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277154 Sealed bids for Sanitary sewer Extension Project, Indiana
... Lower Huntington Road - Whippoorwill Drive Sanitary sewer Extension Project,  Fort Wayne, Indiana The Lower Huntington Road –...
Sewer Misc Indiana United States 06-16-2015
277149 Sealed Bids for 15-031 Storm sewer Point Repair, Colorado.
...Sealed Bids for 15-031 Storm sewer Point Repair, City of Pueblo, Colorado.In General, The Purpose...
Sewer Misc Colorado United States 06-10-2015
277143 Sealed bids for 2015/2012 Carver Street Extension (ST-257), North Carolina.
...specified, for the paving, curb and gutter, drainage, water, sewer, sidewalks,  signainstallation, landscaping and all associated appurtenances. Pre-Bid Conference: June...
Sewer Misc North Carolina United States 07-16-2015
277128 Sealed Bids for sewer Cleaning and Video Project , Nevada.
...Sealed Bids for sewer Cleaning and Video Project , City of Yerington, Nevada.The...
Pipe Nevada United States 06-17-2015
277126 Sealed Bids for #211303 Francis Creek Culvert Replacement, California.
...Reconstruct Roadway Approaches, Install Guardrail Approach Systems.  Reconstruction Of sewer Line And Manholes Is An Additive Option Bid.Closing Date:-...
Sewer Misc California United States 06-23-2015
277117 Sealed Bids for Contract Number C01942,sewer Main Realignment & Vallejo St Trunk sewer Manhole Additions, California.
...Sealed Bids for Contract Number C01942 sewer Main Realignment & Vallejo St Trunk sewer Manhole Additions,...
Pipe California United States 06-03-2015
277110 Invitation to bid for Gravity sewer Replacement Project, Tennessee.
...Avenue, Bona Road, Baker Avenue, and Tipton Avenue Gravity sewer Replacement Project, Knoxville Utilities Board, Tennessee The Knoxville Utilities Board...
Sewer Misc Tennessee United States 06-16-2015
277109 Sealed qualifications for Consulting Services Required For Survey, Design, Contract Administration and Inspection, Ontario.
...reconstruction of the corridor, or an combination of road, sewer and watermain components, utilities and environmental requirements. Due date of:...
Consulting Services Ontario Canada 06-04-2015
277107 Sealed Bids for South Troup Street Storm Pedestrian & Utility Improvements , Georgia .
...Pedestrian & Utility Improvements , City of Valdosta, Georgia.storm sewer, asphalt paving, bicycle lanes and sidewalk project at which...
Sewer Misc Georgia United States 06-16-2015
277091 Sealed tenders for NSCC Marconi Campus Drainage Improvement, Nova Scotia.
...height of channel to be 0.75 times diameter of sewer. Slope adjacent floor at 1 in 20. Curve channels...
Sewer Misc Nova Scotia Canada 06-11-2015
277085 Sealed Bids for RFQ,Project #T-291047.09 SR-161,922, Sanitary sewer Rehabilitation , Kansas .
...Sealed Bids for Project #T-291047.09 SR-161,922, Sanitary sewer Rehabilitation ,City of Topeka, Kansas.To remove and replace 121.0"...
Sewer Misc Kansas United States 06-10-2015
277083 Sealed Bids for RFQ, Project #T-291047.10 SR-162, 923,Sanitary sewer Rehabilitation , Kansas .
...Sealed Bids for Project #T-291047.10 SR-162, 923,Sanitary sewer Rehabilitation ,City of Topeka, Kansas.To remove and replace 112.0'...
Sewer Misc Kansas United States 06-10-2015
277079 Sealed Bids for Street Watermain Reconstruction, Ontario.
...M Of 300 Mm To 450 Mm Dia. Storm sewer And Appurtenances.Approximately 358 M Of 150 Mm Dia. Watermain...
Pipe Ontario Canada 06-10-2015
277078 Sealed bids for Combination sewer Vacuum Truck, Virginia.
...Combination sewer Vacuum Truck, Tazewell County, Tazewell, Virginia.Sealed Bids Will Be...
Sewer Misc Virginia United States 06-10-2015
277077 Sealed bids for Citywide Storm Drain Pipe Lining, Virginia., materials, and incidentals required to rehabilitate existing storm sewers by installation of Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) into the existing...
Pipe Virginia United States 06-16-2015
277066 Sealed tenders for Street sewer Extension, Saskatchewan.
...Town of Kelvington Willow Street sewer Extension, Town of Kelvington, Saskatchewan.Bids for the construction of...
Sewer Misc Saskatchewan Canada 06-02-2015
277058 Sealed quotations for Composite Manhole Covers & Frames, British Columbia.
...Delta, British Columbia.Supply of composite manhole covers marked “Sanitary sewer” c/w frames. The Corporation of Delta will be installing...
Distribution British Columbia Canada 06-03-2015
277055 Sealed bids for Coleridge Sanitary sewer Extension, Michigan.
...Coleridge Sanitary sewer Extension, Charter Township of Harrison, Michigan.The Toms River Municipal...
Sewer Misc Michigan United States 06-25-2015
277054 Sealed bids for Re-Bid Furnish and Deliver Flood Panels for Three (3) Sanitary sewer Pump Stations, New Jersey.
...Furnish and Deliver Flood Panels for Three (3) Sanitary sewer Pump Stations, Toms River Municipal Utilities Authority, Toms River,...
Sewer Misc New Jersey United States 06-09-2015
277053 Sealed bids for Avenue sewer Improvements Project, Pennsylvania.
...Pennsylvania Avenue sewer Improvements Project, Contract No. 2015-01, Municipal Authority of the...
Sewer Misc Pennsylvania United States 06-19-2015
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