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252784 Sealed bids for RFQ Compliance Retrofit at Water Storage tanks, Colorado.
...Pueblo Water - RFQ Compliance Retrofit at Water Storage tanks, Pueblo, Colorado.Sealed bids will be receive by Board Of...
Tanks Colorado United States 11-05-2014
252690 Request proposal for Installation of Active Mixing System For Elevated Tank, Oklahoma.
...for continuous use while submersed in potable water storage tanks. Each mixer shall have the ability to function continuously...
Tanks Oklahoma United States 11-06-2014
252672 Sealed bids for Area Water Authority Cleaning and Inspection of Northwest Reservoir No. 2, Pennsylvania.
...the tank. Water-blast-clean the complete interior of the water storage tanks, including the wall, top slab, and bottom slab, and...
Tanks Pennsylvania United States 11-18-2014
252664 Invitation bid for Three Water tanks - Painting and Maintenance, #15-07-F, Maryland.
... Three Water tanks - Painting and Maintenance, #15-07-F, California, Maryland The St. Mary’s...
Coatings & Linings Maryland United States 11-25-2014
252650 Invitation to bid for Underground Storage Tank(s), Virginia.
...PVC drain lines and reinstall lines to the holding tanks. Install one new 10,000 gallon double wall underground storage...
Tanks Virginia Canada 11-18-2014
252617 Sealed proposal for Environmental Site Assessment, Ranch & Extension, Florida.
...areas, storage sheds, vehicle turn-around areas, airstrips, cattle dip tanks, pumping stations, and burn areas. Due date of: Nov 10,...
Consulting Services Florida United States 11-10-2014
252616 Sealed qualifications for Additional A/E Work Order Contracts For Services As Needed, Florida.
...and hazardous waste; disaster debris; waste-to-energy; rate studies, stationary tanks; hydrocarbon management; energy; water; waste water; sewer; utility location/...
Consulting Services Florida United States 11-20-2014
252611 Sealed invited bids for 14-0343 5 Year Contract for tanks and Wells Cathodic Protection Systems Inspection, Texas.
... 5 Year Contract for tanks and Wells Cathodic Protection Systems Inspection, Testing & Maintenance,...
Tanks Texas United States 11-11-2014
252525 Sealed bids for Plumbing Services, Maryland.
...showers, toilets, urinals, hot water heaters, well pumps, holding tanks, dishwashers and drains; installation and repairs to gas pipes,...
Treatment Plant Equipment Maryland United States 10-29-2014
252510 Sealed bids for Water Treatment Plant Improvements, Montana.
...Main Treatment Building. Site demolition of abandoned buried concrete tanks. •  Construction of a new Raw Water Pump Station...
Treatment Plant Systems Montana United States 11-20-2014
252501 Sealed quotations for MDCAL31017397 Installation of Holding Tank Sewage Disposal System, Maryland.
...two (2) single compartment 2,000-gallon seal-coated precast concrete septic tanks (holding tanks) to include two (2) tank accesses with...
Tanks Maryland United States 10-28-2014
252488 Sealed bids for Septic Tank Pumping & Disposal Services, Maryland.
...tanker trucks, etc All waste pumped from the septic tanks shall be properly disposed of either at the Texas...
Tanks Maryland United States 11-12-2014
252464 Sealed bids for Sugar Creek Plant Improvements, Illinois.
...secondary clarifiers, activated sludge tank utility building, sludge equalization tanks, sludge pumping, sludge dewatering building, lime system upgrade, side...
Treatment Plant Equipment Illinois United States 12-16-2014
252402 Sealed bids for 1708 Ferric Chloride Solution 38%, Maryland.
...month is approximately 3,600 gallons. There are (2) 3,000-gallon tanks to receive the Ferric Chloride Solution at the facility....
Chemicals Maryland United States 11-05-2014
252397 Sealed bids for Lift Station Upgrade Project, California.
...also includes electrical improvements at the La Cresta Water tanks for SCADA upgrades .A Mandatory pre-bid conference/site visit at...
Sewer Misc California United States 11-12-2014
252344 Sealed bids for Road Water tanks Cleaning and Painting, Alabama.
...Contract No. C100316.11, Hillcrest Road Water tanks Cleaning and Painting, Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners...
Tanks Alabama United States 11-03-2014
252161 Sealed tenders for Supply & Operation of Snow Plowing, Snow Removal for Water/Wastewater Plants, Ontario.
...for Water/Wastewater Plants, Lift Stations, Wells, Booster Stations, and tanks, City of Greater Sudbury, Sudbury, Ontario.The City of Greater...
Water / Wastewater Ontario Canada 10-30-2014
252141 Request proposal for Energy Utilization of Water Reclamation Facility Digester Gas, Virginia.
...digester, with a control house located between the four tanks. Digester gas is currently used for heating the digester...
Water Misc Virginia United States 11-21-2014
251886 Sealed bids for Odor Control Upgrades - Phase 2, Illinois.
...ensure a suitable environment for installation of ferrous chloride tanks and feed system, installation of the ferrous chloride tanks...
Treatment Plant Equipment Illinois United States 11-25-2014
251840 Sealed bids for Pipeline Disinfection Facility, Wyoming.
...will be located near the existing pine  ridge storage tanks. The PRDF includes procurement and installation of an onsite...
Disinfection Equipment & Systems Wyoming United States 11-04-2014
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