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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
488729 Sealed bid for Storm Network Upgrades, British Columbia.
...upsizing on Boyd Street, 400m of canal cleaning and dredging on Wood Street, and 20m of culvert replacement on...
British Columbia 08-08-2019
488536 Sealed bid for Channel dredging Project,Washington.
... Sealed bid for Channel dredging Project,South Columbia Basin Irrigation District,Cashmere,Washington.The project consists of dredging...
Washington 08-13-2019
487907 Sealed bid for Dam Gate Replacement & Structure Repair, Wisconsin.
...miscellaneous associated site work including dewatering, fencing, grading, drainage, dredging and restoration.Closing Date:- August 15, 2019 at 11:00 A.M....
Wisconsin 08-15-2019
487376 Sealed bid for Sediment Removal/Disposal, Miscellanesous Site Works, and Restoration of Storm Water Management Facility, Ontario.
...Restoration of the SWMF.The SWMF requires routine maintenance including dredging and sediment removal. This will involve site preparation activities...
Ontario 08-12-2019
487358 Sealed bid for Dam Seepage Filter and dredging-2019,Nebraska.
... Sealed bid for Dam Seepage Filter and dredging-2019,Lower Big Blue NRD,Lincoln,Nebraska.Project improvements include spillway improvements and lake...
Nebraska 08-13-2019
487273 Sealed bid for Approach channel dredging , Washington.
... Approach channel dredging, South Columbia Basin Irrigation District, Pasco, Washington.    The project...
Washington 08-13-2019
486382 Sealed bid for Portage Lake Outlet dredging, Michigan.
... Sealed bid for Portage Lake Outlet dredging, City of Hancock, Michigan.Project consists of dredging sediment deposited...
Michigan 08-07-2019
486212 Sealed bid for Engineering Consulting Services Project, Texas.
...CIZ1838-Dallas Water Department- Engineering Consulting Services Project Name: 2019 dredging Project at Various Locations Contract Number: 19-465E, Dallas Water...
Texas 08-02-2019
485950 Sealed bid for Re-Bid Rosemary Lake dredging Project, Massachusetts.
... Sealed bid for Rosemary Lake dredging Project, Town of Needham, Massachusetts.Price Contract Bid (see Sect....
Massachusetts 07-24-2019
485707 Sealed bid for Pond dredging, Illinois.
... Pond dredging, Naperville Park District, Naperville, Illinois.    The work consists of...
Illinois 07-25-2019
485183 Sealed bid for Prado Basin Sediment Management Demonstration Project, California. the Prado Wetlands to study the effectiveness of dredging for future sediment removal. The phase of the project...
California 07-30-2019
485147 Sealed bid for Pond dredging and Outlet Repair, Wisconsin.
... Project 6393423 Majestic Hills Pond dredging and Outlet Repair, Village of Sturtevant, Wisconsin.The intent of...
Wisconsin 07-17-2019
484691 Sealed bid for Storm System Activities Funding Analysis, California.
...and water quality. Public Works completed a Marina Lagoon dredging Assessment in May 2018 to evaluate dredging alternatives and...
California 07-31-2019
484209 Sealed bid for Randol Mill Park Pond Improvements Project,Texas.
...Pond Improvements Project,City of Arlington,Texas.This project primarily consists of dredging the pond located at Randol Mill Park through Hydraulic...
Texas 07-15-2019
483840 Sealed bid for Sewer Reconstruction (S19-2) / DPWP, Massachusetts.
...hoisting, grading, site work, including tree and brush removal, dredging or pneumatic hammering, or deliver construction equipment and/or supplies...
Massachusetts 07-17-2019
483805 Sealed bid for Oak Valley Flood Repairs, Wisconsin.
...feet of ditch grading, culvert replacements, waterways, stormwater drainage, dredging, ditches, clear & grubbing, associated erosion control and restoration.Closing...
Wisconsin 07-12-2019
483723 Sealed bid for NFM Gulf Acres South Channel dredging MSTBU Project,Florida.
... Sealed bid for NFM Gulf Acres South Channel dredging MSTBU Project,County of Lee,Fort Myers,Florida.Board of County Commissioners seeks...
Florida 07-11-2019
483474 Sealed bid for Stormwater Improvements, MSMP Projects 8, 23, and 27, Illinois.
...regrading, culvert replacement, new storm sewers, waterways, stormwater, drainage, dredging, ditches, sewer and water construction, stormwater improvements and structure...
Illinois 07-09-2019
483357 Sealed bid for Rebid 2019 Street Reconstruction, Wisconsin.
...36-Inch HDPE Storm Pipe. Construction culverts, waterways, stormwater, drainage, dredging, ditches, storm drain and paving, stormwater improvements, utility and...
Wisconsin 07-05-2019
481410 Sealed bid for Rebid Pick 'n Save Pond Retrofit, Wisconsin.
...and replacement of outfall system, culverts, waterways, stormwater, drainage, dredging, ditch and temporary and permanent erosion and sediment control...
Wisconsin 06-20-2019