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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
703491 White City Well,Florida.
...1  Ea     Sand/Pea Gravel Well Cavity Fill  10  Cy     dredging  24  Hrs     Closing Date:- May 23, 2023 at 9:00...
Florida 05-23-2023
701492 Ravine Terrace Roadway, Water Main, And Storm Sewer Improvements,Illinois.
...(Tree Trimming/Cutting/Maintenance), Stormwater Improvements, Manhole Frames & Lids, Drainage, dredging, Ditches, Canals, Miscellaneous, Street/Road Materials, General Contractors - Construction,...
Illinois 05-11-2023
701230 Lake Michigan Shoreline - Fema Disaster Response,Wisconsin.
...Fema Disaster Response,Village of Pleasant Prairie,Wisconsin.The project consists of dredging, bank stabilization, and storm sewer replacement of five (5)...
Wisconsin 05-11-2023
700175 Lake Nagawicka dredging at the Bark River,Wisconsin.
... Lake Nagawicka dredging at the Bark River,City of Delafield,Wisconsin.dredging of Lake Nagawicka...
Wisconsin 05-04-2023
699031 Lake Palestine Lake Pump Station And Intake - Package 1, Texas.
...cubic yards of excavation including wet and dry portions, dredging including rock removal, temporary turbidity curtain, dewatering of dredged...
Texas 05-25-2023
697263 90th Street Pond Refurbishment,Washington.
...Stormwater deten-tion pond improvements, includ-ing but not limited to dredging of sediment, installation of a new control structure manhole,...
Washington 04-06-2023
695336 Stormwater Management Facility (Pond) dredging and Associated Works at Various,Ontario.
... Stormwater Management Facility (Pond) dredging and Associated Works at Various,City of Hamilton,Ontario.The Work outlined...
Ontario 04-04-2023
694742 Chippewa Creek Flood Reduction Near Echo Lane Project, Ohio.
...Equipment, And Incidentals For Construction Of The Following Work: dredging Of Accumulated Sediment From A Stormwater Detention Basin *...
Ohio 04-12-2023
694741 Southerly Wetland Forebay dredging, Ohio.
...Southerly Wetland Forebay dredging, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Cleveland, Ohio.Taking bids to...
Ohio 04-10-2023
694705 1-23 dredging of Sludge Lagoon No. 1,Wisconsin.
... 1-23 dredging of Sludge Lagoon No. 1,City of Green Bay,Wisconsin.The work...
Wisconsin 04-04-2023
693969 Newton Park dredging Design, Florida.
...Newton Park dredging Design, St. Johns River Water Management District, Palatka, Florida.The...
Florida 04-06-2023
691299 LAS Sludge Removal, Georgia.
...Settling Pond Cleaning project will involve the use of dredging and de-watering technologies to reduce the volume of sludge...
Georgia 03-14-2023
691044 Sewer Lagoon Improvement, Mississippi.
...existing sewer line and associated minor point repairs. Hydraulic dredging to remove approximately 2,000 Cubic Yards of sludge from...
Mississippi 03-28-2023
690286 Packery Channel dredging & Beach Nourishment,Texas.
... Packery Channel dredging & Beach Nourishment,City of Corpus Christi,Texas.Overall work includes mobilization/demobilization,...
Texas 03-22-2023
689254 Sewer Phase 2 - Lagoon Decommissioning , Maryland.
...Decommissioning , Cecil County, Elkton, Maryland.Description of Work:  Pumping, dredging, dewatering, and disposal of approximately 382 dry tons of...
Maryland 04-05-2023
688992 Cross Creek Water Reclamation Facility and the Rockfish Creek Water Reclamation , North Carolina . provided. A minimum of 2.5 MG (not including dredging volumes), weather permitting, of biosolids is required to be...
North Carolina 03-14-2023
687229 2023-0058 Heritage Park Lake Water Quality and Habitat Improvements, Kansas.
...Recreation District, Shawnee Mission, Kansas.This project includes the mechanical dredging of sediments (176,000 CY) and native earthen materials (50,000...
Kansas 02-23-2023
686558 0001-2023 Channel dredging, Ontario.
... 0001-2023 Channel dredging, The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward, Wellington,...
Ontario 02-21-2023
686058 13318 WWW Reservoir Infrastructure Project Scoping, Concept Design, and Hazard Mitiga, Connecticut.
...and final description of all work required for the dredging of a reservoir, repairs and improvements to a dam,...
Connecticut 02-27-2023
679801 Contract#2019-02094 – Eagle Valley Basin and Norton Pond Restoration, Pennsylvania.
...installation and maintenance of Erosion and Sedimentation Controls, pond dredging, storage and disposal of dredged material, and landscaping.Closing Date:...
Pennsylvania 01-17-2023