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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Respone Date  
372307 Sealed bid for 3010-0 Two Hot Water Tubing Coils #5Mh0602B, Massachusetts.
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 06-17-2017
372172 Sealed bid for 37-2017, Regent Street Culvert Replacement, Nova Scotia.
Sewer Misc Nova Scotia Canada 06-22-2017
372075 Sealed bid for 2017 Stormwater Pipe Replacement,Washington.
Pipe Washington United States 06-20-2017
371737 Bid invited for Fiberglass Sewage Holding Tanks, Saskatchewan
Tanks Saskatchewan Canada 06-23-2017
371710 Sealed bid for 3005-0 R410A-100 & R410A-25 Refrigerant, Massachusetts.
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 06-12-2017
371653 Sealed bid for Culvert Slip Lining Electric Line Dover , Ontario.
Sewer Misc Ontario Canada 06-16-2017
371560 Sealed bid for Bridge Rehabilitation Town Line Road over Rivard Drain Bridge ID 4693618N17384111E, Ontario
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 06-15-2017
371438 Sealed bid for Farm To Market Road Culvert Rehabilitation, New York.
Contractors/Construction New York United States 06-21-2017
371348 Sealed bid for Maplewood Creek and Madsen Creek Sediment Basin Cleaning , Washington.
Sewer Misc Washington United States 06-20-2017
371345 Sealed bid for NE 40th Street Stormwater Trunkline Extension , Washington.
Water / Wastewater Washington United States 06-22-2017
371286 Sealed bid for 17-B42 Supply and Delivery of PVC SDR35 Pipe , Ontario.
Pipe Ontario Canada 06-09-2017
371233 Sealed bid for Y17-1104, Grease Trap, Lift Station, Septic System Maintenance and Repair,Florida.
Contractors/Construction Florida United States 06-20-2017
371202 Sealed bids for 3000-0 12" & 14" Di Pipe, Glass Lined W/Grooved Ends, Massachusetts.
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 06-09-2017
371176 Sealed bid for Water Materials(1701699), California.
Distribution California United States 06-13-2017
371175 Sealed bid for Water Materials(1701784), California.
Distribution California United States 06-12-2017
371173 Sealed bid for Water Materials, 12" Advanced Valve Technologies EZV2 Insertion System, California.
Distribution California United States 06-09-2017
371091 Sealed bid for Interim Watermain Replacement Program - 2017, Ontario
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 06-20-2017
371050 Sealed bid for Sewer Regulators R4 and R39 Modifications, Washington
Contractors/Construction Washington United States 06-27-2017
371047 Sealed bid for B Street NW Reconstruction Project, Washington.
Contractors/Construction Washington United States 06-15-2017
371036 Sealed bid for Water Well #24, Texas.
Well Systems & Equipment Texas United States 06-13-2017
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