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233898 Request proposal for Provide Design Pipe Pressure Core Consolidation, Alaska.
...merge project.  Review of existing plans, studies, technical memoranda, SCADA records, record , and any other data relevant to...
Pipe Alaska United States 05-30-2014
233897 Sealed qualifications for Drinking Water Distribution, Texas.
...quality for long term planning and safety. Integrate with SCADA – Use SCADA to set model controls and establish...
Water Misc Texas United States 05-29-2014
233848 Sealed bids for Pump Station Upgrade, Virginia.
...the installation of a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition SCADA) system and emergency pump connections for nine pump stations...
Pumps Virginia United States 05-19-2014
233826 Sealed bids for 1328WL SCADA, Mississippi.
... 1328WL SCADA, Tupelo, MS DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM[69037120000]each Categorization [69000] POWER GENERATION EQUIPMENT, ACCESSORIES,...
Process Control & Data Management Systems Mississippi United States 04-29-2014
233809 Sealed bids for Block Station SCADA Upgrade, Oregon.
... Block Station SCADA Upgrade, City of Seaside, Oregon. Sealed bids for the Block...
Process Control & Data Management Systems Oregon United States 05-01-2014
233790 Sealed bids for Water Treatment Plant "SCADA System", Texas.
...City of Edcouch - Water Treatment Plant SCADA System", County of Hidalgo, Edinburg, Texas.The County of Hidalgo...
Process Control & Data Management Systems Texas United States 04-30-2014
233567 Bids invited for Hurricane Ike Disaster Recovery 2.2 Contract No. 12-403-013, Texas.
...Barbara Water Well. In addition to the generators a SCADA system is to be installed at the water facilities...
Well Systems & Equipment Texas United States 05-13-2014
233355 Sealed qualification for Lift Station Project, California.
...and force mains, submersible pumps and related PLC / SCADA controlled motor control center and instrumentation, odor control, generator,...
Sewer Misc California United States 05-21-2014
233144 Request proposal for Engineering Services for the Proposed SCADA System Upgrades, Ontario.
... Engineering Services for the Proposed SCADA System Upgrades - Region Municipality of Durham, Whitby, Ontario. Develop...
Consulting Services Ontario United States 05-08-2014
233130 Invitation to bid for Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) Disinfection and Improvements, Montana. aeration equipment, buried piping and valves, variable-frequency drives, SCADA system, standby generator receptacle and transfer switch, sludge removal...
Disinfection Equipment & Systems Montana United States 04-29-2014
233097 Sealed bids for Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Holding Tank Modifications, Virginia.
...all electrical work and coordination with New Kent County’s SCADA system integrator for the installation of a proposed level...
Tanks Virginia United States 05-08-2014
233090 Sealed bids for Water System SCADA System Upgrade, Massachusetts.
...Sealed bids for Water System SCADA System Upgrade, shall be received by the Townsend Water...
Process Control & Data Management Systems Massachusetts United States 04-30-2014
233001 Bids invited for Master Lift Station, Florida.
...and install electrical system and control panels (using existing SCADA system) Site restoration including landscaping surrounding pump station. A Pre/Bid...
Sewer Misc Florida United States 05-12-2014
232930 Bids invited for SCADA Upgrade at Water Plant, Michigan.
... SCADA Upgrade at Water Plant, City of Flint, Michigan. The...
Process Control & Data Management Systems Michigan United States 04-24-2014
232813 Invitation to bid for WWTP Upgrade - Phase 3 - Secondary Treatment, British Columbia.
...and commissioning of all remaining mechanical and electrical equipment, SCADA and instrumentation, control systems, including pipes, cable trays, supports,...
Water / Wastewater British Columbia Canada 05-15-2014
232804 Sealed bids for Aquifer Production Well NW4 Wellhead, Florida.
...Johns County. The work also includes motor control centers, SCADA panel, instrument elements, and instrument transmitters, clearing and purging...
Well Systems & Equipment Florida United States 05-14-2014
232673 Sealed bids for Water Improvements & Meter Replacement, Alabama.
...Supply, Well #1 & Booster Pump Station Upgrades And SCADA Improvements - consists of approximately 450 VF of new...
Water Misc Alabama United States 04-30-2014
232665 Sealed bids for Water Tank and Booster Pump Station, California.
...improvements  for  CMU  booster  pumps  station,  instrumentation,  programming  and  SCADA control  systems,  office,  laboratory,  restroom,  electrical  room,  chlorination  equipment ...
Tanks California United States 05-13-2014
232632 Sealed qualifications for General Contractors Required for the Waste Gas Flare Replacement, Ontario.
...including selected piping, structures, electrical, Instrumentation and Controls (I&C), SCADA, controls in the compressor building, etc. Due date of: April...
Water / Wastewater Ontario Canada 04-24-2014
232499 Sealed bids for Well #2 Connection Project, Wyoming.
...horizontal directional drilling, a water chlorination facility, concrete vaults, SCADA system, electrical and mechanical systems, and other pipeline appurtenances. A...
Well Systems & Equipment Wyoming United States 05-08-2014
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