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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
408428 Sealed bid for Central WWTP Disinfection System Improvements, Virginia.
...sodium bisulfite disinfection systems. Project includes modifications to existing chemical feed areas and provision of bulk storage tanks, chemical...
Contractors/Construction Virginia United States 02-22-2018
408339 Sealed bid for chemical Mixer - VIP, Virginia.
...chemical Mixer - VIP, Hampton Roads Sanitation District, Virginia Beach,...
Chemicals Virginia United States 02-21-2018
407946 Sealed bid for Purchase of Water Treatment chemicals , Tennessee.
...Sealed bid for Purchase of Water Treatment chemicals,City of Gatlinburg ,Tennessee.All bids must be enclosed in a...
Chemicals Tennessee United States 02-22-2018
407889 Sealed bid for chemicalsused at the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants., Kentucky.
...chemicals used at the Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, Shelbyville,...
Chemicals Kentucky United States 02-19-2018
407515 Sealed bid for Well No. 4 Motor Control Center Replacement, Wisconsin.
...motor control center (MCC) and new wiring to the chemical room.Closing Date: February 22, 2018 at 10:00 AM EDT.Please...
Well Systems & Equipment Wisconsin United States 02-22-2018
407494 Sealed bid for 32556 Water Champ, California.
...#32556 Water Champ 20FX chemical Induction Mixer, City of Los Angeles, California.The Work Water...
Chemicals California United States 02-15-2018
407493 Sealed bid for RFQ 82 180000900855 1 Water Champ, California.
...RFQ 82 180000900855 1 Water Champ 7.5FX chemical Induction Mixer, City of Los Angeles, California.The Work Mixer,...
Chemicals California United States 02-15-2018
407460 Sealed bid for Chlorine for Water Treatment, Utah.
...Water and waste water treatment supply and disposal equipment12350 chemical compounds and mixtures including organic derivatives and inorganic compounds...
Tanks Utah United States 02-15-2018
407416 Sealed bid for Epoxy, Brush Grade, California.
...= 0.1% Max, Dielectric Strength = 400 Volts/Mil, Min, chemical Resistance = Excellent, Various Solutions. Flash Point = 200F,...
Misc. Services California United States 02-14-2018
407334 Sealed bid for Liquid Oxygen Supply and Maintenance, California.
...and sealing materials, pipes, tanks, pipe fittings, filters, cleaning chemicals, and lubricants.Closing Date:- February 21, 2018 at 1:30 P.M....
Chemicals California United States 02-21-2018
407165 Sealed bid for Lab chemical Supplies, Texas.
...4140-022-E-18 Lab chemical Supplies, Trinity River Authority, Arlington, Texas.The Trinity River Authority...
Laboratory & Field Testing Equipment Texas United States 02-21-2018
407145 Sealed bid for Project 14-1346, Watermain Installation on Burnhamthorpe Road West, Assignment B ,Ontario .
...documents.Water and SewerFlow TestingHydrant PaintingWastewater Treatment & ServicesWater Treatment chemicals Supplies & ServicesWell & Water Related ServicesWatermain SwabbingCathodic ProtectionHydrant...
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 02-21-2018
407132 Sealed bid for chemical, Liquid Calcium Nitrate, California.
...#32522 chemical, Liquid Calcium Nitrate (Bioxide), City of Los Angeles, California.The...
Chemicals California United States 02-13-2018
407060 Sealed bid for 2018 chemical Application Services, Nebraska,.
...2018 chemical Application Services, Kearney, Nebraska.The Contractor must have sufficient availability...
Chemicals Nebraska United States 02-23-2018
407018 Sealed bid for Water Plant Treatment chemicals , Ohio.
...Sealed bid for Water Plant Treatment chemicals ,City of St. Marys, Ohio.Water Plant Treatment chemicals Pebble...
Chemicals Ohio United States 02-20-2018
406987 Sealed bid for Liquid Aluminum Sulfate, Louisiana.
...of Lafayette, Louisiana.The Work As Needed Liquid Aluminum Sulfate chemicals And Solvents, Commercial (In Bulk) Please Upload Your Bid...
Chemicals Louisiana United States 02-15-2018
406875 Sealed bid for Drain Maintenance chemicals, Kansas.
...Drain Maintenance chemicals, Topeka, Kansas.chemical must be available for delivery in 55-gallon...
Chemicals Kansas United States 02-21-2018
406805 Sealed bid for 18-505, Lucas Wastewater Treatment Plant and Cross Lake Spillway , Louisiana.
...line. Cut grass around Post-1.7. Ozone Basin and old chemical Building.8. Cut and weed-eat around the new Sludge Building.9....
Water / Wastewater Louisiana United States 02-22-2018
406772 Sealed bid for 08-18, Hydrogen Peroxide , Texas.
...well as its aqueous solution, shall be nonflammable. The chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number for Hydrogen Peroxide is 7722-84-1.C....
Chemicals Texas United States 02-19-2018
406723 Sealed bid for chemicals, Pennsylvania.
...chemicals, Duryea, Pennsylvania.chemical Approximate LLVSA Monthly Usage Tank Size Sodium...
Chemicals Pennsylvania United States 02-19-2018

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