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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
706369 SCADA Network Communications Equipment,California.
... SCADA Network Communications Equipment,City of Glendale,California.1. Network Radio, 5 Ghz,...
California 05-25-2023
704567 Oak Hill Elevated Tank Improvements , Tennessee.
...supports, sampling port, electrical modifications for future connections to SCADA panel, and modifications to the existing concrete vault.Installation of...
Tennessee 05-24-2023
703083 Effluent Clamp-On Flow Meter , Texas.
...for submersion.• Unit must have 4-20 output for future SCADA connection.• Any and all hardware required for mounting of...
Texas 05-11-2023
702473 Well #7 Booster Pump Station, Nevada.
...valve and appurtenances to the existing water system and SCADA system inside of a new sheet metal building. Estimated...
Nevada 05-23-2023
702045 SCADA Upgrade and Installation,Oregon.
... SCADA Upgrade and Installation,City of Eagle Point,Oregon.Upgrade seven (7) obsolete...
Oregon 05-12-2023
701964 SCADA Equipment, Michigan.
... SCADA Equipment, Oakland County, Michigan.The office of the Oakland County...
Michigan 05-16-2023
701937 Scott/Poplar Street Sanitary Pump Station Rehabilitation, Michigan.
...also includes replacing existing electrical components, level sensors, and SCADA equipment. Work shall be completed while maintaining flow to...
Michigan 05-23-2023
701893 Lehigh Pump Station Project, Pennsylvania.
...a wet well system with duplex pumps. A new SCADA RTU system is in place in the pump station...
Pennsylvania 05-17-2023
701589 Booster Pump Station Upgrade, North Carolina. slabs for pump station and generator, electrical and SCADA upgrades, erosion control, testing, site restoration, and other appurtenances.Pre-Bid:...
North Carolina 05-18-2023
701548 Wireless Ethernet Remote Telemetry Units, Florida.
...Ethernet Remote Telemetry Units For The Toho Water Authority’S SCADA Department. This Bid Shall Be For Hardware Only; No...
Florida 05-25-2023
700512 Fy23 On Call SCADA Services , Massachusetts.
... Fy23 On Call SCADA  Services , Town of Barnstable , Massachusetts.The nature of...
Massachusetts 05-10-2023
700451 E-54 Regional Lift Station, Texas.
...of wet well, submersible pumps, electronic instrumentation, pump controls, SCADA communication equipment, station piping, electrical building, and other associated...
Texas 05-10-2023
700308 Water Pollution Control Facility Upgrade , Massachusetts. anoxic tanks, and alkalinity storage and feed systems, SCADA, electrical,plumbing, fire protection, and HVAC support systems. In addition...
Massachusetts 05-22-2023
700147 Smart Fire Hydrants w/ Training,New York.
...capable of exporting pressure data to the City’s existing SCADA System.Minimum battery life expectancy is 10 years. Sensor must...
New York 05-19-2023
699932 Wastewater Treatment Plant SCADA Integration , Alabama.
... Wastewater Treatment Plant SCADA  Integration , City of Fairhope , Alabama.The City of...
Alabama 05-09-2023
699821 WW Engineering Services , Massachusetts.
...a five (5) year project for Business Intelligence & SCADA Services.   Professional engineering servicesClosing Date:- May 11, 2023 at...
Massachusetts 05-11-2023
699726 Northern Treatment Plant (NTP) Modeling and Advanced Automation, Colorado.
...currently limited data visualization and automation outside of the SCADA system. Due to the complexity of the process and...
Colorado 05-23-2023
699639 Ballard Street 1.5Mg Storage Tank,Texas.
...embedment and a 5’x5’ drop inlet, electrical, lighting and SCADA related to the elevated storage tank, removal and disposal...
Texas 05-11-2023
699466 SCADA Controls Upgrade for Various Sites, Mississippi.
... SCADA Controls Upgrade for Various Sites, City of Picayune,Mississippi.The work...
Mississippi 05-16-2023
699442 Fittons Road East Sewage Pumping Station Construction,Ontario.
...housing the necessary components for the electrical equipment and SCADA control systems complete with radio frequency communication.Provision of electrical...
Ontario 05-19-2023