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679801 Contract#2019-02094 – Eagle Valley Basin and Norton Pond Restoration, Pennsylvania.
...installation and maintenance of Erosion and Sedimentation Controls, pond dredging, storage and disposal of dredged material, and landscaping.Closing Date:...
Pennsylvania 01-17-2023
678881 Lake Palestine Lake Pump Station And Intake – Package 1, Texas.
...cubic yards of excavation including wet and dry portions, dredging including rock removal, temporary turbidity curtain, dewatering of dredged...
Texas 01-19-2023
678485 Fawn Pond Sediment Removal, Illinois.
... Fawn Pond Sediment Removal, Lake Carroll Association, Lanark, Illinois.Mechanical dredging of sediment from the bottom of a fishery pond...
Illinois 12-21-2022
675583 WTP Sediment Hauling , Montana.
...project is clean the sedimentation ponds from the yearly dredging activities at the City of Billings Water Treatment Plant. ...
Montana 12-20-2022
672621 Judy Drive Pond Maintenance and Sanitary Sewer Relocation , Georgia.
...including stormwater piping, sanitary gravity sewer relocation and pond dredging, all complete with appurtenances.Closing Date: December 13, 2022 at...
Georgia 12-13-2022
669577 Miacomet Pond dredging System , Massachusetts.
... Miacomet Pond dredging System , Town of Nantucket , Massachusetts.Miacomet Pond is...
Massachusetts 11-29-2022
667338 North Fork Reservoir dredging,North Carolina.
... North Fork Reservoir dredging,City of Hendersonville,North Carolina.Generally consists of the removal of accumulated...
North Carolina 11-17-2022
664367 Contract #2019-02094 – Eagle Valley Basin and Norton Pond Restoration , Pennsylvania.
...installation and maintenance of Erosion and Sedimentation Controls, pond dredging, storage and disposal of dredged material, and landscaping.Closing Date:-...
Pennsylvania 10-18-2022
664140 dredging/Cleaning of the backflush ponds , Tennessee.
... dredging/Cleaning of the backflush ponds , City of New Johnsonville...
Tennessee 10-14-2022
662686 Maintenance dredging , Ontario.
... Maintenance dredging , City of Whitby , Ontario.The intent of this...
Ontario 10-06-2022
661806 Mt. Haley No. 15 Drain , Michigan.
...Stormwater Channels, Erosion Control/Slope, Bank Stabilization, Watershed Protection/Riprap, Drainage, dredging, Ditches and Canals This is a drain improvement project...
Michigan 10-11-2022
661745 Lake Bonham Raw Water Intake Channel Improvements, Texas.
...Water District,Wylie, Texas.This Project includes the following work: Maintenance dredging of the Lake Bonham intake channel and removal of...
Texas 10-11-2022
660375 Tom Harpool Regional Water Treatment Plant Recovery Pond dredging Project, Texas.
... Tom Harpool Regional Water Treatment Plant Recovery Pond dredging Project,Upper Trinity Regional Water District, Lewisville, Texas.The Project includes...
Texas 09-23-2022
660325 WTP Raw Water Intake Screen Replacement Project,North Carolina.
...wedge-wire water supply intake screens (to be furnished by Owner)dredging in the vicinity of the intake screensRemoval of sand...
North Carolina 09-20-2022
660241 Q582301 - Severn River Headwaters dredging 2 , Maryland.
... Q582301 - Severn River Headwaters dredging 2 , Anne Arundel County, Annapolis, Maryland.The Work includes...
Maryland 10-04-2022
660219 Sludge Removal and Disposal Services at Aerated Lagoon Wastewater Treatment Plant,Louisiana. be performed under this contract generally includes hydraulic dredging of the Aerated Lagoon Wastewater Treatment Plant at the...
Louisiana 09-28-2022
660063 23-342-33 Pickle Pond Remedial and Habitat Design Project , Wisconsin.
...Resources, City of Superior , Wisconsin.    The project includes dredging of sediment in Pickle Pond to removal limits, sediment...
Wisconsin 09-30-2022
659978 Snyder and Balancing Reservoirs Silt Removal and Maintenance, Texas.
...Removal and Maintenance,Colorado River Municipal Water District,Big Spring, Texas.The dredging of silt from the Big Spring, Snyder and Balancing...
Texas 09-29-2022
659347 Pequannock Sludge Lagoon Remediation Contract No. 06-WS2022 , New Jersey.
...Newark , New Jersey . The work consists of the dredging, removal and proper disposal of sludge from the 48...
New Jersey 09-20-2022
658795 Maintenance Excavation and Removal of Sediment from Canals (20190283.00.RA) , North Carolina.
...proximity to Columbia, North Carolina. The work includes excavation (dredging), removal, transport, and off-site disposal of approximately 10,360 cubic...
North Carolina 09-22-2022