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ID   Description   Category   State   Country   Respone Date  
359130 Sealed bid for 2859-0 Bandsaw 10, Massachusetts.
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 03-11-2017
358929 Sealed bid for Project #4899187, Repairs to 2014 FEMA Disaster Damages, Iowa.
Contractors/Construction Iowa United States 03-21-2017
358794 Sealed bid for E17-230 Wastewater Treatment Plant ,Alaska
Water / Wastewater Alaska United States 03-13-2017
358764 Sealed bid for MWSB 1348 Rural Municipality of Rosedale Rural Water Pipeline 2017 Opportunity Information, Manitoba.
Pipe Manitoba Canada 03-17-2017
358687 Sealed bid for RFQ004670 Dpu/Mapping Plotter/Printer Maintenance, Ohio.
Contractors/Construction Ohio United States 03-08-2017
358682 Sealed bid for RFQ004678 Smoc/ Sump Pumps, Ohio.
Pumps Ohio United States 03-13-2017
358519 Sealed bid for Project #4863324 Edgar-TID No. 4 Phase 1 Infrastructure, Wisconsin.
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 03-08-2017
358278 Sealed bid for 12Y0024781 Calcium, Megnesium Chloride , Manitoba.
Chemicals Manitoba Canada 03-15-2017
358240 Sealed bid for Demolition Of 356 Spring St,Illinois.
Contractors/Construction Illinois United States 03-15-2017
358227 Sealed bid for Contract 1 - Waterloo Street Reconstruction, Ontario
Contractors/Construction Ontario Canada 03-16-2017
358180 Sealed bid for 2017-01174: Water Tanker/Chassis Emergency Response Unit, Alberta.
Tanks Alberta Canada 03-06-2017
357916 Sealed bid for 2825-1 Rebuild Five Quincy Compressors, Massachusetts.
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 03-03-2017
357912 Sealed bid for 2837-3 One Heat Coil and Two Chilled Water Coils, Massachusetts.
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 03-04-2017
357843 Sealed quotation for 8838 LED High Bay Fixtures, Missouri
Misc. Services Missouri United States 03-06-2017
357814 Sealed bid for Grinder Station/Force Main , Oklahoma.
Pipe Oklahoma United States 03-06-2017
357768 Sealed invited bid for 54-MCD-11685357 Corrugated Aluminum Pipe, North Carolina
Pipe North Carolina United States 03-09-2017
357741 Sealed bid for Granite Creek Trailhead, Washington
Water Misc Washington United States 03-14-2017
357737 Sealed bid for 160th Street East - 330' E/O SR-161 to John Bananola Way East, Washington
Contractors/Construction Washington United States 03-10-2017
357734 Sealed bid for 44-1-2017 Water Main Relays, Wisconsin.
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 03-06-2017
357633 Sealed bid for 33-2017 Water Main Relays, Wisconsin.
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 03-10-2017
357619 Seald bid for Project #4884477 2017 River Hills Pavement Recycling and Resurfacing Program, Wisconsin.
Contractors/Construction Wisconsin United States 03-09-2017
357563 Seald bid for 2839-1 One Complete Heat Exchanger 127 Plate Pack V-28, Massachusetts.
Contractors/Construction Massachusetts United States 02-28-2017
357561 Seald bid for 2842-0 Sch10 316SS & Vic Press Plumbing Stock, Massachusetts.
Treatment Plant Equipment Massachusetts United States 03-02-2017
357532 Seald bid for W-9432 2017 Water Division Concrete and Manhole Repairs, Michigan.
Distribution Michigan United States 03-01-2017
357505 Seald bid for 17-004: Furnishing and Delivery of Ductile Iron Water Main, Pennsylvania.
Contractors/Construction Pennsylvania United States 03-14-2017
357490 Sealed bid for 2237-0317, Utilities Restoration Program - Phase I , Illinois .
Contractors/Construction Illinois United States 03-14-2017
357393 Sealed bid for 2017 Surface Water Small Project: Catch Basin Replacement , Washington.
Sewer Misc Washington United States 03-15-2017
357380 Sealed bid for Wetwell Electrical Construction,Pennsylvania.
Well Systems & Equipment Pennsylvania United States 03-16-2017
357361 Sealed bid for RPU-7464 Water Distribution Main Replacement Project,California.
Contractors/Construction California United States 03-13-2017
357354 Bid invited for Cleaning (8) Chamber Aeration Diffuser System, Michigan
Contractors/Construction Michigan United States 03-09-2017
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