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285489 Sealed bids for Fluorosilicic Acid, Illinois.
...vehicle to the Cityof Springfield's two - 3,000 gallon tanks. All delivery trucks shall be provided with a delivery...
Chemicals Illinois United States 08-20-2015
285476 Sealed Bids for Bid #14333 RFQ - West Side Water Storage tanks, Utah.
...for Bid #14333 RFQ - West Side Water Storage tanks, City of Provo, Utah.Provo City is seeking contractors that...
Tanks Utah United States 08-17-2015
285463 Sealed Bids for 1785-16 Liquid Magnesium Chloride, New Hampshire. transfer liquid chemical products to NH DOT storage tanks.2. NH DOT’s storage tanks will be fitted with a...
Chemicals New Hampshire. United States 08-10-2015
285394 Sealed Bids for PUR667 Sodium Chlorite Chemical tanks at our Water Treatment Plant, South Carolina.
...Sealed Bids for PUR667 Sodium Chlorite Chemical tanks at our Water Treatment Plant, City of Rock Hill,...
Tanks South Carolina United States 08-19-2015
285367 Invitation to bid for Asphalt Tank Maintenance and Repair, Virginia
...“on-call” repair services on nine (9) existing Asphalt Storage tanks throughout the VDOT Lynchburg District. Due date :8/17/15 2:00 PM...
Tanks Virginia United States 08-17-2015
285366 Sealed Bids for 15-053 Water Plant 4 Generator Replacement,Texas.
...tank. SJRA is to provide the generator and fuel tanks. Contractor is to provide appurtenant piping and ductwork, electrical...
Treatment Plant Systems Texas United States 08-20-2015
285356 Sealed Bids for WW-599, SWPCP Cryogenic Oxygen Plant Demolition & Liquid Oxygen System Upgrades , California .
...cryogenic oxygen generation plant and the liquid oxygen storage tanks and vaporization system at Southeast Plant. New liquid storage...
Tanks California United States 08-27-2015
285017 Sealed invited bids for Shawnee Lookout Waste Water Treatment Facilities Improvements, Ohio.
...45052. The project consists of installing two 5,000 gallon holding tanks at Ranger Station (one each) and at Cabin View...
Treatment Plant Systems Ohio United States 08-12-2015
284895 Sealed bids for Chemical Tank Replacements Phase 2 Project, Utah
...Utah This project will consist of removing the fluoride tanks, piping, and other appurtenances. It will also include installing...
Tanks Utah United States 08-21-2015
284844 Sealed Bids for Storm Water Pumping Station , Louisiana .
...also consist of an electrical building, emergency generators, fuel tanks, trash rakes and access road. Riprap will be installed...
Pumps Louisiana United States 08-25-2015
284773 Sealed Bids for Bid #1982 - Sodium Hypochlorite, New Jersey.
...both recreational water and wastewater effluent.fill and refill Township-owned tanks with sodium hypochlorite, 15% chlorine by volume.Closing Date: August...
Chemicals New Jersey United States 08-06-2015
284758 Sealed bids for 30th Street Transmission Line and Digby Road Pipeline Project Phase I, Washington
...also includes the removal of two welded steel reservoir tanks Due date : 8/14/2015 @ 10:00 am PDT For more details...
Pipe Washington United States 08-14-2015
284685 Sealed bids for Fluoridation Facilities, California
...City Wells. The facilities include chemical feed pumps, storage tanks, chemical piping and valves, electrical, and instrumentation, plus all...
Chemical Feed Equipment California United States 08-20-2015
284680 Sealed bids for Reservoir Mixer Upgrades Phase II, Alaska.
...for continuous use while submersed in potable water storage tanks. Each mixer shall have the ability to function continuously...
Tanks Alaska United States 08-11-2015
284678 Bids invited for 0615-56 Southdown Ground Water Storage tanks Rehabilitation Project, Texas.
... 0615-56 Southdown Ground Water Storage tanks Rehabilitation Project, Pearland, Texas The project will entail the replacement...
Tanks Texas United States 08-07-2015
284641 Sealed Bids for RV Park Water Tank Re-Coating , California.
...- Enamel and Tape-Hot-AppliedANSI/AWWA D 102 Painting Steel Water-Storage tanks2. Federal Specifications: TT-P-28F Paint, Aluminum, Heat Resisting. A Pre-Bid Conference...
Tanks California United States 08-10-2015
284635 Sealed invited bids for Purchase and Delivery of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel, Florida.
...Florida as follows: • Fuel Site 1: two 6,000-gallon tanks at Sunnyhill in Marion County • Fuel Site 2:...
Water Misc Florida United States 08-12-2015
284464 Sealed quaotation for 156/2015 Water Tower Safety Cable Climbs & Installation, Missouri
...OSHA and AWWA and NSF requirements for Water Storage tanks. Due date :8/25/2015 2:00:00 PM CST For more details Please see...
Water Misc Missouri United States 08-25-2015
284259 Sealed proposal for Lime Slurry and Polymer Equipment Replacement, Florida.
...lime slurry system consist of replacing the lime slurry tanks, lime feed pumps, and associated piping. A non-mandatory pre-proposal meeting...
Chemicals Florida United States 08-25-2015
284172 Sealed bids for Scavenger Tank Cleaning, New York.
...wastewater residuals from the scavenger waste pretreatment facility equalization tanks at the Huntington  SewerDistrict sewage treatment plant. For more details...
Tanks New York United States 08-06-2015
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