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343781 Sealed bid for Pump Station 13 Upgrade,Pennsylvania.
...compressors, local control panels, local recorders, analyzers, chemical feed tanks, reset timers, flow meters, thermostats, switches, etc. with its...
Pumps Pennsylvania United States 11-15-2016
343731 Sealed bid for Engineering Services Storm Drainage Master Plan , Texas .
...but are not limited to construction of ground storage tanks, elevated storage tanks, transmission waterlines, distribution waterlines, refurbishing of...
Sewer Misc Texas United States 11-17-2016
343728 Sealed bid for Martha Lane Elevated Storage Tank , Texas .
...water storage facilities and in particular with elevated storage tanks. Upon request, Contractor shall substantiate this requirement by furnishing...
Tanks Texas United States 11-11-2016
343716 Sealed proposal for Perpetual Water Tank Maintenance Program, Tennessee
...full service maintenance program for nine (9) water storage tanks until 2:00 PM on Tuesday, November 15, 2016. For...
Tanks Tennessee United States 11-15-2016
343601 Sealed bid for SV 16-05, Aerator Tank Replacement Project , California .
...project, including disinfecting of the pumping equipment, valving, pipelines, tanks, and appurtenances. The Contractor shall not make connection to,...
Tanks California United States 11-24-2016
343549 Sealed bid for Potable Water Tank Interior Resurfacing, High Desert State Prison, California.
...resurfacing the interior surfaces of five (5) potable water tanks that are located outside of the perimeter fence, for...
Tanks California United States 11-15-2016
343539 Sealed bid for Water Treatment Plant Chemical Feed Improvements ,North Carolina.
...consists of replacement of four (4) chemical feed day tanks and four (4) chemical feed pumps, repair to concrete...
Chemical Feed Equipment North Carolina United States 11-02-2016
343485 Sealed bid for the Salina City Water Meter Project , Utah.
...In addition the installation of valves near the Blackhawk tanks.Closing Date: November 16, 2016 At 02:00 PM MDT.Please see...
Meters Utah United States 11-16-2016
343472 Sealed bid for Building G Improvements, Illinois for construction of the following:1.Area F – Aeration tanks, including;a.Install new and relocate existing instrumentation b.Install new electric...
Misc. Services Illinois United States 11-16-2016
343387 Sealed bid for Domestic Water Systems Improvements , Texas.
...of the interior and exterior of the ground storage tanks on F&B road as part of the design work....
Water / Wastewater Texas United States 11-18-2016
343356 Sealed bid for Sewer Combination Cleaner/Vacuum Truck, South Carolina.
...Minimum 9 Yard Debris Tank 3. 1000 Gallon Water tanks manufactured from a non-corrosive material to prevent rust yet...
Sewer Misc South Carolina United States 11-08-2016
343346 Sealed bid for Water System and Water Treatment Plant,Florida
...grading, hydro-seeding and below-surface irrigation system; and (C) Water tanks and Slab Demolition and Disposal; will be received by...
Treatment Plant Systems Florida United States 12-14-2016
343281 Sealed bid for 16-C-00018; Sulphur Springs Pumping Station Concrete Repairs,Florida.
...vent extensions, temporarily relocate 2 existing odor control chemical tanks to facilitate the restoration work with all associated work...
Pumps Florida United States 11-28-2016
343203 Invitation to bid for W.C. 1211-Ashburton Reservoir Zone 2 tanks, Maryland
... W.C. 1211-Ashburton Reservoir Zone 2 tanks, Baltimore, Maryland The construction of two pre-stressed concrete finished water...
Treatment Plant Equipment Maryland United States 12-21-2016
343198 Sealed bid for #16Rfp092816Fdc Mays Road Culvert Improvements, Georgia.
...Georgia.All Underground Pipelines, Conduits, Ducts, Cables, Wires, Manholes, Vaults, tanks, Tunnels, Or Other Such Facilities Or Attachments, And Any...
Sewer Misc Georgia United States 11-04-2016
343192 Sealed bid for 03619 Water Reclamation Plant , California.
...Furnish, deliver and install bird netting in the primary tanks at Lancaster Water Reclamation Plant.A mandatory job walk is...
Water / Wastewater California United States 11-17-2016
343134 Sealed bid for 732-16P Cathodic Protection Spring Valley Water Tank , Colorado .
...of AWWA that all potable water reservoirs or storage tanks be cleaned and inspected at least every five years...
Corrosion Control Colorado United States 11-18-2016
343133 Sealed bid for Milliken WTP Filter tanks Rehabilitation & Coating Project, California.
...Milliken WTP Filter tanks Rehabilitation & Coating Project, City Of Napa, California.City Of...
Treatment Plant Systems California United States 11-11-2016
343095 Sealed bid for Wastewater Collection System Reconstruction, Alabama.
...manholes, 90’ of open cut and case, 24 septic tanks, 2,360’ of 4” PVC gravity service line, 71 service...
Water / Wastewater Alabama United States 11-17-2016
343092 Sealed bid for Water Storage tanks Reconditioning, Alabama.
...Alverson and Cahill Water Storage tanks Reconditioning, Municipal Utility Board of Albertville, Alabama.Sealed proposals will...
Tanks Alabama United States 11-15-2016
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