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242879 Sealed bids for Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements, Illinois.
...and water main; improvements to primary clarifiers, activated sludge tanks, blower and maintenance facilities, chlorination facilities, biosolids storage and...
Water / Wastewater Illinois United States 08-22-2014
242873 Sealed bids for Water Tank Maintenance and Service, Georgia.
...Maintenance and service will be for all Three Water tanks. (1) Carter Ave. tank is 250,000 gallon (2) Mimosa...
Tanks Georgia United States 08-05-2014
242830 Sealed bids for Water Tank Demolition and Removal, Alabama.
...of: Demolition and removal of two existing water storage tanks: 200,000 gallon elevated storage tank on Armstrong Street and...
Tanks Alabama United States 08-12-2014
242827 Sealed bids for Lift Station Improvement Project, California.
...the existing overflow storage tank and installing two new tanks; replacing the existing wet well with a fiberglass wet...
Sewer Misc California United States 08-19-2014
242812 Bids invited for Demolition of Steel Elevated Finished Water Storage tanks, Florida.
... Demolition of Steel Elevated Finished Water Storage tanks, Boca Raton, Florida The City of Boca Raton, Florida is...
Tanks Florida United States 08-19-2014
242810 Sealed proposals for Battery C Airlift & Air Main Rehabilitation, Illinois.
...Battery C Airlift & Air Main Rehabilitation And Aeration tanks No. 6, 7, And 8 Diffuser Plate Replacement,Stickney Water...
Water Misc Illinois United States 08-26-2014
242793 Invitation to bid for Vacuum Truck Services, Florida.
...clarifiers, aeration basins, filters, sludge holdings, thickener and equalization tanks. Prior to commencement of any work to Toho Water...
Water Misc Florida United States 08-13-2014
242748 Sealed quotations for Cleaning Leachate Storage tanks, Florida.
... Cleaning Leachate Storage tanks, Polk County, Bartow, Florida. Provide all necessary labor, materials, equipment...
Tanks Florida United States 08-07-2014
242734 Request proposal for Wastewater Pumping Stations Condition & Performance Assessment, Nova Scotia.
...assessments at its Wastewater Pumping Stations (WWPS), Wastewater Holding tanks (WWHT) and to develop a long-term capital asset renewal...
Pumps Nova Scotia Canada 08-21-2014
242703 Sealed bids for Maintenance Water & Sewer Pump Stations / DPW & Parks, Massachusetts.
...Public Works and Parks pumping stations, treatment plants, water tanks and other facilities including all associated piping, valves, pumps,...
Pumps Massachusetts United States 08-20-2014
242683 Invitation to bid for Catch Basin Cleaner, Indiana. installed in the water supply linebetween the water tanks and water pump. The hose reel capacity to have...
Sewer Misc Indiana United States 08-05-2014
242647 Invitation to bid for Underground storage tanks, Virginia.
... Underground storage tanks, County of Spotsylvania, Virginia. Bids will be received for the...
Tanks Virginia United States 08-13-2014
242499 Sealed bids for Cleaning Site Water tanks, Alabama.
... Cleaning Mulberry Site Water tanks - Birmingham Water Works Board, Alabama.  The Work consists...
Tanks Alabama United States 08-27-2014
242367 Sealed bids for Interior/Exterior Repairs and Painting of Two (2) Elevated Water Towers, New Jersey.
...legs and is approximately 100 FT to BCL. Both tanks have municipal communication equipment located on the tank which...
Tanks New Jersey United States 08-14-2014
242302 Sealed bids for WTP Improvements, Missouri.
...replacing process piping and improvements to the controls at tanks at the Industrial Park, the ground storage tank, and...
Treatment Plant Systems Missouri United States 08-13-2014
242180 Sealed bids for UST tanks FY14 - Tank Top Upgrade, Maryland.
... UST tanks FY14 - Tank Top Upgrade, Annapolis, Maryland. The Work...
Tanks Maryland United States 07-26-2014
242158 Sealed proposals for 7118 Removal of Above Ground Fuel Oil tanks at Various Authority-Owned Sites, New York.
... Removal of Above Ground Fuel Oil tanks at Various Authority-Owned Sites- Suffolk County Water Authority, Oakdale,...
Water Misc New York United States 08-07-2014
242094 Invitation to bid for Pipeline Project Contract #7, Wyoming.
...sodium hypochlorite  generation system, water softening system, large FRP tanks and connected piping.  In addition to the treatment processes,...
Pipe Wyoming United States 07-31-2014
242067 Sealed bids for Construction of the Water Supply Project Reaches 24.1 & 25, Arizona.
...miles of 14-inch PVC water transmission line, three storage tanks, a pre-fabricated pump station, surge tanks, gas chlorine disinfection...
Water Misc Arizona United States 08-18-2014
242037 Sealed bids for Wastewater Tank Coating And Water Tank Painting, Pennsylvania
...the water line inside two 54' diameter primary clarifier tanks at the wastewater treatment plant. The borough also seeks...
Coatings & Linings Pennsylvania United States 08-18-2014
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