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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Response Date  
473146 Sealed bid for SCADA Controls Upgrades – PRV’s 22 31 & 32, Idaho.
... Sealed bid for SCADA Controls Upgrades – PRV’s 22 31 & 32, City...
Idaho 04-17-2019
472155 Sealed bid for SCADA Software and Hardware Improvements, Alabama.
... SCADA Software and Hardware Improvements, Utilities Board of the City...
Alabama 04-18-2019
471200 Sealed bid for Sonic wall, California.
...VPN appliance is needed to segment access to the SCADA test network.SonicWall SMA 62001 Year of support5 User licenses.Closing...
California 04-08-2019
471033 Sealed bid for City Wide SCADA 2019, Texas.
... Sealed bid for City Wide SCADA 2019, City of Aransas Pass, Texas.The scope of the...
Texas 04-04-2019
470973 Sealed bid for Southeast Area 2,000,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank, Alabama.
...piping and associated appurtenances3. Installation of new electrical and SCADA equipment.4. Site improvements including access road, site grading and...
Alabama 04-04-2019
470811 Sealed bid for WTF Low Lift Pumping Station VFD Drive Installation , Newfoundland.
...such that they may be integrated into the existing SCADA control system. Closing Date:- April 16, 2019 at 2:30 P.M....
Newfoundland 04-16-2019
470616 Sealed bid for SCADA Programming and Maintenance, Utah.
... SCADA Programming and Maintenance, Murray City, Salt Lake City, Utah.Murray...
Utah 04-08-2019
470559 Sealed bid for Utilities-Pressure Reducing Valve Station, Wisconsin. devices: heater, vent and exhaust fan, dehumidifier, lights, SCADA control panel, power distribution panel, 3” diameter pressure and...
Wisconsin 04-10-2019
470556 Sealed bid for Water System SCADA & Controls Upgrades, California.
... 189-22, Potable Water System SCADA & Controls Upgrades, City of Orange Water Division, California.Sealed...
California 04-18-2019
470458 Sealed bid for Cherry Point WRF UV Replacement, South Carolina.
...UV equipment• Instrumentationo Connect new UV system to plant SCADAo Remove old UV system from plant SCADA• Sitework and...
South Carolina 04-11-2019
470450 Sealed bid for Water, Gas System Improvement & Expansion – Phase 2, Mississippi.
...plans 1 LSMetal Canopy Structures, complete per plans 1 LSSCADA System, complete per plans 1 LSConcrete Slabs    1 LSCrushed...
Mississippi 04-03-2019
470152 Sealed bid for SCADA System Upgrades, Contract 1-2019, Wisconsin.
... SCADA System Upgrades, Contract 1-2019, Waunakee Utilities, Waunakee, Wisconsin.The Work...
Wisconsin 04-02-2019
470015 Sealed bid for SCADA Software Purchase and Support ,Florida.
... Sealed bid forSCADA Software Purchase and Support, Hillsborough County , Tampa, Florida.The...
Florida 04-16-2019
469716 Sealed bid for SCADA improvements, New Jersey.
... SCADA improvements, Township of Moorestown, New Jersey.Sealed bids will be...
New Jersey 04-17-2019
469335 Sealed bid for SCADA Systems, Texas.
... ITB SCADA Systems Platform Integration Services, Upper Trinity Regional Water District,...
Texas 04-17-2019
469123 Sealed bid for WWTP Capital Improvement Project #1,Colorado.
...pump and control hardware must be identical to existing. SCADA monitoring and controls will also be upgraded that mimic...
Colorado 04-12-2019
469122 Sealed bid for WWTP Capital Improvements Project #2,Colorado.
...control wiring to the control cabinet, as well as SCADA control upgrade to change the position of these valves...
Colorado 04-17-2019
468991 Sealed bid for 2019 Annual Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition(SCADA), New Jersey.
... 2019 Annual Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition(SCADA), Ocean County Utilities Authority, Bayville,  New Jersey.Ocean County Utilities...
New Jersey 04-12-2019
468940 Sealed bid for Phase 2 WWTP Improvements Project,California.
...capture and return piping, electrical services for new equipment, SCADA system, associated SCADA telemetry, assorted fencing and gates, access...
California 03-27-2019
468798 Sealed bid for Pump Station Motor Control Center Upgrade Installation and Commissioning Project, California. , Integration of new equipment into the existing SCADA system, minor concrete and paving work will need to...
California 04-02-2019