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394704 Sealed quotation for MS212337-KG 40 HP Motor, California
...Procedures for Single-Phase Induction Motors.”3. IEEE 841™-2009, Petroleum and chemical Industry—Premium-Efficiency, Severe-Duty, Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) Due date :November 21,...
Contractors/Construction California United States 11-21-2017
393947 Sealed bid for 2018-018 Maintenance of Goulds, Allis-Chambers, Milton Roy, Gorman-Rupp, Seepex & Rep. Pumps , Florida.
...These pumps are used to pump water and various chemicals that are integral to water and wastewater treatment. Failure...
Pumps Florida United States 11-16-2017
393941 Sealed bid for NTSS # 2018-022 Disinfection, Pulsafeeder, Sludge, and Grit Removal Systems for Reuse Water Disinfec, Florida.
...negotiate sole-source procurement for Trojan UV disinfection system, Pulsafeeder chemical system, Fournier sludge press system, Fluidyne grit removal system...
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 11-16-2017
393823 Sealed bid for 2018 chemical Sodium Aluminate Solution, Ohio.
...2018 chemical Sodium Aluminate Solutio, City of Defiance, Ohio.The City of...
Chemicals Ohio United States 11-20-2017
393562 Sealed bid for Bid #2017-054 - Water Treatment chemicals, Washington.
...Bid #2017-054 - Water Treatment chemicals, City of Everett, Washington.Sealed bids will be received by...
Chemicals Washington United States 11-21-2017
393412 Sealed bid for 17-066 Polymer and Coagulant, Alabama.
...Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) to be used as a chemical additive for the thickening of sludge and thickening of...
Chemicals Alabama United States 11-21-2017
393408 Sealed bid for 17-070 Yearly Bid on Chlorine Cylinders (150 Lb and One Ton) and Sulfur Dioxide (1 Ton), Alabama. and one ton) and sulfur dioxide (1 ton). chemical Raw Materials (In Large Quantities Primarily For Manufacturing Janitorial...
Chemicals Alabama United States 11-21-2017
393384 Sealed bid for 6100044123 Wastewater Treatment, Pennsylvania.
...which include, but are not limited to, supplying required chemicals; discharge and process control sampling; laboratory analyses; record keeping;...
Contractors/Construction Pennsylvania United States 11-13-2017
393363 Sealed bid for NTSS # 2018-012 Maintenance of chemical Mixer at Water Treatment Plant, Florida.
...NTSS # 2018-012 Maintenance of chemical Mixer at Water Treatment Plant, Town of Davie, Florida.The...
Chemicals Florida United States 11-13-2017
393160 Sealed bid for 18-2017 Water Treatment chemicals,New Jersey.
...Sealed bid for 18-2017 Water Treatment chemicals,Township of Mount Olive, Budd Lake,New Jersey.All bids must be...
Chemicals New Jersey United States 11-14-2017
393128 Sealed bid for Ferric Chloride,Michigan.
...Aqueous Solution To The Wastewater Treatment Plant. B. The chemical Composition Of The Aqueous Solution Of Ferric Chloride To...
Chemicals Michigan United States 11-21-2017
392957 Sealed bid for Program Management and Construction Management Services, Texas.
...PM/CM contract include the PBWTP Site Master Plan, JK chemical Project, JK Electrical (construction), and Lab/Maintenance Building.Closing Date: November...
Contractors/Construction Texas United States 11-20-2017
392937 Sealed bid for 2018 Unit Price Water Treatment chemicals Purchase, Illinois.
...2018 Unit Price Water Treatment chemicals Purchase, City of Highland Park, Illinois.The City of Highland...
Chemicals Illinois United States 11-17-2017
392883 Sealed bid for 900-17-011 Parkwide Sidewalk Repairs & Concrete Repairs at Golf Starter Building, Michigan.
...proper establishment, including watering and re-seeding as required. Compost, fertilizer,chemical nutrients, watering, and weed control are incidental to the...
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 11-16-2017
392845 Sealed bid for Wwtf Iron Salt Room Rehabilitation,Wisconsin.
...shall consist of removing and replacing four (4) fiberglass chemical storage tanks, removing debris and remaining contents in the...
Water / Wastewater Wisconsin United States 11-16-2017
392752 Sealed bid for Water Treatment Products & Consulting Services, Louisiana.
...of work is for the provision of services and chemicals necessary for the treatment of water used at the...
Consulting Services Louisiana United States 11-16-2017
392746 Sealed bid for Project 2018-02 chemicals, Washington.
...Project 2018-02 chemicals, Lynden, Washington.sealed bids at the office of the Public...
Chemicals Washington United States 11-15-2017
392675 Sealed bid for Water/Wastewater Department chemical,Ohio.
...Sealed bid for Water/Wastewater Department chemical,City of Vermilion,Ohio.Each bid must contain the full name of...
Chemicals Ohio United States 11-10-2017
392642 Sealed bid for 18008JL Ferric Chloride Solution , Ohio .
...a 37% to 42% solution. The solution shall be chemically and physically suitable for adding iron salts to anaerobic...
Chemicals Ohio United States 11-21-2017
392635 Sealed bid for WWTP & Pump Station Improvement (Rebid) , Ohio.
...pump stations, plus replace a comminutor and add a chemical feed system for phosphorous removal at the wastewater treatment...
Pumps Ohio United States 11-20-2017

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