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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
473631 Sealed bid for 155254 Storm Drain Maintenance,Virginia.
...and thoroughly clean drop inlets, culverts, pipes, and other drainage structures of sediment, road debris, leaves, rocks, tree branches/limbs,...
Virginia 04-18-2019
473175 Sealed bid for Fremont Avenue Bridge Replacement, Minnesota.
...Trash Guard For 18" Pipe Apron; 1 Lump Sum drainage System Type (B910); 10 Lin Ft 18" Rc Pipe...
Minnesota 04-16-2019
473055 Sealed bid for Ready-Mixed Concrete , Kentucky.
...material in storm water inlets, sanitary or storm sewers, drainage ditches, or any other public facility. Violators will be...
Kentucky 04-16-2019
472839 Sealed bid for (Re-Bid) For drainage Improvements,Louisiana.
... Sealed bid for (Re-Bid) For drainage Improvements,Houma Terrebonne Airport Commission,Houma,Louisiana.Project Description:  The work consist of...
Louisiana 04-12-2019
472460 Sealed bid for Operator Interface Terminal Screen Replacements, Ohio.
...of the City of Columbus, Division of Sewerage and drainage to obtain formal bids to establish a contract to...
Ohio 04-18-2019
472298 Sealed bid for 468(802) Cast Iron And Ductile Iron Pipe Guardrail Reconstruction,Kansas.
...Iron And Intended For Various Piping System Applications, Including drainage Systems,Provide Pipe, Fittings, And Accessory Item Castings That Comply...
Kansas 04-17-2019
472288 Sealed bid for 468(702) Corrugated Metal Pipe Guardrail Reconstruction,Kansas.
...associated end sections and accessory items for use in drainage systems and other applications.Provide pipe, arches, end sections, and...
Kansas 04-17-2019
472233 Sealed bid for drainage Pipe and Materials, New Jersey .
... Sealed bid for drainage Pipe and Materials, County of Cumberland, Bridgeton, New Jersey.County...
New Jersey 04-17-2019
471920 Sealed bid for 2019 Road - drainage Construction,, Wisconsin.
... 2019 Road - drainage Construction, Village of Sherwood, Wisconsin.The Work includes: a. Water...
Wisconsin 04-18-2019
471858 Sealed bid for Stadium Synthetic Turf & drainage Base Replacement, Ohio.
... Stadium Synthetic Turf & drainage Base Replacement, Canfield Local School District, Canfield, Ohio.The Project...
Ohio 04-16-2019
471771 Sealed bid for Drain 87 – Phase, North Dakota.
...concrete box culverts, CMP and CMPA culverts, riprap installation, drainage improvements, and related work. Refer to the Schedule of...
North Dakota 04-16-2019
471765 Sealed bid for Flexible Base Materia, Texas.
... Flexible Base Materia, Hidalgo County drainage District No.1 Edinburg, Texas.Sealed bids will be accepted until,...
Texas 04-17-2019
471763 Sealed bid for Right of Way Acquisition Professional Services Pool Expansion, Texas.
...of Way Acquisition Professional Services Pool Expansion, Hidalgo County drainage District No.1 Edinburg, Texas.Sealed Statements of Qualifications will be...
Texas 04-17-2019
471681 Sealed bid for Foster Avenue Overlay, Washington.
...for Foster Avenue Overlay, City of Bridgeport, Washington.1. Keep drainage systems clean and allow for unobstructed flow of water....
Washington 04-17-2019
471675 Sealed bid for (Rebid) Main Street drainage Improvements,Virginia.
... Sealed bid for (Rebid) Main Street drainage Improvements,City of Newport News,Virginia.Furnish all labor, materials, equipment, and...
Virginia 04-15-2019
471491 Sealed bid for 437716-1-52-01 drainage Improvements, Florida.
... 437716-1-52-01 drainage Improvements, Florida Department of Transportation Project, Tallahassee, Florida.The improvements...
Florida 04-18-2019
471288 Sealed bid for Rockwell Park Improvements-Phase II, Michigan.
...Park Improvements-Phase II, City of Kalamazoo, Michigan.A. Sewers and drainage: Provide temporary utilities to remove effluent lawfully.B. Water Service:...
Michigan 04-18-2019
471226 Sealed bid for 2019 Street Maintenance Program – Phase 2, Ohio.
...Mgal 3. Special Hardwood Mulch, As Per Plan 100.00 Cydrainage4. 604 Manhole, Catch Basin, Or Inlet Adjusted To Grade,...
Ohio 04-18-2019
471211 Sealed bid for 005-6200.4 Electrical Construction, District Office Parking Lots Expanson and drainage,Pennsylvania.
...005-6200.4 Electrical Construction, District Office Parking Lots Expanson and drainage,Pennsylvania Department of Transportation,Harrisburg,Pennsylvania.Work included under this contract consists of...
Pennsylvania 04-11-2019
471077 Sealed bid for Replace culverts and line culverts,California.
...Pipe Culverts - Indirect Design MethodA73A Object MarkersD72B Cip drainage Inlets - Types G1, G2, G3, G4, G5 And...
California 04-17-2019