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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
484962 Sealed bid for Bass Lake Plaza Lift Station Improvements,Minnesota.
...pumps, piping and valves E. Removing existing controls and SCADA and furnish and install new controls and SCADA for...
Minnesota 07-16-2019
484552 Sealed bid for SCADA Revision Update, California.
... RFP 07102019 SCADA Revision Update, City of Merced, California.The City of Merced...
California 07-10-2019
484534 Sealed bid for Sewer System SCADA Improvements, Ohio.
... Sealed bid for Sewer System SCADA Improvements, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District , New Philadelphia, Ohio.Seneca...
Ohio 07-16-2019
484479 Sealed bid for Water/Wastewater Central SCADA System Software Platform, California.
... Water/Wastewater Central SCADA System Software Platform, City of Santa Monica, California.    The...
California 07-11-2019
484052 Sealed bids for Force Main & Lift Station Improvements , Washington.
...station, one lift station upgrade, radio telemetry and a SCADA system.Closing Date: July 11, 2019 at 11:00 AM PDT.Please...
Washington 07-11-2019
483919 Sealed bid for SCADA Programming And Maintenance Services, California.
... SCADA Programming And Maintenance Services,  Chino Basin Desalter Authority, Ontario,...
California 07-03-2019
483605 Sealed bid for Utilities Siemens PLC and Control Parts, Florida.
...and accessories for Utilities Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Maintenance Deliveries shall be made within five (5) business...
Florida 07-03-2019
483550 Sealed bid for Water and Wastewater SCADA System Project, Pennsylvania.
... Sealed bid for Water and Wastewater SCADA System Project, Northwestern Lancaster County Authority, Manheim, Pennsylvania.Description    The...
Pennsylvania 07-10-2019
483530 Sealed bid for Water Treatment Plant Valve, Screen and Piping Replacement,Ontario.
...of a vendor supplied control panel and associated wiring.3.  SCADA Programming for the addition of status and fault for...
Ontario 07-16-2019
483321 Sealed qualifications for Invermere Sanitary Lift Station Upgrades, Alberta.
...alarm call outs, pump runtime logging, and for future SCADA integration. The contractor is expected to commission the station...
Alberta 07-05-2019
483210 Sealed bid for Royal Oaks Lift Station Improvements, Illinois.
...of below grade precast concrete structures, pumps, piping, valves, electrical/SCADA improvements and new underground vaults; and all other related...
Illinois 07-16-2019
482974 Sealed bid for Pump Station Variable Frequency Drives and Touchscreen Display Replacement, New Jersey.
...existing Allen Bradly Model SLC 5/07 CPU and existing SCADA System, programming modifications, testing and any other miscellaneous work...
New Jersey 07-10-2019
482911 Sealed bid for Lift Station Reconstruction: Prado, Mansfield, and Knowles Lift Stations, Texas.
...pumps, a new building to accommodate electrical, controls, and SCADA equipment. Attention to aesthetics of the site, in particular...
Texas 07-02-2019
482871 Sealed bid for Water Treatment Plant Chlorine Feed System Modifications, New Jersey.
...the proposed chemical feed system into the existing plant SCADA system. Contract documents for the proposed work.Closing Date:-  July...
New Jersey 07-09-2019
482792 Sealed bid for SCADA Maintenance Support,Ontario.
... Sealed bid for SCADA Maintenance Support,City of Vaughan,Ontario.(12) sewage pumping stations (SPS) in...
Ontario 07-04-2019
482640 Sealed bid for SCADA controls,Utah.
... Sealed bid for SCADA controls,Washington County Water Conservancy District,St. George,Utah.Sealed bid install and...
Utah 06-20-2019
482585 Sealed bid for Contract 1 - Water Treatment Plant Expansion,Kentucky.
...and distribution system supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA), and all necessary appurtenances to provide a complete and...
Kentucky 07-10-2019
482579 Sealed bid for Process Instrumentation & Control Services, New Hampshire .
...of Rochester, New Hampshire.This report is to include work SCADA software, XLReporter, Win911 paging software, Modbus+,Allen Bradley, Microsoft office...
New Hampshire 06-27-2019
482431 Sealed bid for As Needed Services for Utilities ,California. maintenance and repairs of electrical, instrumentation, telemetry and SCADA systems that support the City's water, sewer and storm...
California 06-26-2019
482397 Sealed bid for Water Plant #3 & #4 Control and SCADA Upgrades, New Mexico. for Water Plant #3 & #4 Control and SCADA Upgrades, City of Aztec, New Mexico.Water Treatment Plants #3...
New Mexico 07-15-2019