...
Pipe Georgia United States 09-22-2017
385600 Sealed bid for Project Management Information System, California.
...water, wastewater, recycled water, irrigation/drainage, regional stormwater protection and groundwater management services to a population of 265,000 throughout the...
Misc. Services California United States 09-25-2017
385541 Sealed bid for groundwater Monitoring Wells, Tennessee.
...groundwater Monitoring Wells, Waverly, Tennessee.The Deadline for submittals shall be...
Well Systems & Equipment Tennessee United States 09-25-2017
385266 Bid invited for 17/18-13 Water Meters And Copper Pipe, California
...and County of San Francisco Water Department, and local groundwater, the District has consistently been able to accomplish its...
Meters California United States 09-21-2017
384398 Sealed bid for SE 115th Avenue Utility Extension Project , Oregon .
...main, new sanitary sewer and water services, and pavement restoration.groundwater depth is approximately 14 feet below existing surface and...
Contractors/Construction Oregon United States 09-20-2017
384228 Sealed bid forGeyer Motor Sales Site-Remedial Investigation, Michigan.
...Investigation: Petroleum impacted soil remove, dispose and site restoration. groundwater Remove 5,000 Gal groundwater Dispose 5,000 Gal Excavate and...
Water / Wastewater Michigan United States 09-20-2017
384088 Sealed bid for Carlsbad Brine Well Remediation, New Mexico.
...Engineering, Engineer Services, Professional, Engineering Services (Not Otherwise Classified)Contaminated groundwater Services (Including Discharge Pipe Installation)Remediation Services, Environmental (Including Rehabilitation...
Well Systems & Equipment New Mexico United States 09-15-2017
383832 Sealed bid for 17-152 Geotechnical Services York Road,Ontario.
...watermain and sewer,ground water control,trench backfill,roadway,paviment,matarials ,thichness and compaction requirements.groundwater levels in all the borehole will be measured upon...
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 09-12-2017
383734 Sealed bid for 15910 Third Street Site - Remedial Investigation, Michigan. tanks, underground hydraulic lifts, and contaminated soil and/or groundwater. Placement and compaction of the excavation, and public sidewalk...
Tanks Michigan United States 09-20-2017
383677 Sealed bid for HPD16001 - Environmental Laboratory Analytical Services,Manitoba.
...of Canada (SCC). The work would entail analyzing soil, groundwater, surface water, sediment samples, and soil vapour samples.Closing Date:-...
Analytical Services & Testing Labs Manitoba Canada 09-13-2017
383669 Sealed bid for Sanitary Sewer Mainline and Service Lateral Maintenance Services, Bid #18A-013R , Delaware .
...The cured resin formation shall prevent the passage of groundwater (infiltration) and growth of roots.f. The cured resin shall...
Contractors/Construction Delaware United States 09-13-2017
383551 Sealed bid for Water Resources Plan Preparation,California.
...through an increasingly diverse portfolio of water resources. Local groundwater, combined with imported supplies, water recycling and water conservation...
Water / Wastewater California United States 09-25-2017
383478 Sealed bid for Water Well No. 12 Ground Water Treatment System Project, California
...install and construction of a 2,000 gallons per minute groundwater treatment system for Iron, Manganese, Color and Sulphur Dioxide...
Well Systems & Equipment California United States 09-19-2017
383455 Sealed bid for Meadow Creek Circle from the eastline of Arkansas Avenue, Kansas.
...Pipe Bedding MaterialTrench Stabilization (Improved Bedding)) for Pipes in groundwater“Sanitary/Storm Sewer, revise paragraphBackfill RequirementsFire HydrantsClosing Date: September 8, 2017...
Contractors/Construction Kansas United States 09-08-2017
383277 Sealed bid for RFP17 4419 UPS, PDU & Battery Maintenance, Florida.
...part of the Services to excavate soils or pump groundwater or storm water and such activities. The purpose of...
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 09-21-2017
383157 Sealed bid for 064-17SR Lab Services, Leachate Water & Soils Testing,Washington.
...& Soils Testing, County of Snohomish County,Everett,Washington.1    260    Standard groundwater General Chemistry Suite 2    241    Standard Ground Dissolved Metals...
Analytical Services & Testing Labs Washington United States 09-07-2017
383081 Sealed bid for Polk Street Well Destruction, California
...potential conduit for surface contamination or vertical mixing of groundwater A mandatory site inspection is scheduled for Friday, September...
Well Systems & Equipment California United States 09-18-2017
383061 Sealed bid for Landfill groundwater & Surface Water Management,Virginia.
...Sealed bid for Landfill groundwater & Surface Water Management,Fauquier County,Warrenton,Virginia.Landfill groundwater and Surface Water...
Analytical Services & Testing Labs Virginia United States 09-21-2017

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