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256433 Sealed bids for WWTP Blower Air Line Replacement, Illinois.
...existing underground air lines from blower building to aeration tanks, and related appurtenances.Closing Date: December 16, 2014 at 10:00...
Water / Wastewater Illinois United States 12-16-2014
256325 Sealed tenders for Demolition of Steel Elevated Finished Water Storage tanks, Florida.
... Demolition of Steel Elevated Finished Water Storage tanks, The City of Boca Raton, Florida. The City of Boca...
Tanks Florida United States 12-19-2014
256200 Sealed bids for Clearwell Expansion Project, Massachusetts.
...of furnishing and installing two 15,000 gallon pre-cast concrete tanks (below grade) to expand the capacity of the existing...
Water Misc Massachusetts United States 12-16-2014
256106 Invitation to bid for Exterior Cleaning of Five Water tanks, Tennessee.
... Exterior Cleaning of Five Water tanks, City of Maryville, Tennessee. The City of Maryville is seeking...
Tanks Tennessee United States 12-10-2014
256022 Sealed bids for Well Water Chemicals for State Agencies, Iowa.
...Delivery Will Be In Bulk, And Transferred To Anamosa tanks Delivery As Needed, 7/10 Days Lead Time Required. Delivery...
Chemicals Iowa United States 12-04-2014
256006 Sealed bids for ­Patuxent WFP Backwash Tank Leak Repairs, Maryland.
...existing embedded HDPE liner within the two elevated backwash tanks located above the Filter Control Gallery. Removal of the...
Leak Detection Maryland United States 12-11-2014
255999 Sealed bids for Repainting 1,000,000 And 500,000 Gallon Water Storage tanks, Arkansas.
...Repainting 1,000,000 And 500,000 Gallon Water Storage tanks, Gentry, Arkansas.Separate sealed bids for Repainting 1,000,000 and 500,000...
Tanks Arkansas United States 12-23-2014
255908 Sealed bids for Sodium Hypochlorite, New York.
...forty-two inches (42”) above the finished grade. b. Storage tanks - Four (4) 1,900-gallon high-density polyethylene tanks. The working...
Chemicals New York United States 12-10-2014
255765 Sealed bids for Demolition of several buildings at the Water Plant, Illinois. .
...and their contents and two reinforced concrete water holding tanks. The building contents include, but not limited to, reinforced...
Water Misc Illinois United States 01-09-2015
255738 Sealed bids for 2014 Water Treatment Plant Improvements, Arkansas.
...the alum storage facility, installation of bulk alum storage tanks, associated piping, controls and appurtenances, reinforced concrete slab construction,...
Water / Wastewater Arkansas United States 12-08-2014
255720 Sealed bids for Painting and Rehabilitation of Picatinny No. 2, Water Storage tanks, New Jersey.
...No. 2, Morris Plains and Baird Place Water Storage tanks, The Southeast Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority, Cedar Knolls,...
Tanks New Jersey United States 12-30-2014
255616 Sealed bids for Potable Water Tank Inspection, Cleaning, and Reporting Services, Key West, Florida.
...Keys Aqueduct Authority (FKAA) has eighteen (18) potable water tanks that will need inspection, cleaning, and reporting services as...
Tanks Florida United States 12-04-2014
255552 Bid invited for Trestle Rd Sanitary Sewer STEP System, British Columbia
...force main and STEP  system housing connections with septic tanks, pump chambers, effluent pumps, service lines  including the decommissioning...
Sewer Misc British Columbia Canada 12-11-2014
255505 Sealed bids for Replacement Aqueous Ammonia tanks, California
... Replacement Aqueous Ammonia tanks, Casitas Municipal Water District, Oak View, California The Casitas Municipal...
Tanks California United States 12-01-2014
255500 Sealed bids for 110714-142-SWC Inspection of Chemical Storage tanks, Florida.
... 110714-142-SWC Inspection of Chemical Storage tanks, West Palm Beach, Florida Request for Quotation (RFQ) is to...
Tanks Florida United States 12-01-2014
255308 Sealed bids for 0626R1 Bare Rental Of tanks, Pumps, Pipes, Fittings And Accessories, California.
...0626R1 Bare Rental Of tanks, Pumps, Pipes, Fittings And Accessories, Los Angeles Department of...
Pipe California United States 12-09-2014
255184 Invitation to bids for Y15-179: Infrastructure Location Contractor, Florida.
...i.e. proper hydrant wrenches, air gaps on water probe tanks, etc. Closing Date Time: 2:00 PM  @  Tuesday, December...
Water Misc Florida United States 12-02-2014
255173 Invitation bid for 14-14050 Abatement of Asbestos Thermal System Insulation (TSI) for Piping and tanks at the Heating and Cooling Plant, Texas.
...of Asbestos Thermal System Insulation (TSI) for Piping and tanks at the Heating and Cooling Plant, San Antonio Water...
Water Misc Texas United States 12-10-2014
255154 Sealed bids for Leak Detection and Water Audit Implementation Services, Ohio.
...the locations of all water mains, hydrants, valves, regulators, tanks, master meters, and pump stations. Data shall include size,...
Water Misc Ohio United States 12-12-2014
255144 Sealed bids for Flush Tank Elimination Project, Kansas. the following major categories of work: Eliminating flush tanks at five (5) locations within the City sanitary sewer...
Tanks Kansas United States 12-03-2014
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