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A user-friendly e-bidding service for securely posting bids and receiving responses over the Internet. Designed specifically to meet the stringent needs of water utilities. More...
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H2bid is the leading source of open bids from water and wastewater utilities. Our goal is to provide you with the best information about current contracting opportunities. More...

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H2bid has been in business over eight years providing bid and tender information from water utilities and wastewater utilities. H2bid covers all types of bid and tender opportunities in the water and wastewater industries, including water system bids, water treatment bids, water pipe bids, water utility construction bids, dredging bids, trenchless technology bids, SCADA bids, sewage treatment bids, consulting bids, desalination bids, chemical bids, water meter bids, manhole cover bids, water tank bids, pump bids, water tank bids, water main bids, wastewater treatment plant bids, desalination tenders, wastewater project tenders, water project bids, wastewater project bids, and more.

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Green Proposals offers a "vendor funded" online pre-bid meeting solution for Government Agencies that streamlines the procurement process and encourages contractor participation.(Vendors can use Code 714 to receive a discount)