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261655 Sealed bids for Low Pressure Steam Water Heater, Kansas.
...without the use of thermostatic control devices or storage tanks. Heater shall be capable of maintaining +/- 3 degrees...
Treatment Plant Equipment Kansas United States 02-11-2015
261629 Sealed bids for Water Tank Inspection & Cleaning Service, Arizona
...San Luis, Arizona Inspection, interior and exterior for water storage tanks Service/Cleaning, vendor shall remove of accumulated bottom sediment is...
Tanks Arizona United States 01-30-2015
261605 Sealed qualifications for On Call Engineering Services, Connecticut.
...and Supply; Distribution Systems including Pumping Stations and Storage tanks; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); and Energy. Due date of: Feb...
Consulting Services Connecticut United States 02-27-2015
261494 Invitation to bid for Construction of Ferric Chloride tanks Secondary Containment Structure, Missouri.
... Construction of Ferric Chloride tanks Secondary Containment Structure With Additional Concrete Work, City of...
Tanks Missouri United States 02-10-2015
261489 Sealed bids for Woods Valley Ranch WRF Phase 2 Expansion, California.
...but not limited to, influent equalization basin, secondary treatment tanks (aeration basins and clarifiers), emergency storage tank, and miscellaneous...
Water Misc California United States 01-29-2015
261421 Sealed bids for SO048520 DRWP - GRIT & SCREENING HAULING SERVICE, Ohio. be used at the plant's Lime Grit collection tanks. Lines 02-05 are the pricing that is are to...
Water Misc Ohio United States 01-28-2015
261377 Sealed proposals for Generator Service Contract, Rhode Island
...located at various Town buildings, pumping stations, and water tanks The Town of Narragansett is currently seeking written price...
Treatment Plant Equipment Rhode Island United States 02-12-2015
261242 Sealed bids for Water Tank Maintenance Program, Alabama.
...Water Tank Maintenance Program for 7 Drinking Water Storage tanks. Tank Property is within the City of Sheffield, Alabama....
Tanks Alabama United States 02-25-2015
261215 Invitation to bid for Tank Pumping & Hydro-Jetting Service, Florida.
...necessary to complete the pumping of grease traps, septic tanks, and transfer stations for all locations owned or operated...
Tanks Florida United States 02-11-2015
261201 Bid invited for New Wastewater Treatment System Improvements Div A, Indiana
...improvements include but are not limited to primary setting tanks, recirculation/dilution tanks, an open granular-media filter bed, phosphorus setting...
Water / Wastewater Indiana United States 02-12-2015
261135 Sealed bids for Iron Sponge Media Tank Installations, California.
...price bids to install four Agency-provided iron sponge media tanks as detailed within solication document # IFB-RH-15-002 and its...
Tanks California United States 02-24-2015
261130 Sealed bids for Two Polyethylene Chemical Storage tanks, Colorado.
...#15-007 – Two Polyethylene Chemical Storage tanks, City and City of Broomfield, Colorado.The removal and disposal...
Tanks Colorado United States 02-06-2015
261128 Sealed bids for Methanol Solution 25%, New York.
...10543. Methanol shall be delivered and transferred to owners tanks located at site. Mamaroneck Wastewater Treatment Plant, West Boston...
Chemicals New York United States 01-27-2015
260715 Sealed bids for Cathodic Protection Services, New Jersey
...Works system includes 4 one million gallon elevated water tanks, a 1.3 million gallon standpipe, and a 0.6 million...
Corrosion Control New Jersey United States 02-03-2015
260707 Bid invited for Michaels Park II - Furnace & Hot Water Tank Replacement and Smoke Alarm System Upgrade, Alberta.
...with the replacement of existing furnaces and hot water tanks and the replacement of existing and new smoke detectors,...
Tanks Alberta Canada 01-28-2015
260604 Sealed bids for Safety Upgrade And Painting of the McKinley Street, Pennsylvania.
...Street (Hazleton) and Council Crest (Hazle Township) water storage tanks, Luzerne County, PA. . Online sealed bids or proposals...
Tanks Pennsylvania United States 03-05-2015
260524 Sealed bids for Water Softener System, Texas.
...h. Electrical Requirements flviflz 2. Equipment Schedule a. Soflener tanks Qty. 2 Dia. 36 in. b. Service Valves Size...
Treatment Plant Systems Texas United States 01-26-2015
260514 Sealed bids for Construction – Kessler Mountain Water Line, Arkansas.
...water main facilities from the Kessler Mountain water storage tanks to the Fayetteville Regional Park as shown on the...
Pipe Arkansas United States 02-06-2015
260368 Sealed bids for HTW Extension, California
...installation of a new high temperature water line, storage tanks, and heat exchangers to Gross Hall for an energy-saving...
Water Misc California United States 01-30-2015
260304 Sealed bids for WWTF Improvements, Montana.
...scope of work is as follows: • New aeration tanks • Conversion of the existing aeration tanks to anoxic...
Water / Wastewater Montana United States 02-04-2015
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