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258488 Sealed quote for Storage Tank Engineering, Florida.
...include inspection of the Water Department’s steel and concrete tanks, including clearwells; providing advice and guidance regarding technical aspects...
Tanks Florida United States 01-22-2015
258481 Request sealed bid for 173-011415 Grease Trap Pumping & Cleaning Services, North Carolina
...North Carolina The contractor shall pump (no skimming) the grease tanks emptyThe contractor shall scrape and clean sides of the...
Pumps North Carolina United States 01-14-2015
258472 Sealed bids for Maintenance Services for Clarifiers and related equipments, Maryland.
...for the maintenance and repair services for Clarifiers, Settling tanks, Thickener tanks, Valves, Actuators, Valve stems and Sluice gates...
Treatment Plant Equipment Maryland United States 01-28-2015
258468 Bid invited for 96 Water Plant No. 1 Repainting and Recoating, Texas.
...and exterior of two (2) welded steel ground storage tanks and the interior and exterior of two (2) hydropneumatic...
Coatings & Linings Texas United States 01-13-2015
258284 Invitation to bid for In-Tank Mixing System for Potable Water tanks, Oklahoma.
... In-Tank Mixing System for Potable Water tanks, City of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This section covers submersible tank...
Tanks Oklahoma United States 01-21-2015
258272 Sealed bids for Replace 2 Underground Storage tanks & Replace With 3 Above Ground Storage tanks, Maryland.
...Replace 2 Underground Storage tanks & Replace With 3 Above Ground Storage tanks @Msp...
Tanks Maryland United States 01-23-2015
258144 Bid invited for Eastern Water Reclamation Facility Generator Conversion and Hypochlorite Storage Improvements, Florida.
...three new 7,300, single wall, vertical cross-linked polyethylene storage tanks under a roofed structure with a concrete containment, associated...
Water Misc Florida United States 01-29-2015
257954 Sealed bids for Uninterrupted Service Inspections Of Water Storage tanks , Texas.
...2015-44 Uninterrupted Service Inspections Of Water Storage tanks, City of Edinburg, Texas.The City of Edinburg is seeking...
Tanks Texas United States 12-22-2014
257725 Sealed bids for SA005690 CNST DOW HENDERSON E&W EXT TANK PAINTING, Ohio.
...the Henderson East (1MG) & West (1MG) elevated storage tanks , and other such work Due date : 1/14/2015 3:00...
Coatings & Linings Ohio United States 01-14-2015
257659 Sealed bids for Summit and Matterhorn Tank Repair and Maintenance, Arizona.
...and maintenance for the Summit and Matterhorn water storage tanks. At that time, bids will be publicly opened and...
Tanks Arizona United States 01-05-2015
257567 Sealed bids for CC2015 07 Warrington Tank & Fuel Island Demolition, Florida.
...of the demolition of the existing steel wastewater storage tanks and appurtenances and removal of the existing fuel storage...
Tanks Florida United States 01-13-2015
257552 Sealed bids for A/E HVAC Replacement Funderburk Bldg EKU, Kentucky.
...towers. 9. Abandon the two 20K gallon underground water tanks.Closing Date: December 23, 2014 at 3:00 PM EST.Please see...
Treatment Plant Equipment Kentucky United States 12-23-2014
257453 Sealed bids for Water Storage tanks Rehabilitation, Alabama.
...McKinney and Pine Water Storage tanks Rehabilitation, Municipal Utility Board of Albertville, Alabama.Sealed proposals will...
Tanks Alabama United States 01-08-2015
257444 Sealed proposals for Aboveground Storage tanks Installation, Removal,Repair & Related Equipment Project, New Jersey
... Aboveground Storage tanks Installation, Removal,Repair & Related Equipment Project, Trenton, New Jersey...
Tanks New Jersey United States 01-14-2015
257441 Sealed bids for WWTP Reliability and Service Upgrade, Ohio.
...droplegs and control valves in the aeration and digester tanks, and prepare surface and apply protective coating to replaced...
Treatment Plant Systems Ohio United States 12-30-2014
257245 Sealed proposals for Engineering Services Inspection and Evaluation of Water Storage tanks, Virginia.
... Engineering Services Inspection and Evaluation of Water Storage tanks, City of Newport News, Virginia.  Provide professional engineering/consulting services...
Consulting Services Virginia United States 01-08-2015
257205 Sealed bids for Improvements to Municipal Wastewater Treatment, Ohio.
...building, the addition of two 85,000 gallon precast aeration tanks and one 85,000 gallon precast flow equalization basin and...
Water / Wastewater Ohio United States 12-30-2014
257193 Sealed quotations for Storage Tank Cover Repairs for Pumping Stations, Florida.
...repairs to five (5) aluminum dome structures on storage tanks at two City facilities. Repairs include re-sealing and addition...
Pumps Florida United States 01-08-2015
257082 Sealed bids for Hot Water Storage Tank Replacement, California
...replacing (two) 4500 gallon insulated Water-to-Water hot water storage tanks (Polyshield-Supertank #6800) and associated pumps, valves and piping. Prebid Meeting:...
Tanks California United States 01-08-2015
257055 Sealed bids for Project 2 - Pumping Station Improvements, New Jersey.
...three (3) standby diesel generators, removal of Aboveground Storage tanks (ASTs), replacement of sluice gates and slide gates, installation...
Pumps New Jersey United States 01-07-2015
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