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276704 Sealed quotations for CCG PURCH RFQ 2015-179 - Install Holding Tank Sewage Disposal System - 5130 Rosemary Dr, Ches. Beach, Maryland
...two (2) single compartment 2,000-gallon seal-coated precast concrete septic tanks (holding tanks) to include two (2) tank accesses with...
Tanks Maryland United States 05-29-2015
276654 Sealed Bids for MEl Project No. 2015045-01 Water Storage tanks , Indiana.
...Sealed Bids for MEl Project No. 2015045-01 Water Storage tanks , Otwell Water Corporation, Pike County, Otwell, Indiana.The project...
Tanks Indiana United States 05-27-2015
276508 Sealed bids for Wastewater Collection and Treatment Facilities, Alabama.
...2”, 3”, 4” and 6” gate valves, 257 septic tanks, 8 grease traps, 200 simplex STEP stations and electrical...
Water / Wastewater Alabama United States 06-25-2015
276479 Sealed bids for Replace Hot Water tanks Various Family Housing Units, Ontario
... Replace Hot Water tanks Various Family Housing Units, Trenton, Ontario The work includes, but...
Tanks Ontario Canada 06-04-2015
276454 Seald bids for 15-85 Tank Coatings Renovation, Kentucky.
...the Standard Country Club Tank, existing elevated water storage tanks, including surface preparation, coating application, electrical work and miscellaneous...
Tanks Kentucky United States 06-10-2015
276382 Sealed bids for Pumps-Chemical, Accessories, and tanks for Domestic Water System, California.
... Pumps-Chemical, Accessories, and tanks for Domestic Water System, Sylmar, California. Los Angeles Department of...
Pumps CALIFORNIA United States 05-28-2015
276286 Sealed Bids for Full Service Water Storage Tank Asset Management and Maintenance Program, New York.
...shall include the complete painting and repair of the tanks identified as well as providing for the long-term full...
Tanks New York United States 05-27-2015
276279 Sealed Bids for 2015-21, Exterior Painting at Wastewater Treatment Plants , South Carolina.
...(WWTF) in Liberty, South Carolina, has two circular steel tanks (each is 33’4” in diameter and 16’6” high) that...
Tanks South Carolina United States 05-27-2015
276240 Sealed Bids for Liquid Aluminum Sulfate for the Water Treatment Plant , Michigan.
...Sulfate must be delivered by bulk shipment in clean tanks dedicated for liquid aluminum sulfate shipment only and capable...
Chemicals Michigan United States 06-02-2015
276239 Sealed Bids for Hydrofluorosilicic Acid for the Water Treatment Plant , Michigan.
...and capable of being pumped up to bulk storage tanks on the second floor of the Water Treatment Plant.Closing...
Chemicals Michigan United States 06-02-2015
276227 Sealed bids for Wastewater Treatment Plant Additional Project, Virigina
...building, two containment areas for two chemical bulk storage tanks and a septage receiving station at the Louisa Regional...
Water / Wastewater Virginia United States 06-25-2015
276137 Sealed Bids for Stormwater Decant Facility, Washington.
...Psi Concrete, Steel Reinforcement, Sanitary Sewer Piping, Hdpe Holding tanks, Storm Piping, Catch Basins, Crushed Surfacing, Fine Grading, Hot...
Water Misc Washington United States 05-27-2015
276118 Sealed quotations for Underground Storage Tank In-Place Closure At The Central Maintenance Facility, Georgia.
...A site map drawn (not to scale) showing the tanks that were closed, tank ID’s, piping dispensers, soil boring...
Tanks Georgia United States 05-28-2015
276074 Sealed proposals for WI-284-DES Design Services for Reconstruction of Primary tanks at Wards Island WWTP, New York.
... WI-284-DES Design Services for Reconstruction of Primary tanks at Wards Island WWTP, Flushing, New York. Pre-proposal Conference: June...
Consulting Services New York United States 06-24-2015
276058 Sealed Bids for Avenue Observation Deck Water and Sewer, Bid # Itb-15-31-Pw, Florida.
...Water Access.All pipelines, conduits, ducts, cables, wires, manholes, vaults, tanks, tunnels or other such facilities or attachments, and any...
Water Misc Florida United States 06-11-2015
275935 Sealed tenders for Oliver Road Area Water Pressure Zone Conversion, Ontario.
...Pressure Zone Conversion Plumbing Installation of PRV and Expansion tanks, City of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  City of Thunder Bay...
Tanks Ontario Canada 06-09-2015
275864 Invitation to bid for HAHN Water Production Facility (WPF) Rehabilitation, Arizona.
...- WA1411.401, HAHN Water Production Facility (WPF) Rehabilitation Steel tanks, Water Works Type, Elevated and Tower Water Supply and...
Water Misc Arizona United States 06-18-2015
275845 Sealed bids for SA005883 CONST-REMOVAL FAIRWOOD AVE STORAGE tanks, Ohio.
... SA005883 CONST-REMOVAL FAIRWOOD AVE STORAGE tanks, Columbus, Ohio. Department: Public Utilities Administration The City of Columbus...
Tanks Ohio United States 06-10-2015
275827 Sealed bids for Landfill Storage Tank Seismic Upgrades, California.
...& backfill; four 27,500 gallon fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks and installation; tie-into existing PVC piping at pump house,...
Tanks California United States 06-11-2015
275818 Sealed bids for 2015 Wastewater Treatment Facility Modifications, Wisconsin.
...wood framed, metal sided structure over active wastewater treatment tanks, and the rehabilitation of the existing influent channel for...
Water / Wastewater Wisconsin United States 06-10-2015
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